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Letters to the editor

Andrew Gallup

Thank you to Aliya Chaplin for her comments in the paper. The relief effort going on in Pakistan has NOTHING to do with politics. It is a humanitarian effort. We should not prioritize the value of a human life. A human life here in Vail is no more or less worthy than a human life in Pakistan. These people are farmers and ranchers, not terrorists. Please understand that we are simply trying to save lives.The earthquake that hit southeast Asia in October of 2005 was one of the worst natural disasters of this decade. 87,000 people died; 3,000,000 were left homeless. That is larger than the city of Chicago. Half a million of those people live above the snow line and are in danger of freezing to death.The average ANNUAL income of the people in this region is $60. They had very little to begin with, and their government has little assistance to offer. This is a critical and urgent humanitarian need. Let’s not politicize it. Won’t you help?Andrew Gallup Edwards Bit of satireAn unconfirmed source from the Vail Ski Patrol reported yesterday that the ammunition supply was dangerously low. Unless the weather lets up soon, airdrops of ammunition from the Front Range will be necessary to resupply the patrol the ammo that is necessary to control the raptors (a dinosaur popularized by the “Jurassic Park” movies of the early 2000s) now depopulating the snowshoe hare and lynx populations. Fortunately to date, only a few skiers have been killed and eaten by the marauding raptors. It was only a few years ago that the pressure brought to bear on the U.S. government by Matt Zalaznick’s (can anyone pronounce his name?) “pro-everything he approves of” lobby group (then in favor of genetic engineering of anything that could be reintroduced into the world if it ever existed there in the first place) which provided the genetic engineering breakthrough that made Jurassic Park a reality. It was truly a first win for Matt against the continuous Bush administrations that began with George W. Bush in 2000. George Buford Bush, elected in 2052, was extremely disappointed. Beyond many environmental groups’ wildest dreams, raptors quickly evolved and filled many niches. First to go in the mountains were the deer, elk, mountain goats and sheep. Then the raptors began to decimate the carnivores, like the bear and the wolf packs, that had moved into the area. It was only a matter of time until they went after the smaller revered snowshoe hare and lynx. Truth be known, the snowplow drivers are actually glad that the lynx population was diminished since the little critters are a pest at night while they are grooming the runs. Recent reports from Long Island in New York and the piney woods in Texas indicate that the grizzly bears reintroduced there in 2020 are also being attacked by the raptors. The U.S. Forest Service is encouraged by the diminishing number of campers in established campgrounds and the backcounty and expect that they will not have to ask Congress for increased appropriations during the next fiscal year.It’s a beautiful day in Colorado.Bob EssinVail, Colorado

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