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Letters to the editor

Karin Weber

Barbara Treat: Nobody was ever better at matching resources with needs. It’s hard to imagine the Vail Valley without its number one non-profit advocate. Whether she was ringing Salvation Army’s bell during the holidays, coaxing donations from old friends and new to “help the kids,” spending hours making name tags and greeting Ski Classic guests, coming up with the most succinct, well-conceived ideas at board meetings, or being there for her friends, Barb did it all and enriched the lives of everyone in the valley.Any credible screen writer would have rejected her story as improbable: An orphan who through grit, intelligence, determination, and an absence of limiting self-perceptions composed a life of achievement and loving service.You have left a beautiful legacy, Barb. We who knew and loved you will try to carry it forward by making the donation, serving in the non-profit sector, and looking for the opportunity to offer hope and kindness to those in need. You may have been alone at birth, but you certainly were surrounded by countless friends at life’s end. How we will miss you!Karin WeberUlitmate sacrificePatsy Dietz, one of the Navy SEAL widows who will be joining us for the Vail Armed Forces Week, has asked that I post the following letter about her husband, Navy SEAL Danny Dietz, and talk about our military children:”I want the world to know that Danny P. Dietz was not just my husband, but he was my other half, my friend, my role model, and my hero. The same day he left to Afghanistan, as tears rolled down my cheeks, he told me with sparkles in his eyes, ‘All the training that I have underwent for years is going to pay off with this trip, and I am going to do something special for this country and for my team.’ “I never thought that was going to be the last time that my lips, my hands, my eyes would have contact with him. Although, I was not ready to let God take him away from me, I know my husband gave all he could to make his way back to me. He probably wouldn’t have want to do die any other way, but only trying to protect his fellow teammates and his country. “I have lost my soul mate, but truly my soul mate is not lost. He is waiting to see me one day again. I want the world to know that it has lost an incredible man, an outstanding Navy SEAL, and a hero. “People around the world don’t hear much about the U.S. Naval Special Forces men and what they do for this country, but as a proud SEAL team wife, I can tell you that the world as a whole owes those men more than what it can imagine. I just don’t have words to describe them.”Patsy Maria L. Dietz”Danny Dietz was born in Aurora and attended Heritage High School in Littleton and was killed In action on June 28, 2005, along with 10 of his SEAL team members in Afghanistan. Joining Patsy for this special week to raise funds for educational scholarship programs for our military children are two other Navy SEAL widows who lost their husbands that day. Rhonda Lucas, husband Navy SEAL ET 1st Class Jeffrey A. Lucas (survived by 5-year-old son Seth), and Laura McGreevey, husband Lt. Michael McGreevey (survived by 1-year-old daughter Molly). To date 283 Marine children, 246 Special Operations children, plus close to 400 Army children have lost a parent, and thousands of our military children have parents that have been wounded or are continuing the ongoing war against terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Join us during the Vail Armed Forces Week to help support the children. See our ad in the Vail Daily.”They gave their life fighting for our country. Now it is our turn to take care of their children!”Paul DonenPresident, FounderVailArmedForces.comSenior pass ideaI would like to make a suggestion for a different season pass.I realize the goal of the mountain is to maximize income and if you can provide a service at the same time, it is a “win win” situation. I suggest you offer a substantially reduced rate senior season pass GOOD ONLY on weekdays and NOT GOOD Christmas or Presidents Day weekend. Things to consider:You want to encourage seniors on your mountain. They:1. Usually do not ski all day.2. Avail themselves of the mountain facilities, lunch, etc.3. Attract a segment of the population that the local store-restaurant owners will appreciate.4. Don’t need to ski on traditional vacation times, reducing traffic at your busy season.5. Are not usually day trippers and will stay and spend money in the area.You could also offer to allow weekend skiing with a premium charge to the credit card of the skier of $20-$30 for each such use. I would hope that this suggestion is given to the appropriate people for consideration.Martin M. FillerVail, Colorado

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