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Letters to the editor

Patty and Dennis Gibbons

Thank you for choosing Jon Jon Asper and the Greater Eagle Fire Department for this year’s Citizen of the Year award. We cannot think of an individual or crew more deserving.Not only do they participate in so many community events and take care of our citizens in need of help (even with snow shoveling), but they back up and assist all our law enforcement officers as well. This is a huge responsibility and a vital one. Many times they are the only thing standing between an out of control car on an icy road, and a trooper, making sure they are safe.When it comes to helping, Jon Jon does not know the meaning of the word “no.” He has an amazing staff who are like-minded.Jon Jon and crew, we appreciate you more than you know. You have earned the love and respect of the people in this valley.Patty and Dennis GibbonsDifferent placesMy I add a little bit to “Glorification of Lech, Austria” in the Vail Daily?Just to show the different focus of the two ski resorts Lech and Vail.Lech has still very old roads but the most modern ski lifts. Vail has old ski lifts but modern roads. Last summer Vail built the heated Bridge Street. Last summer Lech built the first three heated high-speed chairlifts for eight skiers, manufactured by Doppelmayer, Austria. And believe it or not, U.S. skier Bode Miller is more famous in Europe than in U.S. He also has more Fans there. Different world – different goals.Otto WiestVail No place like hereThe Birds of Prey World Cup landed in Beaver Creek amidst record snowfalls, winds and fog. Other than flood, famine and fire, we had it all. Twenty-two nations sent their finest athletes, 300 newspapers from around the world sent their reporters, television crews from Italy and Austria and Switzerland and Japan all came to Beaver Creek to bear witness to the only men’s World Cup races to take place on American soil – and to send it out to hundreds of millions throughout the world.The Birds of Prey World Cup is the most widely covered annual event that occurs in the Vail Valley. This year each day thousands of fans braved the elements to cheer on the racers. Each day hundreds of stories went out throughout the world proclaiming the majesty of Beaver Creek, the unbelievable snow and the perfect skiing. Every day millions upon millions around the world watched the very best ski racers compete in our backyard.Yet without the commitment of a few, and the dedication and efforts of many, there would have been no Birds of Prey – no Daron-Bode or Bode-Daron finishes. Nearly 700 individuals gave up days, weeks and some even months to volunteer their efforts. Vail Resorts committed its world-class race crew, patrol and staff to provide the perfect course, under the most imperfect conditions. Beaver Creek Resort Company, Beaver Creek Metro District, the town of Avon and the town of Vail all contributed their resources to ensure smooth transportation for the guests. Without the passion of Jim Roberts and Greg Johnson, Terry Brady, Katrina Ammer and John Dakin, there might not be a World Cup – or certainly not one with so much heart.We should all be so proud of what together we have achieved. The praise that came from the racers, the coaches and the international media all arrived at one conclusion: Beaver Creek is the best organized, the most professional and the most capable organizer on the World Cup circuit, and that’s saying something.So thanks to the fans, the volunteers, the sponsors, the Vail Valley Foundation staff and to our partners, Vail Resorts, Ski Club Vail, and USSA for putting our best face forward and proving once again to the world – there’s no place like the Vail Valley!Ceil FolzPresidentVail Valley FoundationRegistration bluesI was chuckling when I read Angela Loupe’s letter to the editor. Angela, the Daily’s internet site now requires you to register for one (that I can think of) reason only, and that is to get marketing information from you. Someone up near the top, and all the bean counters, and in the fantasy world of the Daily advertising and marketing department, they probably think they need it. To the E In this situation, I’m hard pressed to figure out why. The Huffington Post (Web blog) has also recently gone to reader registration. (They have other reasons in addition to market information, and it makes sense in this case.) Chuckle No. 2: Angela’s suggestion to close down the site makes no sense at all. Place it in the DEE DA DEE envelope. Nearly all the major papers (New York Times, Washington Post and so on) require Web site require registration. Probably all majors do not release nor sell you personal information. They wouldn’t dare. Get used to registration. It’s the way it is.Michael Gallagher(Not the former Eagle County commissioner)Magical weekendI just want to express how impressive this past weekend was in Beaver Creek. It was one of the most magical weekends I have ever experienced in the world of skiing. The U.S. team just blew everyone away. To understand how amazing their results are is too difficult to describe here. But those of you who truly study this sport can understand it completely. Along with the seeing the athletic skills of the team, what the Vail Valley Foundation, staff, course workers and volunteers pulled off is remarkable in the midst of Mother Nature’s toughest test. This past weekend will not be forgotten and will forever be part of history …A toast to all those involved.Chris AnthonyDon’t bait and switchI have a complaint with the town of Vail Value Card parking system. However, I was taught that when criticizing an issue, always offer an alternative solution. The problem: there aren’t enough Value Card spaces in the Vail parking structure because A) there appears to be an over-abundance of unused “shopper parking” spaces, and B) construction parking is using an inordinate number of Value Card spaces.I understand why construction workers want to use the Value Card spaces, but for those of us who use those spaces to park for skiing, it’s sort of a bait-and-switch proposition; i.e., if one is not in the structure early, forget about getting a Value Card space. To exacerbate the situation, many of the construction workers use over-sized vehicles, which in many instances take up two parking spaces instead of one. On several occasions I’ve found Gallegos Corporation having multiple vehicles with each using two spaces, as did a Western Fireplace truck. And in one instance, one of the oversized vehicles actually took up THREE spaces! (No tickets were issued in any of those instances.)I’m not in favor of writing tickets because these vehicles have every right to be in the structure, although maybe not in multiple spaces. But Mayor Slifer and the Town Council should be aware that with the added construction parking, something has to give. Hopefully, the Town Council will be proactive in addressing this issue and not penalize those who chose by purchase Value Cards by knowingly limiting the number of spaces.So here are three possible solutions: 1) Limit the size of the vehicles that can park in the Value Card spaces; 2) add Value Card parking somewhere else within the parking structure, at least on a temporary basis until the major construction is completed in the village; or 3) allow Value Cards to be used in more of the shopper parking spaces.Bobbi BrysonEdwardsVail, Colorado

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