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Letters to the editor

Daniel Ryan

I think it is just a bit biased for the paper to report only the Americans who have participated in Olympic events. You did not tell me any names of the athletes who actually won medals. Only because they were not from the U.S.? I thought this valley prided itself a little more on being international and open minded. To exclude medal winners on the basis “they are not American” is a horrible example of sportsmanship.Daniel Ryan Vail Editor’s note: While the printed paper has only so much room and we strive to prioritize what readers are most interested in, our Web site has a complete report since it is not constrained by limited space. Essence of VailConcerning her comments about Crossroads, I was dismayed that your business editor, Geraldine Haldner, could be so out of touch with the essence of what Vail is and what has made it special. Vail is not and has never attempted to be “cute,” “faux-Bavarian,” “pseudo-Austrian,” or “almost-Swiss.” I speak as one of the people who was here back then and involved with the planning.Yes, the buildings built 40-plus years ago need renovation, but doubling their size does not equal attractive nor improve the streetscape. You refer to the “small, quaint stuff” valued by the opponents of the Crossroads redevelopment as if that is your perspective of The Lodge at Vail, The Christiania, The Red Lion, The Plaza, The Sitzmark, The Gasthof Gramshammer; Manor Vail, the parking structure, the library and the ice arena.You suggest that view corridors have no importance because the mountain will still be there even if you can’t see it as you walk through town. Have you forgotten that our economy is dependent on visitors coming 12 months a year, not just during the winter, and riding a lift to enjoy the scenery is not a high priority to our summer guests?We must remember that the limits to growth are determined not by availability of land and money, but by the choices society makes concerning other factors affecting the quality of life. Efficiency and productivity have long been identified with progress because they have contributed to wealth, but we have known for a long time that they are often achieved at great human and environmental cost.Your attraction to the “Texas-style ski lodge on steroids” makes one ponder your sense of place as it relates to Vail. Consider the Greek word entopia, meaning “in place,” coined by the Greek planner Contantinos Doxiadis and denoting a type of planning and building that is in symphony with local conditions and thus in harmony with nature. It was emphasized in the beginning of Vail’s journey that it is these characteristics that intrigue people to return and gives them the thrill of instant recognition.If it is too late to comment, so be it, but to open the rules for one builder sets a precedent for others to follow.Gerry WhiteEdwardsThanks to teachersTo often the only news we read about is negative. As a father of a first-grader at Red Sandstone Elementary, I want to comment on the positive impact of our teachers. Due much to negative press about the Eagle County School District, I was concerned last school year as we were preparing to send our child to school. We were fortunate to have as our child’s kindergarten teacher Mrs. Allen. She is so kind and devoted. This year Ms. Melby is our child’s first-grade teacher and Ms. Hauser is her reading teacher. As our child grows, these caring and professional teachers are making a positive difference every day and are creating lasting memories. Though I have only mentioned these three outstanding teachers, I am sure throughout this county there are many more. Please join me in saying thank you! Lorenzo W. MartinezMinturn Exactly!Way to go on Alex Miller’s editorial the other day about those so-called “Christians” down in the Springs. Both my brothers are gay, and I have a few gay friends. You speak for my family’s and my friends’ feelings quite well.You rock. Many thanks from my family, my friends.Keep it up, Alex. You, Don, Butch, Matt, even that weasel Cacciopo. You guys say it good, made me proud.Paul KulasEagleBreeding purposesRe: If you want to help families …: How is it that homosexual marriages are good for families? Two men together can not produce a child. Two women together cannot produce a child. Certainly there is adoption and or artificial insemination, but same-gender relations cannot produce offspring. Also, why is it that whenever a Christian or Christian organization speaks out against homosexuality he, she or they are branded hate mongers? I have never met a Christian who hates homosexuals, but I have met homosexuals who hate Christians, so why do the Christians get all the bad reports? We are not discriminating against homosexuals. We are only trying to adhere to the foundation by which our founding fathers formed this nation, and that is the Bible. I know this is very cliche, but “hate the sin, love the sinner” fits this argument. God hates homosexuality, see Genesis chapter 19, Leviticus chapter 20 verse 13, Romans chapter 1 verse 27, but God loves homosexuals. Jesus says in Matthew chapter 5 verse 44 to love your enemies, not saying that gays are our enemies but that we are to love everyone. So yes we need to stop the hate, but this is a two-way street. Please don’t hear me say that I hate or even dislike gays, because I don’t. I just don’t see how same-gender marriages can help families.Mike Plum Frisco Vail, Colorado

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