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Letters to the editor

David Hays

Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi: Just a note of support and thank you and the other mountain cities for your smoking ban initiatives. Having grown up in Colorado, still owning a property in Breckenridge and now living in Malibu, Calif., it must be an understanding and important reminder for all that every butt that is thrown off the lift, on the trail, or in the street is that they all flow downstream to the rivers and eventually the oceans. Those little fibrous carcinogen packed butts will eventually end up in some trout’s mouth or worse yet, our drinking water. Aside from that, when I come to Colorado to visit I don’t want my kids to have to deal with 10,000 feet of altitude and cigarette smoke, as well. It’s hard for us enough to breathe, being “flatlanders” that spend money and taxes in your communities, let alone with secondhand smoke. And, of course, looking at the leftover butts in the summer on our hiking trips is particularly disgusting, as they don’t look good next to the wildflowers. Yes I was a smoker (I quit 17 years ago so I might be a bit militant about this) and at the time smoked on the chairs, lines and trails. I regret those decisions and will continue to support those cities, counties and ski areas that make the right ones. We enjoy visiting the mountains and will continue to do so as the ski areas, cities and counties make it much more comfortable for us to stay. David Hays Malibu, Calif.Don’t foul air!The lady who “pays to be on the mountain” is paying to ski! Her cigarette butts poison small wildlife and litter the ground!No one is questioning her right to smoke, but please have the courtesy to not expose your foul habit to those of us who wish to breathe clean air! One smoker does foul the air whether it be on the chair in front of a non-smoker, in line with 50 plus others, or sitting at an outdoor lunch table. I can’t tell you how many times our family and I have moved so as not to breathe another person’s foul cigarette! Children don’t need this either! Nationally 1 in 4 smoke, so the mountain will not lose customers.Kay RosserBeaver CreekWhy tiptoe?Although I do not know him personally, I doubt that Peter Runyon is racist or an anti-Semite. His choice of words was unfortunate, but I think everyone is missing a key point underlying Mr. Runyon’s sentiments. These are dangerous and misguided sentiments that many Americans apparently share. I am referring to the reason Mr. Runyon gave for his concern over a Jewish president, that it would offend the so-called “Arab world.” Why are so many Americans so concerned with offending Arabs? Those fine folks seem to have no qualms about offending American sensibilities. Why should America be expected to tiptoe around the fragile egos of a people who practice “honor death” and female circumcision? Surely the American liberals currently defending the Arab world would NEVER tolerate such barbaric behavior here at home, yet those very same Americans are quick to condemn their own country for saying or doing anything to offend or criticize the Arabs. Keep in mind that all Arabs are not offended by Western civilization, and those who are offended are probably not our friends. The ones who feel most offended are Islamic fundamentalists bent on the demise of the United States of America and her allies. Such people will never be our friends because our mere existence offends them! Nothing we can do or say will ever change that. …Thomas AndersonVail, Colorado

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