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Letters to the editor

Joy, Ben, Noah and Jonah Wolansky

This holiday season my family and I have much to be thankful for, and we wanted the whole town to know. We are part-time Vail residents who reside in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. We had three hurricanes pummel our town this year. Katrina, Rita and finally Wilma delivered debilitating blows that put our physical and emotional strengths to the test. We fled to Vail before Wilma hit on Oct. 25. After suffering the aftermath of Katrina, we did not wish to subject our children to further trauma. The wrath of Mother Nature is truly not a force to be reckoned with. Twisters dropping all around you and rattling your house as if it were some matchbox toy is indeed a very humbling thing. Wilma, a category 3 hurricane, left most of our area powerless and waterless for almost three weeks. Our home and surrounding areas suffered incredible damage. We decided that it was best not to expose our children to such conditions and decided to remain in Vail until the situation stabilized back home. My husband, who is a practicing physician, flew home on the first flight back to open his office on generator power to tend to the multitudes of patients who suffered injuries due to the storm. I remained with my children in Vail from Oct. 20 to Dec. 1. We wanted to take a few moments to offer heartfelt thanks to those that were so caring and offered their support during such a traumatic time. We have two boys, aged 6 and 4. Our boys, Noah and Jonah, were traumatized during these events and desperately needed a sense of normalcy. Their schools in Florida suffered enormous damage and were not functional for weeks. We were at a loss as to what to do. In stepped the Vail Recreation District to the rescue. Diane Johnson at the VRD was a true hero. She was so compassionate and reassuring and helped us with all our needs. Both our boys were enrolled immediately in organized VRD activities and given the love and support from teachers and counselors that they desperately needed. Diane also assisted in arranging for our children to be enrolled in kindergarten and preschool. Our son Noah, who is a kindergartner was enrolled in Red Sandstone Elementary in Ms. Rizzo’s class, and Jonah in Ms. Erica’s preschool class. Everyone was so incredibly kind to us. The friendships that we made will endure forever. Special thanks goes to Mrs. Ricci, principal of Red Sandstone, Mrs. Herner, Ms. Rizzo, Ms. Erica, VRD staff and of course Diane Johnson. Also, a special thanks to the children in Ms. Rizzo’s class. Noah will never forget all of his newfound friends. We were so impressed by the professionalism and integrity exhibited by the staff at Red Sandstone and the VRD. It simply cannot be matched. We are back out again for a few weeks for winter break. Our son Noah is currently enrolled in winter camp, sponsored by the Vail Recreation District. Today the children made gingerbread houses at the Safeway bakery. Noah was initially quite upset due to the fact that his dilapidated structure suffered from a roof collapse (due to lack of frosting under the top cookies). He told his friends that his gingerbread house had a damaged roof like his real house in Florida. He then proceeded to tell them about our real home that lost hundreds of clay tiles during the hurricane. He further explained that it would be months before the roof could be repaired due to lack of materials. When I picked up Noah at the end of the day, he was very excited. He told me that his friends had brainstormed a fabulous plan, which consisted of all of them flying to Florida to help repair the roof. I then proceeded to ask him how he and his buddies planned on accomplishing this enormous task. “Oh that’s easy Mommy,” he replied. “All we need is lots of frosting from Safeway.” The mind of a child is truly ingenius. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could simply “glue back” the pieces of our lives with frosting? There are times in life in which people touch your lives in extraordinary ways and seldom are they recognized. We wanted the whole town to know that you truly have magical, extraordinary people in your midst. These are the everyday people who truly care and indeed make a community whole. We are so thankful to the town of Vail, the VRD, and all of those that simply offered a caring word or a hug when it was needed the most. Your actions speak louder than words. Joy, Ben, Noah and Jonah Wolansky Vail-Ft. Lauderdale Should not tellAs a reader of many newspapers every day, I was very disappointed in Chris Freud’s commentary, “Bye, Bye Huskies.” Mr. Freud attacks two children in a way that should be reserved for an angry parent. Children, and teenagers, will make mistakes. These boys do not deserve to have their mistakes published in the paper because they are associated with hockey. I wonder after reading the article if Mr. Freud ever had a life or if as a youth ever made a mistake. A community like Vail, which from an outsider’s perspective does a fabulous job of supporting youth, must be embarrassed and ashamed that an adult has written such an article about two of its own. Parents, not papers, should set the consequences for these boys, and making their problems so public is irresponsible.Joe TaylorDenverVail, Colorado

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