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Letters to the editor

Jonathan Staufer

The Vail Daily just can’t seem to help itself being biased in favor of Crossroads. The lead paragraph of “Crossroads project progresses to council,” Jan. 23 once again makes it seem as though the controversy is whether to rebuild the facility and whether the various uses proposed by the developer are appropriate. No one has argued that Crossroads isn’t in need of redevelopment (though a lick of paint, some routine maintenance and giving tenants some security to reinvest in their businesses would have done a great deal to improve Crossroads’ appearance and vibrancy.)What is being argued is that a building this massive and so out of character with its neighbors in the middle of Vail Village is far too great a price to pay for what has become a moving target of alleged public benefits.To date, the town of Vail has received not a single assurance from the developer what uses will be permitted in the “public” plaza, the insurance for which, under one scenario proposed by the developer, was to be paid for by the town of Vail.The Vail Daily continues to report that the bowling alley, pinball arcade and movie theaters are public benefits. Commercial uses are not public benefits. Further, no guarantees have been made as to how long any of these uses will continue. Meanwhile, the Peter Knobel glee club, including the Vail Daily, seems quite ready to sell out the character of a place they purport to love in order that Vail can become yet another suburban hell hole of bright lights, pinball machines and bored teenagers. I have to wonder: Why the hell did any of you move to the mountains?Jonathan StauferVailGreat supportThe Battle Mountain boys basketball team and I would like to thank the community for the tremendous support displayed during the whiteout at the boy’s game against Glenwood Springs on Friday, Jan. 27. The atmosphere was incredible and provided us great energy. We appreciate any continued support for us as we march towards a league championship and the state playoffs. There is a forecast for an extreme whiteout condition for our game this Friday, Feb. 3, against Eagle Valley. See you there.Philip TronsrueBoys Basketball CoachBattle Mountain High SchoolSave the wildlifeI agree wholeheartedly with the home owner. There may be nothing illegal, but common-sense and love of our resources and wildlife comes first. It is the same here in the Midwest. Our countryside is rapidly being overrun with residential and commercial building. With this, the wildlife has no where to go. Vail and the surrounding area is a great tourist site because of the beauty of the mountains and the wildlife. Forcing the elk out of the area would be missed greatly. It would be like a Christmas tree without ornaments.Save the wildlife. Save the environment!Ron HartmanWest Des Moines, IowaSki kidsAs an interested and sporadically active observer of the valley’s youth athletic programs, I have often questioned why the area’s skiing programs programs reveived so very little coverage in comparison the the valley’s other youth athletic pursuits. So many of our community’s best athletic achievement and success stories come from Eagle County’s youth skiers, yet media attention and exposure has rarely risen to the level of afterthought in my 10 years in the valley. And so it has been refreshing of late to see the Vail Daily devote some front-page sports section attention to youth skiers who have devoted every bit as much to their passion as the kids in other sports the Vail Daily has covered do.Thanks, and please keep rolling with it.Glenn Davis Edwards Vail, Colorado

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