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Letters to the Editor

Arthur Kittay

With cruel precision on the first night of Passover on March 27, 2002, Hamas carried out a suicide bombing at the Park Hotel in Netanya, murdering 30 Jews as they sat down to celebrate the traditional Seder together. Since the Seder is an intergenerational experience, grandparents were there together with their children and grandchildren. As a result, when Hamas succeeded in perpetrating their Passover massacre at the Park Hotel, grandparents were slaughtered together with their children and grandchildren, just as the Hamas terrorists had intended.Many of the Israeli grandparents murdered by Hamas that Seder night were survivors of the Nazi Holocaust in Europe. Therefore, Hamas was able to exceed Hitler’s anti-Jewish barbarity in this regard, and kill Jews that even Hitler’s genocide failed to reach. And this same Hamas, which has repeatedly and publicly boasted of the Jewish blood it spilled in its Passover Massacre in Netanya, has now been elected by a large majority of Palestinian Arabs to lead their new Palestinian Arab Authority.The Palestinian Arabs freely chose these blood-thirsty monsters of Hamas to be their leaders in a fair, internationally supervised election. Such wicked people, who choose such evil leadership, do not deserve U.S. sympathy or support. We need to end funding Hamas immediately, and end all support for their malevolent political aspirations.Arthur KittayEagleIan knows waterBenjamin Franklin once said, “when the well is dry, they know the worth of water.” In Colorado, and especially here in the Vail Valley, most of us know that water is our most important natural resource. Whether it’s the snow we ski and snowboard on, the water we irrigate our golf courses with or the water we drink from our taps, our water is our lifeblood.From Vail to Wolcott, the critical decisions about how and where to sanitize our water, store it and allocate it for both current and future uses are made by the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District. On May 2, voters will elect five directors for the ERW&SD. I am asking for your vote to represent District 5 as a director for the ERW&SD. I believe that I posses the necessary experience, commitment and perspective needed to be an effective director.First of all, I understand the importance of recreational water use in our community. I spent numerous years working as a local raft guide and kayak instructor on the Eagle, Arkansas and Colorado rivers. These days, despite my desk job, I still try and get out on the river as often as possible and I’m looking forward to a great runoff this spring. Working at the Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism Bureau, I was part of a group that proposed the construction of the Vail Whitewater Park. Six years later, I’m working closely with the Town of Vail once again to investigate opportunities to improve the Vail park. I’ve also provided counsel to the Town of Avon on their planned whitewater park. I’ve testified both in water court and in the state legislature in favor of recreational water rights because of my work on local whitewater parks.I’ve also served on several volunteer boards in our community providing me with valuable experience in the board-decision making process. I am currently a member of Vail’s Commission on Special Events and I am a founding board member of First Descents, a Vail-based kayak camp for young adults with cancer.I have lived in the Vail Valley for 10 years and I’ve owned a house in Eagle-Vail for six years. I’m getting married to a wonderful woman in just over a week, and we’re both looking forward to starting and raising our family in this community. I believe the people and the natural surroundings of the Vail Valley combine to create an unequaled quality of living for its residents. I want to ensure that quality remains unblemished for our future generations.Water, for both consumptive and recreational uses, is critical to our quality of living in the Vail Valley. As we’re faced with rapid growth and development all around us, the allocation of our water rights can have a dramatic impact on the future of our community.I am dedicated to protecting the quality and quantity of our local watershed and I am asking for you to support me to be a director of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District. Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback at 390-4871.Ian AndersonEagle-VailVail, Colorado

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