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Letters to the editor

Erich Windisch

To my dear friends in the Vail community, Mark Twain once said: “The rumors of my early death have been greatly exaggerated.” I thank and appreciate everyone’s concern about my well-being. My wife, Elena; my daughter, Sasha; and I wish everyone happy holidays and a great and healthy new year.See you on the slopes!Erich WindischVailChina’s riseDid you know? Quoted from jacket notes of “China, Inc.”:n Three hundred million rural Chinese will move to the cities in the next 15 years. China must build infrastructure equivalent to Houston’s every month in order to absorb them.n China has more speakers of English as a second language than America has native English speakers.n China has more than 300 biotech firms that operate unhindered by animal rights lobbies, religious groups, or ethical standards boards.n There are 186 MBA programs.n China has more than 320million people under the age fourteen, more than the entire population of the United States.n China’s sex industry alone needs 1 billion condoms per year.n 220 billion text messages were sent over mobile phones in China last year.n One in 10 American jobs are at risk of being “off-shored.”n Apparel workers in the United States make $9.56 an hour. In El Salvador apparel workers make $1.65 an hour. In China they make between 68 cents and 88 cents.n There are 220 million “surplus workers” in China’s central and western regions. The number of people working in the United States is about 140 million.n General motors expect the Chinese automobile market to be bigger than the U.S. market by 2025. Some 74 million Chinese families now can afford to buy cars.Ted C. Fishman wrote “China, Inc.” A former floor trader and member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange he ran his own trading firm until 1992.Steve ZorichakVailAnother yearYour paper recently boldly stated, “Eagle County – It was quite a year in Happy Valley.”Yes, another full year has passed without local DA Mark Hurlbert actually opening his long-ago-promised and legally-required investigation of County Commissioner Tom Stone’s admitted acceptance of a $300,000 “commission” from the county’s and Stone’s selected sole developer of the $100,000,000 Miller Ranch development project. Why hasn’t our DA actually looked into this? Well, as previously stated both to me and to the press by Hurlbert; Stone’s wife, who is the head of the local Republican Party, “provided the money used for his re-election in 2004.” Hush! Really? Perhaps it is now time for some concerned citizen to ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice to finally open a full investigation of the Eagle County Commission’s (as well as the DA’s Office and perhaps even our court’s) special relations with local political parties and large private developers, especially those with huge county contracts in play, with special emphasis regarding federal RICO (civil racketeering/organized crime) compliance. Perhaps if investigators lacking admitted political homage to the local machine were to look under the covers we’d all be surprised at who they found in bed together down at the courthouse. “We the People” will never know, though, until somebody actually does look.Bill SepmeierSweetwaterEditor’s note: Stone’s role with ASW in a private capacity as a real estate agent came after the county chose the company to develop the Miller Ranch project. Thus far, while some including the Daily have questioned the ethics of the deal, no one has found any laws broken. Also, Stone’s part of the commission was considerably less than the total amount. Where’s the beef?As a member of the conservative silent majority, I once again feel compelled to respond to another Bush basher letter to the editor. Mr. Bob Fiske’s letter, “Out of control,” is so typical of the all the liberal BS being regurgitated in the far-left media, which in my opinion occasionally includes the Vail Daily. Fortunately we live in a free society where people like Mr. Fiske, the Vail Daily editor and I am allowed to express our opinions openly and freely. I stress the word “opinions,” as this is my expressed response to Mr. Fiske’s letter. Like so many of your Bush basher letters, Mr. Fiske expounds on a lot of rhetoric and no facts. As the hamburger commercial states, “Where is the beef?” Where is the documented proof that the “Bush administration is out of control, operating outside the law and outside the Constitution?” What is the documented proof that Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and the CIA lied to the American public? And what is the publicly stated “global agenda” of these people and the CIA? If you wish to enter this debate, Mr. Fiske, any high school debater will tell you, show me the documented facts. Otherwise, preface your comments with “in my opinion.” As to the Patriot Act restricting our freedom. Only if you have something to hide. Until proven otherwise, law-abiding Americans should not fear losing their freedom via the Patriot Act.Who are these “criminal and traitors in the government who are threatening the liberties of all American?” Name names and in what court of law where these people found guilty and labeled “criminals and traitors?” What “rule of law” have these people violated? Facts, my man, facts. Otherwise it’s all opinionated BS.Jim AkinVail Vail, Colorado

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