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Letters to the editor

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Loud and clearTo all you smokers out there, especially Chris Salmon and his like:Trust me when I say I am for individual rights (kayaking closed rivers circa 1979). However, when your individual right to smoke compromises our (non-smokers) right to breathe in good fresh mountain air, then it is no longer your right to inflict that sort of pollution on us.This secondhand smoke may or may not clinically kill us. I am sure there are other possibilities along these lines. But it does make us retch and gag. We are so sick and tired of having to hold our breath and run the gantlet of smokers lined up outside restaurant entrances and other public establishments, including lift lines.Another form of pollution equally offensive to us and our clean environment are the tens of thousands of cigarette butts everywhere.What is it with you smokers that you consider the whole world your stinking ashtray? On the walkways, paths, trails, streets, bottom of the lifts, top of the lifts (where there are convenient trash cans) and horror of all horrors, in our rivers and streams.FYI, cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable.If even just a few smokers would keep their smoke and their butts to themselves, perhaps this legislative ban on smoking would not have been necessary. Obviously, you should be aware that last fall a majority (72 percent) of the voters voted in favor of such an initiative, hardly a “dictatorial” move on the part of Commissioners Menconi and Runyon.Kudos to Eagle County for following up on this voter initiative. Let’s hope in the near future that not only the town of Vail will follow suit, but the entire state of Colorado.In other words, this is an overwhelming mandate from the non-smokers to the smokers: Cease and desist from smoking in and around public places.Steve L. BoydVet’s quick help(Recently) I found an injured dog on Lake Creek Road, apparently hit by a car. She was wandering and falling on the icy road at the blind corner of West Lake Creek and Eagle Crest Road, a dangerous intersection. Several cars stopped, and a man helped me lift the elderly collie into my car. I drove her immediately to Steve’s Dog & Cat Repair. Cathy at Steve’s Dog & Cat Repair quickly took her in, and vet techs instantly saw to her. They said they’d take care of her right away, and even phone me with an update.I am so thankful for the kindness and generosity of Steve’s Dog & Cat Repair, and all the other warm-hearted veterinarians in this valley. They took this injured dog in, without any guarantee for reimbursement for medical expenses, and it was the end of the day when they probably wanted to go home. They gave her the necessary medical treatments without delay, and phoned me with an update that the owner had been located. Happy ending!Kate SheldonLake CreekDangerousA recent Sunday’s Doonesbury cartoon was right on. Right now there is a debate going on around this country about why we are falling behind in science and Doonesbury hit the nail on the head. I’ve heard and read all the conservative commentary and concluded that the right in this country is an enemy of the sciences. The social conservatives are attacking evolution (intelligent design, but they have no proof), geology (age of the Earth), paleontology (fossils were put here by the devil to confuse us), physics (the universe is only 6,000 years old), and stem cell research (all human life is sacred, but only if you’re American).The fiscal conservatives are attacking anything environmental (claiming that it impedes upon their rights, but ignoring the Patriot Act), using uncertainty as a wedge to prevent action in these areas (yet they’re quite active in investing on the stock market where uncertainty is the rule). Questioning the science and/or what someone is smoking are classic attack techniques of this group. With this group in control, not only is science in danger in this country but all of our civil rights are under attack because of Bushs’ war.Gregg MorrisVailOur challenge An elderly gentleman, third-generation resident, standing on a third-floor balcony, pulling crates of firewood by pulley, his wife feeding the crate from the street below – Via Roma, Cesana, Italy. A young shopkeeper selling fine, handmade leather goods, along with international brands such as Kipling. A patisserie (bakery) with warm, aromatic bread and fresh pastries baked on site daily. A butcher. A specialty cheese shop. A mountain guide service. A quality grocery store with deli. Numerous locally owned, unique cafés. Locals of every shape, age, dress, and character possible. This is Cesana, Italy, 1354 meters, a mountain resort town, 88 kilometers west of Torino, a vibrant community and home to a number of 2006 Olympic events. Our family recently returned from an Olympic adventure through the Piedmont region of Italy. Having skied Vail for 30 plus years and having raised a family here for 10 years, we care passionately about Vail’s future and our potential as a town, a community, and as a world class ski resort.Vail’s billion dollar redevelopment offers the opportunity to define ourselves anew, to energize our community, to support families willing to take the leap by investing in and opening, high quality, here-to-stay, family owned businesses, in the shadow of Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Merchants. Families. Economic and educational opportunity to create stable, residents, businesses, and world class services. This is our Olympic challenge.Andrew LittmanVail Health fairI would like to thank the following agencies for participating in the Senior Health and Wellness Fair on March 3 at the Eagle County Health Service (ambulance) District. The Ambulance District and Eagle County Public Health collaborated to bring a variety of health related resources together to promote senior citizen wellness in our community. We could not have done it without the help of Image Dental, Vail Vision, Vail Valley Medical Center, Schneider-Maurer Foot and Ankle Specialists and Vail Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, Vail Valley Ear, Nose and Throat, Vail Valley OB/GYN, Melanie Hendershott RD and Vail Valley Medical Center who collectively provided dental, hearing and vision screenings, medication and medical history documentation, vital sign monitoring, laboratory testing, Medicare billing resources, breast exams, foot care exams, posture and osteoporosis exercises, nutritional and mental health information as well as a Qi Gong class with Robert Bump. I would also like to thank the Vail Daily for helping us get the word out! It was a valuable experience for all who attended and we are looking forward to doing it again in 2007.Cathy McRoryEagle County Health Service DistrictPat Nolan Eagle County Senior ServicesCoverage too localThe J3 Rocky/Central Junior Olympics are once again being held here at Vail. The Vail Daily seems to think that only the Rocky athletes are worth mentioning in the sports portion of the paper. This is so unfair to the athletes who have qualified in the Central Division and especially to those ski racers who are placing in the top 10. Without the Central ski racers, there would not be a Junior Olympics. As a parent of a former Central racer who qualified for all Junior Olympics as a member of the Buck Hill Ski Team and podiumed and then went on to race for the University of Denver, I was very disappointed in the coverage given to all the racers. Now as a resident of the Vail Valley, I see that nothing has changed. Please inform your sports writers that they need to include more than the the racers who represent Rocky. All of the ski racers are important, not just a selected few. Bobbi Sipe Avon Here’s an ideaIn the interest of participatory democracy, I should like to offer a solution to America’s port security problem.Simply have Halliburton manufacture life-sized Dick Cheney dolls holding a shotgun, and position them wherever necessary.William EdwardsVail Vail, Colorado

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