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Every once in a while we all need to see the thought process of the heavy thinkers in our MSM (Main Stream Media, Matt).

Yes, yes, of course, Americans who insist that immigration into our children’s nation be gulp, legal are bigoted, racist, Latino haters who no doubt have a Nazi flag and a bedsheet outfit at home, right Matt?

Do you now, or have you ever demanded that America secure its borders? Eh, Matt?

We are all blessed to have people like Zalaznick around to point out that we have been welcoming real, legal immigrants for quite some time ” but under threat of being un-American, now must absorb any and all who make it into our republic in violation of our laws as well.


Ummm – “… law-abiding illegal immigrant,” Matt? Is that like a “law-abiding bank robber?”

Hola! Matt, illegal immigration is a crime, give USC 8 1324 a read. Oh, never mind.

We also thank this mental giant for pointing out the obvious “Americanization” of the mostly Mexican illegal aliens.

Spanish language porn in libraries in Denver, English an optional language here in what has become “Georgiafornia,” Mexican government-supplied history books in Los Angeles and the flag of Mexico nearly as common as that old-fashioned Stars and Stripes. All signs of the assimilation of those victims of geography.

Zalaznick’s column would be have been laughingly rejected by most high-school newspapers a generation ago. You know, back in the dark ages of our nation when Americans were not labeled as “racists” for insisting that the law be equally applied to everyone ” even Mexicans.

Are my Democrat, Black and Latino American friends who object to illegal immigration “racists” too, Matt? Is the Mexican government a bunch of xenophobic zealots for securing that nation’s borders (with mean and scary military men, Matt) and deporting anyone who makes it in illegally?


D.A. King

Marietta, Ga.

Dear friends in this beautiful valley:

Many of the letters in the local papers are negative, and sometimes unkind. This one is intended to give us hope and encouragement.

I just rolled over 50 years on this earth. I thought I would have great wisdom by the time I reached this “half a century” milestone, but I believe that I have learned at least one lesson in life.

The last time I saw my mother was Thanksgiving of 2000. I had no idea that she would be in Heaven for Christmas of that year. I thank God for the time we spent together on that last day that I saw her.

One thing I am still trying to learn: Enjoy today.

I’ve always worked hard for the next project, the next program, the next job, the next house, the next stage of our kids. Teaching them to walk, helping Mom getting them potty trained, taking video tapes until I drove everyone crazy, starting school, music lessons, 6th grade graduations, drivers’ licenses, dates, tears, high school, packing for college … and then, they’re grown and gone.

I am a privileged man to have two batches of children. It seems that we rushed through the first two, especially when the little ones arrived. Susanna and Rebekah were such a blessing to us during those days, and were a big help to their mother, especially. We had such a hard time recovering from the loss of still-born twins, Christina and Bethany, and we all learned to trust God in the dark. I hope that we taught those two girls to have faith, even when it didn’t make sense. God blessed us with three more children after that heartbreak.

Susanna and Rebekah have survived, in spite of their Daddy!Many of my mistakes were out of ignorance. We are thrilled that they have trusted our Lord as their Savior, and they are both faithful in church, serving the Lord. We are thankful that Rebekah chose to marry a man that loves God, and we love Pete like a son.

Even now, I find myself looking toward the future for that better position, a larger house, a better car ” and in the rush and busy-ness to accomplish all of that, I am often too busy to give my time, heart, and attention to my family. I now have three teenagers. I only have two more years in the “father role” with Timothy James; four years with Jonathan Edward; and five brief years with Victoria Noel. When I’m 56, she’ll graduate. (We hope the nest will be empty then. That’s when we’ll get an even smaller house.)

Yesterday, in our “Thanksgiving circle,” I thanked God for the privilege to have another chance to teach and train the children that God has blessed us with. I thanked God for my wife, the love of my youth. We have celebrated 30 years together, and are still lovers. Only God knows what I’ve put that girl through, traveling thousands of miles, remodeling “fixer-uppers” and living in eight states looking for the will of God for my life.

The will of God is TODAY. His plan is NOW. His joy is ours PRESENTLY.

Rick Ragan

Music Teacher/Minister in the Valley

Matt Zalaznick needs to do his homework. He writes “W” and Congress should do more to improve conditions in Third World nations; but never manages to tell us HOW he expects our nation to improve the lives of those 3 billion people ” maybe he thinks raising our tax rate similar to France would work ” after all, look how well they treat their immigrants, and how happy they are.

Regarding AIDS assistance to Africa, the strings “W” attaches are the “strings” of democratic reform. Obviously Matt has never bothered to actually investigate the topic or he would know that fully 90 percent of African aid NEVER reaches the people ” maybe that’s why “W” wants significant change on that continent before dumping more money into a black hole.

And by the way Matt, do you know why you can’t buy egg rolls in China? It’s because egg rolls are American, not Chinese. In the future, Matt, please do some research.

T.A. Smith


Land o’ rich jerks

Sure we benefit from immigrants, I’m one myself. What

I know from living in Vail is that there are just a bunch of rich people exploiting poor, willing illegal aliens at the expense of their fellow citizens. Excuse me let me rephrase that: Rich jerks from Vail generally have no fellows.

The issue is basic fairness and the Rule of Law. It isn’t about race, it’s about CLASS, something Vail has none of. I refer of course to the trailer abomination in Eagle, keep the help out of site, down the valley in trailers.

Time to leave the high country Z, the rarified air is giving you hypoxia, you know how that affects perception. The rest of America is disgusted.

What I find most disgusting is that Vail is the choice of the Castilian Mexican elite that have so defecated on their people that they are forced to move here for survival. I’m so sure a literate Mexican could write a more penetrating article at half what they must pay you.

Glenn Hoefer

Palisade, CO



Dear Matt Zalaznick: There are so many ridiculous comments in your article (“That immigrant tide,” commentary, Nov. 24) that I won’t bother to respond to them except to say that illegal aliens are lawbreakers three times over and this, a nation of laws, is headed for anarchy.

Your article simply displays your profound ignorance about the illegal alien invasion, a de facto war by Mexico. Are you really that uniformed about the illegal alien problem in America? I believe that you are, and would suggest that you educate yourself by reading

ALL of my articles published here:


Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.

Canandaigua, N.Y.

I was chuckling when I read Angela Loupe’s letter to the editor.

Angela, the Daily’s internet site now requires you to register for one (that I can think of) reason only, and that is to get marketing information from you. Someone up near the top, and all the bean counters, and in the fantasy world of the Daily advertising and marketing department, they probably think they need it. To the E In this situation, I’m hard pressed to figure out why. The Huffington Post (Web blog) has also recently gone to reader registration. (They have other reasons in addition to market information, and it makes sense in this case.)

Chuckle #2 ” Angela’s suggestion to close down the site makes no sense at all. Place it in the DEE DA DEE envelope. Nearly all the major papers (NY Times, Wash. Post, and so on) require Web site registration. Probably all major do not release nor sell you personal information. They wouldn’t dare. Get used to registration. It’s the way it is.

Michael Gallagher


Vail Colorado

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