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Letters to the editor

Kris Miller

We recently held a fundraiser for Danny Harris and family at The Brass Parrot in Avon. It is the outpouring of graciousness and giving that reminds us what a wonderful community we have, and how fortunate we are to be able to live in and raise our families here. I would like to take a few moments to thank the many people and businesses that donated their time, energy, and monetary items that made this fundraiser such a wonderful success. Foxnut and Blue Moose Restaurants in Beaver Creek, Chris Hurley Drywall, John Tinker, Wally and Gloria from Hair Dudes, May Palace, Sand Bar, West Vail Shell, Banglz Salon, Colorado Mountain Express, Vail Resorts, Eagle Point Resort, Kimberley’s Fine Jewelry, Bob’s Place, Karen Bailey, China Garden, Moran Brothers Painting, Orrison Distributing, Pinnacole Distributing, Summit Distributing, Coors Distributing, Charter at Beaver Creek, Carl’s World Class Ski, Edwards Building Center, Noel, Ruth Jenkins, Dundee Realty, Lisa Post, Carl Scherer, Colorado Fastners, Shane Ellis, Becky Rioux, Sue Steward, Bart & Yetti’s, Charter Sports, B& B Excavating, Ryan Cox, Mark Mobley and the Vail Firefighters, Designer Furs, Tim Froelich, Bill Graves, Copy Copy, Geno’s and EPS. I would also like to thank The Brass Parrot and their entire staff for working so hard to allow this fundraiser to occur. Thank you to Jimmy Moran who provided us with excellent MC’ing skills! Thank you to everyone who came and those who contributed that could not attend. You made it such a huge success. I cannot describe how overwhelmed we were. Also, a big thank you to the parents of Laurie Caradonna; Robert and Kay Lloyd, whose son Scott recently underwent a kidney transplant. We will keep Scott in our prayers.I hope I have not missed anyone! I know that Danny, Leigh and Eli are so grateful and humbly appreciative. Danny continues a very serious battle and I encourage every one of us to keep him and his family in our daily thoughts and prayers. Kris MillerAvonNot what I saidJust wanted to comment back to Nikki Cribbs about “One high school or two.” I did not say that BMHS was not necessary. I stated that we did not need to build a new one at a cost of $35million-45 million, but revamp it at a lesser cost. And I would question the district’s anticipated growth policy, since they miscalculated kindergarten numbers greatly this year. Kathy Calton Eagle Family valuesNot long after Eagle’s Capitol Theatre opened, owner Steve Lindstrom indicated in a Vail Daily article that his theaters are a community institution and that he strives to know his audience. For a while he seemed to live up to that, respecting the more family-friendly community standards of Eagle and Gypsum with the majority of the films he chose to bring to the local screen. It seems Mr. Lindstrom’s tactics and his perception of our community have changed, given this week’s movie lineup in Eagle. Four of the five movies showing carry an R rating, and three of those movies have the most nudity, sex, violence, blood, gore and disturbing images of anything currently popular on the big screen. All of that is available starting at 4 p.m. (“hurry on down, kids, before your parents get home”), and since his theaters have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to enforcing movie ratings at the ticket counter, I hate to think of how many under-17 teens are being exposed to this trash.I hope the Lindstroms have more respect for our community when choosing the movie lineup for the Capitol Theatre.Randy OlinEagle Olympic monorail?Could a Colorado Olympics help us get us a monorail between Denver and Aspen? In 1972 I made two promotional films for the Denver Olympic Committee. First we did a short film describing the sites for the events. The location for the downhill was Mount Sniktaw east of the Loveland Ski Basin. It was a bad, if not impossible, site for a downhill, but the Denver Olympic Committee was not beyond bending realities to get the bid. Other ski events were planned for the then-undeveloped Beaver Creek area. I went to Sapporo, Japan, to film the 1972 Olympics. We used this material to make a film that helped get Colorado the site bid, but an aspiring governor, Denver Rep. Richard Lamm, convinced the people of Colorado that we weren’t ready to host an Olympics and they voted it out. My film didn’t stop the tide of anti-Olympic sentiment. This was a great embarrassment to a lot of high-powered folks in the ski business. The same Dick Lamm, however, was also my (our) partner in 1971 when we stopped the Denver Water Board from diverting the headwaters of Gore Creek into Dillon Reservoir. Without Dick’s help, Vail might have a whole lot less water today and a whole string of ugly diversions along the base of the Gore Range. A lot of us in Vail were upset with Lamm for leading the charge to throw out the Winter Olympics, but in retrospect I think he was probably right. The Olympic facilities would have been slapped together in a way that would have trashed Beaver Creek, as well as other places in the state. That was in the early 1970s. Now Beaver Creek is built out and much of the rest of the I-70 corridor between East Vail and the Glenwood Canyon is built out, as well. The Highway 82 corridor between Glenwood Springs and Aspen has also been largely suburbanized. Fuel costs and pollution have both risen substantially. The question in my mind is do we now have the basic infrastructure between Denver and Aspen, the towns, beds, etc., and other incentives to hold a Winter Olympics in Colorado? Of course, many of the event facilities would have to be built, but the bigger question is would a successful Olympic bid help to generate the funds and enthusiasm necessary to build some kind of a transportation system, like a monorail, that would diminish the traffic congestion and resulting pollution that now plagues our county, as well as Summit, Garfield , and Pitkin counties? Maybe this is an idea that’s time has arrived. What do you think? Roger Brown Gypsum Great workI would like to thank town of Vail Pubic Works for their quick response to my request to remove the pile of snow on the corner of North Frontage Road and Red Sandstone Road. It was a real hazard for anyone trying to turn left onto North Frontage from Red Sandstone Road. I called late Friday afternoon to request the removal and it had been taken care of by noon on Saturday. I appreciate Public Works’ dedication to keeping our roads safe. It was a job well done! Jennifer Edwards Vail Vail, Colorado

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