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Letters to the editor

The Senior Citizens of Eagle County

The senior citizens of Eagle County were dismayed, then angered, at the seemingly off-handed announcement that your position as program director of Eagle County Senior Services had been “eliminated” and that you will be leaving us at the end of the year.All of the seniors signed below want you to know that we appreciate, more than words can say, all of the things you have done to make our lives better these past few years. Your dedication to your job and to all of us has been exemplified by your efforts to keep us active members of the Eagle community. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!There are a few that may have contributed to this decision by the county to take over the program. But rest assured, they do not represent the feelings that the overwhelming majority have for you and the many things you have done for us.We wish you the very best in your new endeavor, wherever it may be. We hope that you can continue in your profession and know that, if you do, the people you work with will be blest as we have been.Some of the seniors were not present to sign the original letter, but have asked to be included in this one.We will miss you and will keep you in our prayers. We love you! Godspeed!The Senior Citizens of Eagle CountyVirginia Rose, Jackie Benson, Joyce Reiche, John Bade, Patricia Smith, Bobbi Bade, Kathy Heyser, Jeremiah Smith, Florence Arens, Dorothy McCall, Dorothy Kenlon, Ann McMillan, Beth Barkley, Gussie Baker, Bert Bratton, Pat Seabry, George Alford, Eleanor Bindley, Mary Beth Hamish, Julia Rhodesw, Edith Lederhaus, Sammy Carter, Betty Carter, Marge Beebe, Hugo Benson, Linda Johnson, Linda Carr, Lorraine Willis, Emelia Gonzales, Bernice White, Ruth Lenz, Olive Myers Sticking with USAI read with interest Ross Palmer’s Dec. 7 commentary in the Daily. Therein, Ross detailed much of what is wrong with America and recited that sad litany in support of his decision to relocate to New Zealand with his family. In the piece, Ross numbered roughly a dozen ills from which this nation suffers, ranging from the crises in health care, through the manifest explosion of lobbyists, to the cancer of consumerism. Ross, I agree. But while you have correctly identified many of the things with which our nation struggles, you have turned a blind eye to what is right and hopeful. Like the general decency of her people. Like the generosity with which America responds to suffering throughout the world. Like the admittedly imperfect nurturing of freedom and democracy. Rather than flee, though, to the safe harbor of New Zealand, I, for one, will stay. It is the hope embodied in American ideals that has drawn the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free for generation after generation to our shores. If idealistic men and women of talent do not stay and fight to make this nation always better, then surely it will decline and the world as a whole will be the poorer.Every generation thinks the end is near, that we are to be the witnesses to the ultimate decline and fall. You have only to read the melancholy musings of Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Lincoln to know that it has always been so and will likely always be so. It is a part of human nature and of conscience. Yet somehow, despite it all, through blood, sweat, tears and anguish, America continues to prosper and to inspire many, if not all, peoples of the world.Ross, you have done what you think best for your family, but have you invested your utmost in brightening the future, in burnishing the beacon that shines so brightly from our shores that smaller nations, like New Zealand, can earn peace in its penumbra?Rohn K. RobbinsEdwardsNeed helpAre you willing to work for salvation?Want to earn the spirit of giving?Want to help others in need?Then we need you!You can select your hoursWork outside or insideMeet interesting peopleContribute to your communityRing the bell of HelpDo something for othersBe involvedFeel compassionMake a differencePositive points towards your list of wrongs doneorJust because you careCall Tsu at 926-3704 for your chance toJoin the Salvation Army this season!A.J. JohnsonEdwards

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