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Letters to the editor

Bob Fiske

A recent Vail Daily article told of Unusual Animal Deaths (UAD) that occurred east of Colorado Springs back in October. While the six horses and the burro that died in this case did not have any body parts missing there is still no answer for the UADs that occurred quite frequently in this area and other states during the 1970s and 1980s, and are still occurring today.. The first nationally publicized UAD happened in Colorado’s San Luis Valley in September of 1967 when a horse was found stripped of all flesh from the neck up. No tracks were found around the body and there were burn marks on the ground. The area around the body had a higher than normal level of radiation. And there were UFO sightings in the area. In the following years more and more animals were being found in the US and around the world with body parts missing that appeared to be surgically removed, the wounds being cauterized so that they did not bleed. Often the blood was found drained from the body. Most often the animal would be missing an eye, an ear, the tongue, flesh from around the jaw, sexual organs and often the rectum would be cored out. Lab tests indicated that the wounds were being made by a high heat cutting device like a laser. No tracks were found around the bodies and even coyotes and other scavengers would not go near. By the mid-1970s UADs were averaging 2,000 a year across the U.S., and in the harder hit areas ranchers formed armed patrols who went out at night to protect their herds. They often reported seeing UFOs and mysterious black helicopters in the area. One area hard hit was around Great Falls, Montana. The Cascade County Sheriff’s Office recorded 67 UADs, 109 UFO reports, and 63 reports of mysterious helicopters being seen during the 1974-77 period. Many of these reports were made by local police officers and Air Force security personnel from Malmstrom AFB. One UFO sighted very frequently around Sterling Colorado during this time was dubbed Big Mama because smaller objects were often seen leaving it and descending to the ground. A local sheriff went up in a light plane one night and chased Big Mama around, but it always moved too quickly for the sheriff to get in close. Linda Moulton Howe, who was mentioned in the article, has been investigating UADs for 25 years. Working for a Denver TV station, Howe produced a chilling documentary, “A Strange Harvest,” that took a close look at the UAD mystery, interviewing witnesses and looking at the evidence. The evidence pointed to aliens. A detective investigating UADs in the Trinidad area for the state’s attorney interviewed by Howe admits that “It’s very, very possible that these mutilations are being done by creatures from outer space.” Scary stuff. Eagle County has had its share of UADs over the years, and they have mystified local officers, too. One ECSO deputy told me of finding a dead cow in a field after a fresh snowfall. The only tracks in the snow were the cows who lay dead with assorted body parts missing that appeared to have been surgically removed. More scary stuff. UADs, and UFO sightings, are not a thing of the past and are still happening. Argentina has been victimized in the past four years with over 3,000 UADs, and many UFO sightings. More recently, mutilated cattle were found on a ranch near Red Bluff, California, which has had 31 UADs in the last ten years. Other ranches in the area have also lost cattle. Two happened just this month and a report on these can be found on Howe’s Web site (www.earthfiles.com), along with graphic photos so you can see for yourself. Reports on UFOs and UADs are not normally aired on the news, but they are still occurring and won’t go away. It’s good to see that articles on these phenomena are still being reported in newspapers like the Vail Daily.Bob FiskeVail Enough alreadyIt’s the same old Texas cowboy B.S. that we’ve been privileged to for the last five years. It’s more of the same from the guy that said, “bring ’em on”. No, we don’t bargain with terrorists, but we do have people dying in Iraq and we’re spending $5 billion a month. So why don’t we agree to meet and talk? Why don’t we at least try, to arrive at some agreement ON OUR TERMS? At the very least, we could state our position very clearly. At the most, we might end the stupid terrorism ON OUR TERMS. No one is advocating surrender or even compromise but why not meet and talk? Do we have to let our servicemen continue to become casualties or die in Iraq in order to prove our intransigence? David Le VineTime for a filibusterFilibuster the Alito nomination. We must remain a true democracy. Please vote against Sam Alito. Katherine SchmidtEagleVail, Colorado

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