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Letters to the editor

A.J. Johnson

With all the hustle and bustle, it may be time to take a little break and help out others – it could do wonders for your soul and the lives of others. Spend some quality time and ringfor the Salvation Army. There is no better way to renew your attitude than to feel the spirit of giving. It’s your choice, a bad attitude or a big smile. Call 926-3704 for a dose of happiness in a sea of … A.J. JohnsonEdwardsDon’t bait, switchI have a complaint with the town of Vail Value Card parking system. However, I was taught that when criticizing an issue, always offer an alternative solution. The problem: there aren’t enough Value Card spaces in the Vail parking structure because A) there appears to be an over-abundance of unused “shopper parking” spaces, and B) construction parking is using an inordinate number of Value Card spaces.I understand why construction workers want to use the Value Card spaces, but for those of us who use those spaces to park for skiing, it’s sort of a bait-and-switch proposition; i.e., if one is not in the structure early, forget about getting a Value Card space. To exacerbate the situation, many of the construction workers use over-sized vehicles, which in many instances take up two parking spaces instead of one. On several occasions I’ve found Gallegos Corporation having multiple vehicles with each using two spaces, as did a Western Fireplace truck. And in one instance, one of the oversized vehicles actually took up THREE spaces! (No tickets were issued in any of those instances.)I’m not in favor of writing tickets because these vehicles have every right to be in the structure, although maybe not in multiple spaces. But Mayor Slifer and the Town Council should be aware that with the added construction parking, something has to give. Hopefully, the Town Council will be proactive in addressing this issue and not penalize those who chose by purchase Value Cards by knowingly limiting the number of spaces.So here are three possible solutions: 1) Limit the size of the vehicles that can park in the Value Card spaces; 2) add Value Card parking somewhere else within the parking structure, at least on a temporary basis until the major construction is completed in the Village; or 3) llow Value Cards to be used in more of the shopper parking spaces.Bobbi BrysonEdwardsExtending timeJust wanted to share with your readers a new lease on skiing that I have recently obtained. With arthritic knees which have taken a beating from various sports over my 65-plus years, I have been ending my ski days in great pain, with the leg muscles consequently shutting down. At home, I addressed the pain and swelling with pills and ice packs. It looked like my skiing days were winding down.On the mountain, I had seen skiers with thin black poles coming up from the tops of their boots and little cords coming from their butts, running over pulleys at the tops of the poles and down to the boots. In response to my queries, they explained that this took some of the weight off the knees and channeled that force directly to the boots and hence the skis.After some research, including the Web site (cads.com), I scheduled a CADS demo at Mid Vail with the Vail-based inventor, Walter Dandy. Walter fitted me with a harness and poles and boot top bungee devices and off we went. It felt a bit strange at first, but I was soon comfortable. We skied a full day and I tired much less than usual and had little pain. Though I was not completely convinced, I purchased the CADS, since I was desperate for any help I could get.The next day, I skied and had little pain. The third and fourth days, I skied long and hard and had NO pain! While I am still getting used to it, I am now really confident that CADS will extend my skiing days substantially! What a thrill not to have to give up one of my favorite sports that I share with my wife and family!Rich SelphSan FranciscoSeason’s spiritThrough all the midsts of politics and controversy we must still remember what this season is all about: charity.So, I would like to take a moment in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays to ask all of the people of this valley to do a good deed. No, not for credit or bragging rights as some of you may think, but rather for the self-gratification. It seems to me that most of us lost the true meaning of this time of year. This is why I’m writing this letter, to remind you that it’s not about what you get or give. It’s about who you touch. So help someone up if you see them fall, give food to those in need, or donate to charity. And remember it is the silent warrior who shall always be the most heroic.Joshua Caleb SeufererLeadville Adapt or leaveI appreciate the fact that the valley has had record snowfalls for the past month, but I am still appalled by the lack of driving skills of the general populace, and the vehicles they attempt to maneuver down the icy roads. As someone who commutes daily up and down the valley with no choice other than the two east-west routes, I am now forced to endure a 30 percent longer commute due to the improperly equipped vehicles and the lack of winter driving skills on the part of the operators. I have invested in a vehicle that suits this valley’s lifestyle and conditions, yet am forced to follow the dangerous and illegal vehicles that are unsuited to mountain driving conditions. If you do not want to properly equip yourself with the tools and skills to live in this valley, than move to New Orleans. Help them rebuild-repopulate. Retire to Palm Desert. I don’t care if the beds aren’t made in Bachelor Gulch, nor if it takes 15 more minutes to get served in a restaurant. It shouldn’t be my problem, nor should I have to risk my life, and lifestyle to accommodate people who choose not to adapt to the place they live. Daniel Tallon Gypsum Vail, Colorado

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