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Letters to the editor

Compiled by Daily staff

In Monday’s edition of the Vail Daily, an article was written titled “Some find they need more than one job,” written by Nicole Frey. In this article it is said that I, Johnny Harris, who has lived here all my life, made offending statements to the citizens of the Vail Valley about working two jobs. Let me just say that the Vail Daily reporter, Nicole Frey, misquoted me and took everything I said out of context. Having grown up here, my mom worked three jobs and my dad two just to make ends meet. I have had to work two jobs at one point or another. I did say that I do not find it necessary to work another job, but I was referring to me and only me. This is an expensive place to live and we all do what we have to do to sustain living here. If I offended anyone in any way, I am so sorry. I never said those things that were written in the paper in such a nasty, mean and judgmental way. Most of my friends all work two jobs and do not abuse drugs. Nor would I ever call them lazy for having to work more than one job. Anyone that knows me knows that I would never make statements like that. To those who have called me and asked my side of the story, I thank you, and to those who have called me at work at Portofino Jewelry screaming and yelling, calling me nasty names without asking my side of the story, I hope you feel better about yourself and realize that you are actually being mean and judgmental as well.To Nicole Frey, I hope you feel good about yourself. You have caused havoc and stress for me. I have taken the statements written in this article as a personal attack against my character and my integrity. This is all because you don’t know how to actually report what you hear. I read your article and found it to be boring. It has no point and no cohesion. I don’t know if you believe in karma, but I hope your lack of journalistic integrity comes back to bite you in the … .Johnny HarrisEditor’s note: While we stand by the story and quotes, we do recognize that any communication process is inherently imperfect. We apologize if that was the case in this instance.Back whenHave you ever sat and wondered what happened to the day when people were honest? When you went to buy gas and actually paid for it, that was honest, and if you did drive off it’s because you actually forgot, not just an excuse. Due to the actions of others, people can lose their jobs.What happened to the day when a child broke the law, the parents and the person of the offense made it right, not the law?Back in the day we had guns, and very few murders. What happened to the day there was little crime? But so-called officials stepped in and said we need a law for this and that. Have we become so afraid or don’t want to handle things that could easily be taken care of? What happened to communication? We don’t want to be involved. What happened to honesty? It’s become an excuse.What happened to caring? It means we have to get involved.What happened to adults taking care of a situation on their own? It’s called assault, because we forgot communication.We used to call it good clean fun to TP someone’s house (which was usually someone we liked). Now its called vandalism. If you moon someone, you are taken to court and registered as a sex offender. We still see shows where this is a norm and fun. The law states different. Our children see these shows. They do this, and are taken off to court. Congress passed our laws. That’s funny right there. They pass the laws and can’t follow them themselves. We all have the memories the of things we have done when we were young and often tell our children and grandchildren these stories. These are fond memories, but be careful what you say because sure as shootin’ someone in your family will try to pull the same stunt and wind up in court, if not jail.What have we done to ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, we have forgotten to stand up for ourselves. Others tell us what we as people and parents need to do, and the ones telling us how to raise our children don’t have any children.I don’t know if it’s possible to bring back the old days, but we can help with the future. Just say NO!I’ve wondered why the kids are now so involved in drinking and drugs. They say there is nothing to do. A lot of them are right, because a lot of the fun, which really didn’t harm anyone, is now illegal. There have become so many laws that not one person can stick to them all.The law used to be pretty simple. It consisted mainly of the 10 Commandments, with very few extra laws.Do you remember the day? It’s not the law’s fault. It’s our fault. We have let a lot of the old ways, which are still good for now, fall by the wayside.I’m not saying to disobey the law or not to abide by it, but I do think there are things we could take care of on our own. We have become very quick to call the law on little things instead of being adults. Become involved, care, be honest, communicate, do the simple things our parents taught us. Our parents’ generation turned out OK, but a new time and era came along and said we needed to change things. Now there is more crime then there ever was. Maybe we weren’t so smart, after all.Robin Bernard GypsumMiracle giftIn this holiday season full of joy, hope, love, gift giving and New Year’s resolutions, I encourage you to put one very special resolution on your list – to someday give the amazing gift of life by registering as an organ donor today. You can start by contacting the county DMV (328-8710) to update your driver’s license to identify you as an organ donor. This is a gift that could make any day of the year a special holiday and make every day a day of rejoicing for one or more lucky recipients waiting for a miracle. It has been Christmas every day since I received a kidney transplant from an angel I shall never know, whose last act on earth was the generous act of giving life to me and to several others. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, Colorado alone has 1,557 people waiting for one or more life-saving organs; 828 await kidneys; 508, livers; 146, lungs and 42, hearts. On a national level the number is a staggering 90,369 total. Please, don’t just think about it. “Just do it.” Gwen Scalpello Vail, ColoradoVail

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