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Letters to the editor

Rogers, my old friend. Tisk, tisk, tisk. You crow much over the demise of the Trail. I have to say, while you were “hired to battle” the Trail, it was not the staff and content that did them in. It was the Trail that did itself in.

I have no quarrels with the Knox family, but it was, in the end, their lack of business savvy that did them in. Yes, you point that out in part ” a reference to a move to Eagle. But moreover, it was their overall lack of foresight that brought the Trail, daily and all, down. When David Williams, Tara Flannagan and myself began plotting the future of the Daily Trail, we warned the publishers that the new daily would only work if they held up their end of the business and marketing end.

Of course, in the end, history tells the story. But you did make note that we as an editorial staff were strong, didn’t you. We were and we had the Vail Daily running. Heck, I have to say during my short stint as the Vail Trail’s editor, we had the Vail Daily running. Imagine our chagrin when, as a weekly, we scooped the valley’s only daily paper.

Well, all water under the bridge now. Of course, if you are going to crow, old friend, at least put credit where credit is due. Peace and good snow to you. BTW, I have enjoyed Edward Stoner’s coverage of Minturn!

Robert Kelly-Goss

Daily Advance

Elizabeth City, N.C.

am pleased to see that Denver has taken a step foward in passing a new law allowing possession of small amounts of marijuana. I do not see this as such a big step because I use the drug, but becasue it will (hopefully)allow money to be spent on more pressing issues. The biggest in my opinion is homelessness.

I became homeless when i was 18 and have been so for about one-and-a-half years. And though many people see homeless people as being addicts or just “lazy” this is not always the case. I would ask any of them to go and apply for a job with little or no experience, no address and no phone number and see if they get a responce.

The U.S. government spent over $19 billion dollars in 2003 on the War on Drugs; state and local governments spent $30 billion.

Assuming only one fourth of that was spent on marijuana, that is $12.25 billion that could be put towards basic living needs.

Though I personally do not see anything wrong with an adult using marijuana in their home, we should not concern ourselves with this until we are sure that every person HAS a home to go to.

Rachael Mormann



On behalf of City Blessing Churches and Yayasan Indonesia Sejahtera, I would like to say THANK YOU very much for your financial support for our humanitarian works in the Tsunami area in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

I thank God that I got to know all of you in The Vail Fire Department through Sister Cheryl Jensen who came to Banda Aceh, Indonesia several months ago. She gave us your financial support to help the needy in Banda Aceh. To update you more information about what we are doing in Banda Aceh, right now we almost finish rebuilding the houses of one community and have completed a school that got destroyed by the Tsunami. I will send you later the picture of the house thru email when it is done.

Please do pray for us as we continue to rebuild the people of Aceh and provide them the neccesary things so they can have a basic standard life.

We do appreciate so much for your support. May God Bless you abundantly spiritually and physically.

Life is beautiful

Marganti Sihite

Jakarta, Indonesia

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