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Letters to the editor

Edward Blender

Rotary clubs in Eagle County are committed to world peace and understanding and to that effort we will be interviewing students and working professional who are interested in being awarded Rotary International scholarships. Criteria: The students (or working professionals) are eligible if they have an address (also parents’ address) in Eagle County, although they may be studying at colleges or universities worldwide.Our Eagle County Rotary International Scholarship program provides students with six-month and one-year scholarships to study at colleges and universities abroad, serving as ambassadors of goodwill. In addition, one of Rotary’s most recent programs (World Peace Fellowships) provides the opportunity for a two-year scholarship towards a master’s degree in peace and conflict resolution.Further information and applications can be found at: http://www.rotary.org/foundation/educational/index.html More questions? Please write to petermleslie@aol.com for additional information. As the world works to combat hatred and intolerance, we are reminded of what so many students learn as Rotary Scholars: “Cultural differences make us unique, but our differences are not what ultimately matter. We can all work together to foster cross-cultural respect, peace and understanding worldwide.”Dr. Edward BlenderThe Rotary Club of EdwardsWon! Let’s go nowI really don’t get it! We invaded Iraq because we thought that they were an immediate threat to our country and because we considered Saddam Hussein to be an evil man. We defeated their armed forces and we captured Saddam Hussein, who is now being properly tried for his crimes against his own people. WE WON!The Iraqis are now struggling to form a government, which will probably embrace various elements of a democracy but will very likely be more theocratic than most of us would wish. It will also very likely be a somewhat looser federation of states than our own great nation. It won’t be exactly what we would prefer, but they have a constitution and they held elections. So now let’s just step aside. With polls showing that 75 percent of their citizens want us gone, why don’t we withdraw our troops? Killing a few more crazy terrorists or insurgents is not what will allow them to proceed. A realization by the Iraqis themselves that their future can be bright and that compromises will be required and that suicide bombers are despicable are the thoughts that will ultimately bring their country peace. It is their responsibility. I repeat, WE WON! I don’t understand the “we can’t cut and run” rationale for staying there. David Le VineFlawed democracy Isn’t it shame to pretend we live in a great democracy when a female has never been elected to our nation’s highest office. The recent election of a female president in Chile just highlights the hypocrisies of our nation. Maybe we should focus more of our time and energy at home rather than spreading democracy around the world, something we cannot even grasp here in the States. Brady Efting EdwardsVail, Colorado

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