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Letters to the editor

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No objectionThe story Nov. 19 Timber’ is heard under Vail’s gondola, may have left readers with the wrong impression that environmentalists oppose the logging being done near Vails ski runs to protect public safety. This is not the case. No groups object to this project. To the contrary, environmental groups strongly support public safety projects that will protect communities from wildfire risk.The concerns raised by Unified Forest Defense Campaign spokesperson Steve Holmer were related to a completely different issue new legislation that will remove environmental safeguards and citizen involvement and allow extremely damaging logging in old-growth forests and roadless areas far away from communities, putting national treasures around the country at risk. This new logging bill, HR 4200, could divert funding from important community fire protection programs that would leave communities less safe if enacted. It is a costly prescription that would shift Forest Service priorities from communities to unnecessary and irresponsible logging in places the American people want protected for the clean water, wildlife and recreation and as a legacy to future generations.Steve HolmerUnified Forest Defense CampaignRocky SmithColorado WildDenverTough on seniorsIn February of this year I wrote a letter to Mr. Adam Aron, President & CEO of Vail Resorts as a follow up to a letter from a Mr. Boris that appeared in your Letters to The Editor section. Mr. Boris laid out very clearly how the price of a season ski pass for those of us over 70 years old had gone precipitously from free in 1999 to $349 in a very few number of years. Mr. Aron responded as if I had suggested returning to the free pass. I merely reiterated Mr. Boris’ position that Vail has benefited in many ways over the years by the presence of those who are still at the resort when they reach 70 and that increases are one thing but double digit increases border on gouging. You can imagine my dismay when I went to buy my pass this year (at age 75) to find the cost has risen from $349 last season to $599. As far as I know no other type of Vail season pass has increased by such a large percentage.Many of us have supported Vail for a great number of years. We have brought our families and friends to ski, patronized eating establishments and shops and bought real estate. I find it unconscionable that we are being subjected to what is now clearly price gouging. Is Vail Resorts trying to keep us off the mountain?Henry R. GoldsteinVailDelicious ironyWhat’s with the anti-immigration movement, anyway?, writes Matt Zalaznick (Nov. 24). Is it full of racists, xenophobes or patriots? Maybe slightly racist xenophobes convinced they’re acting patriotically?There is a most delicious irony in the familiar racistcharge leveled against opponents of lax (nonexistent?)enforcement of our immigration laws. For there is an abundance of well-documented racialist talk among open borders enthusiasts. One example: University of California ethnic studies professor Armando Navarro, speaking to a Chicano audience about the changing demographics of California in January, 1995: Ladies and Gentlemen, what this means is a transfer of power, it means control, and it is the young people, the people who are now moving to develop an agenda for the 21st century they are going to be in a position to really make the promise of what the Chicano movement was all about in terms of self-determination, in terms of empowerment, even in the terms of an AZTLAN (mythical place of origin of the Aztec peoples, the US Southwest.) Tom Shuford Lenoir, NCVail Colorado

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