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Letters to the editor

Cory Zehring

In regards to Mr. Freud’s column on the current bowl system, he overlooks some key reasons why the bowl system is what it is now, and why he’s wrong on some points he made. First, Penn State does not deserve to play in the Rose Bowl. Yes, they lost only one game, and it was at the Big House, in the last second of the game, but what has Michigan done this year? The team went 7-4, losing three times in a conference that many picked them to win. Next, Oregon should be 9-2, only beating a Fresno State team, who I’ll get to later, in the last seconds, and that’s why the Harris poll hasn’t put ranked them high. Plus they didn’t play UCLA, who would crush Oregon. Add Virginia Tech, whose loss is to a Miami team who’s worse than their record and rank says, and LSU who gave up a 21-point lead, at home, to a 5-6 Tennessee team, and you’re left with the only two worthy teams, USC and Texas. And Fresno State, who almost beat USC? Why should they get to go to the big dance when they lost to Nevada, giving them three losses? Now to the big topic, the bowl games. Yes, 29 is a lot of bowl games, but to the players, recruits, coaches, students and administrations of universities, it means everything. If there was a playoff, how would little teams with no TV time get recruits to see them? Hello GMAC Bowl. That’s why there are so many bowls, for teams that don’t get air time to get out to the recruits, plus all the hard work players and staff put in to get to the six win line to become bowl eligible. And why not go to a playoff system? First, school presidents and coaches don’t want it. And if those two don’t want it, it won’t happen. Next, the whole season is a playoff. People always say that every division in NCAA football has a playoff, why doesn’t 1-A? Well, for starters, the other divisions play fewer games. If there were a 16-team playoff, the first game wouldn’t be played until Dec. 10. After five rounds of a playoff, the national championship wouldn’t be played until Jan. 7. Let’s assume that was the case, and Texas and USC made it to the championship game. Both teams would have played for six straight weeks, and since the middle of August when fall sports began. Is that fair to them? You make the comment that “Navy and Harvard aren’t playing in the Rose Bowl. With very few exceptions, these players aren’t nuclear physicists.” But what if I told you about 80% of players playing in college don’t make it in the pros? So when would they have time to go to class and take finals, or even graduate? Finally, how would you select the 16 teams to be in the playoff? You said it yourself, there’s a West Coast bias, so how do we select teams without being biased? BCS. It all comes back to those three letters. Do I hate the BCS? Yes. Do I wish there was a playoff? No, it’s not fair to the little guys that are in podink bowls who wouldn’t make that playoff. Cory ZehringEagleInsult to injuryToday my 10-year-old brother was snowboarding with Learn to Ski. He took a bad fall and had to board to the bottom with a concussion. When he got to the bottom, somebody thought it would be hilarious to throw a snowball at his head. It’s so jerky to throw snowballs at strangers in the first place because it just mean and impolite and shows immaturity. But throwing it at a kid is horrible. My brother is in pain right now physically and emotionally because some jerk thought that he/she was sooo cool and had to hit him with a snowball (over Hay Meadow run; you know who you are). PEOPLE GROW UP. Don’t throw snowballs. Kelly Heckman Vail Sell golf courseSince the Vail Golf Course makes only $700,000 per year, it would most probably be a good move to break it up to 20 lots and sell those lots for $2 million each. This would give the town $40 million to build the convention center. It seems that the golf course in Vail is just an ornament.Ernst LareseVailTaken personallyI have seen your remarks about Steinberg, Staufer, and Donovan in The Vail Daily. Regarding these remarks, I would like to give you a few facts.Steinberg, Staufer and Donovan were members of the Vail Town Council that built the Village Parking Structure, planned the Lionshead Parking Structure, built the Dobson Ice Arena, planned for the Vail Public Library, fought hard and were successful in buying the land which is now known as Ford Park, bought the land for Sandstone Elementary School and bought the land for Donovan Park. In addition, with others, they spent many long hours in Eagle at school board meetings to bring the Sandstone school before the voters.I don’t think we have to apologize to you, or to anyone for our record! As a responsible editor, you could have easily checked our voting records with the Town of Vail before you came out with such derogatory remarks about those who have worked so hard for Vail and it’s future.Other than using your paper’s monopolistic position in this community to champion your partisan opinions, what have you done in terms of community service?Sheika GramshammerVailBest teacherIn his commentary on Nov. 22, Richard Carnes observes that torture is subjective.Mr. Carnes, please report back after you try some.Bert NaumannLoaded termNicole Frey, thanks for the great roadless article. Of course, with a topic this big, it’s hard to get everything right, and I’d like to point out a couple of errors for your future reference. First, the word “preservationist” has severe connotations in the conservation community, implying the most extreme “lock it up” viewpoint, which is so rare as to be almost nonexistent. The term is used almost exclusively by anti-conservation forces in hateful attacks intended to paint even the most reasonable conservationists as unreasonable. It is name-calling and disinformation, pure and simple. By innocently using it, you are unintentionally furthering this dirty game. To call any of the environmental groups named in the article “preservationist” is purely wrong, and to apply that term to hunter-angler groups is a contradiction in terms. My advice as a professional writer of 28 years is to drop this term from your writing vocabulary unless you’re quoting someone using it — in which case please be aware of their (a) ignorance of the subtler issues, and/or (b) intent to discredit credible groups. Second, you’ve mistakenly added two environmental/conservation groups, at the bottom, to the list of Colorado Sportsmen United for Public Lands Protection, which comprises purely hunting and angling groups. This distinction is important to us, as we don’t wish to have our views watered down in the larger pool of pro-roadless thought. Please don’t take my comments here as criticisms or cuts, but rather as friendly corrections. It’s a great piece and you have my thanks for writing it.David PetersenColorado Chair,Backcountry Hunters and AnglersDurangoVail, Colorado

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