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Letters to the editor

Ben Schrader

What is it, Matt Zalaznick, that you are looking to preserve? Does the south-faced sage brush covered parcel east of the Home Depot need preserved? Will your greatest fears of another second-home owner buying a mansion come true? My answer to this question is no. It looks as if they are trying to develop that land for affordable green homes so that residents of the valley have an option to buy newer and more energy efficient homes. Then there is the issue of another gas station. How can you be against a gas station that blends into the setting and sells fuel for dimes on the gallon cheaper than the rest of the local stations? These are good developments that will help out our expanding valley. We live in a free society that has allows many to enjoy this great area. What is it, Matt Zalaznick, that bothers you so much with the Riverwalk and commerce in general? Do you not like the idea of shops, boutiques and restaurants from the Riverwalk advertising in the paper that pays you money for the textual sewage that spews from your keyboard? I could do without the Riverwalk if you were the sacrifice. Some businesses would be missed for sure, but then the inane commentary from socialistic left’s spokesman wouldn’t be. What you fail to realize is that these businessmen didn’t come here in hopes of ruining lives of thousands upon thousands of people. No, instead they came here to make a decent living for themselves and live the American dream. Commerce is good for a healthy economy. Tourists come here to spend money in our towns. We should be happy about that. The convoluted leftist thinking of Matt Zalaznick is more of a drain than a stimulant for thought provocation. The directionless aim of each of his commentaries has greater guiding by emotion than a hiker does by GPS. If anything needs capped or regulated in this valley, then please let it be the weekly column of one Matt Zalaznick.Ben SchraderAvonVail, Colorado

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