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Letters to the editor

Buck and Holly Elliott

Commissioners Menconi, Stone and Runyon: I want to thank you for your decision to deny the Palmerosa proposal. This is a development that has both immediate and long-range consequences to our valley and our environment.As we continue to become more attentive to the benefits of co-existing with our environment, it takes a special sensitivity to interpret the guidelines that dictate our community and balance those with a vision of our future. Along with our children and grandchildren, that will someday inherit our decisions today, we applaud your sensitivity and good stewardship as we shape the future for generations to come.Buck and Holly Elliott ‘Civilized’ worldIn response to your story about the Danish cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a terrorist, I had to step back and wonder what was the cartoonist’s purpose, really? To throw fuel on an already burning flame? There could be no other reason and knowing that, I then wonder what socially responsible editor would publish this insult. I am saddened, hurt, and surprised that the world would allow this image and this insult to continue, and it strikes me that the Muslim world does not stoop so low. All religions have had their radicals, yet after the Holocaust there weren’t depictions of Jesus as a gas chamber operator. Muslims respect and honor all of the prophets, Adam to Moses to Jesus to Mohammed.I am a proponent of freedom of speech. However, there is a fine line where it can become defamation, and in this volatile world the media must have a social conscience. If it doesn’t, it should be held accountable. Furthermore, some in the Western media have added insult to injury by stating that: instead of being outraged at the cartoons the Muslim world should be outraged at hostage killings in Iraq. Do these people think that we are not already outraged by these killings, just as the Americans were outraged by the tortures which occurred at Abu Ghraib? Such people also reveal their lack of understanding of a people whom, in their public position, they are berating. The Koran shares with the Bible (the Old Testament) a prohibition on “graven images.” Understandably, therefore, to portray the Prophet Mohammed in a demeaning cartoon is the greatest of insults.I had hoped more of the “civilized” world.Halide K. GaziogluBeaver Creek expansionMatt Zalaznick’s article about the two trails near Stone Creek approved by the Forest Service may have given readers the wrong impression about their location and use.The Egress Trail is a 10-foot platform that runs uphill from Ripsaw to the bottom of the Stone Creek chutes at a 13 percent grade so that skiers, snowboarders and toboggans in an emergency can egress quickly and safely back to Chair 4 in all conditions. It is only intended and permitted for winter use. It leads uphill at too steep of a grade to be used by mountain bikers by design. The whole Stone Creek Chutes project was proposed and designed for controlled and safe over-the-snow access and egress to some exciting existing natural ski terrain with minimal impact and no summer use.Pauly’s Plunge is a renegade bike trail about a half mile away from where the Stone Creek Egress Trail comes back in to the bottom of Ripsaw. Mr. Zalaznick’s confusion may be due to the use of a USGS topo map where a half mile of steep terrain is represented by an inch on paper.Dick BrooksBeaver Creek Ski PatrolVail, Colorado

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