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Letters to the editor

There is something terribly wrong about being called a racist for being against having illegals here, or struggling to stop the crimes that are being committed by them.

Nothing racist about not wanting the crimes that are taking place as a result of illegal immigration in the country. Nor is there anything racist about wanting the laws to be enforced for the benefit of the citizens of a country in which one lives, works, raises their children, pays taxes and votes.

I find it sad that those who scream “racist” have no other excuse in their defense to justify themselves for the crimes they are committing, and their desire to continue to commit those crimes unabated. They only use racism as a means to distract from, and discredit the reality of a situation.

Real racism in itself is a horrible thing, but to use racism when it is not even remotely connected to the reality of a subject is even worse.

People who believe in the law of the land should not back down shame-faced when peppered with charges of racism, hate-filled sentiment, and un-Christian conduct.

Those who are here illegally did not even respect their own countrymen enough to assume a place at the end of the line, yet demand our respect and expect our generosity after cheating others out of their opportunity. Rewarding illegals is not an appropriate use of public services and taxpayer dollars.

Our country has became a lawless nation with leaders, politicians who does not respect or keeps their oath of office to uphold the Constitution, nor the laws of the land, and is committing treason, sedition, and sabotage by selling out its citizens to foreign nations by ignoring our rights over illegal immigrants, giving our jobs over to illegal cheap labor, and by using our tax dollars in excessive amounts to benefit everyone but USA citizens.

No, nothing racist in wanting these things to stop or in stopping those who are doing those things. So cry racist all you want, we know the truth about the racism you are claiming.

Linda McDaniel

Evansville, Ind.

Just a short note of thanks to those of you who have supported me during my involvement with Town of Vail government. Serving for 14 years on the Planning and Environmental Commission and six years on Vail Town Council was a responsibility and a privilege. I worked very hard to try to always make the best decision for the future of Vail.

I am relieved to be released from that huge responsibility. However, I am concerned about the future of the town. The regulations of the town have guided it through decades of success and its ongoing successful redevelopment. There is a definite move to throw those regulations out or even worse”just ignore them. This move endangers Vail’s future while lining the pockets of a few developers.

Now is the time, more than ever, to be informed and give informed input to government decision making. Make time. Get involved. Get on a pertinent board like Design Review Board or the Planning and Environmental Commission.

This town’s greatest success stories have come from working together for the long term welfare of the entire community.

Thanks for all of the phone calls, e-mails and notes of thanks following the election. And especially for the trust you gave me over the years even when you disagreed. It is a relief to have the burden of the responsibility I accepted lifted.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you while serving our wonderful town”Vail.

Diana Donovan


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