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Letters to the editor

Great experienceTo the citizens of Vail: Once again, Vail provided an ideal setting for our soldiers and Marines to enjoy a special ski weekend. It was a pleasure to be there and witness the tremendous outpouring of support that you showed these fine men and women.The event was first rate. Vail’s breathtaking scenery provided a beautiful backdrop to the warmth and hospitality that makes your community so special. The way you all joined forces in order to honor the troops was remarkable. The town government generated involvement. Retailers donated goods, property owners opened their homes, and firefighters became chefs. Ski and snowboard instructors dedicated their time and energy to teaching the veterans new ways to use their bodies as they continue to recover.Each of you helped lift the spirits of these Soldiers and Marines. Thank you so much for providing them with this positive experience. Please know how grateful I am to your extraordinary community for putting on this event.Donald RumsfeldSecretary of Defense’Most Wanted’Dear concerned mother in Eagle County and community: Eagle County Crime Stoppers has many guidelines that we follow in posting our Eagle County “Most Wanted.” The article you referred to only printed two of the many guidelines: bond amount and number of warrants. I would be happy to walk you through the process. We are open to any suggestions you or the community may have to make this a better process. Feel free to contact me if you would like to understand Eagle County Crime Stoppers and it processes better at 970-328-8510. Tanny M. McGinnis Looking for place It is 15 years later, but I’m looking to come back to Vail, wiser and able to help others in the Vail area with their chronic health problems or just to learn to stay healthy through yoga, meditation, and Chopra Center wellness. Today I am now trained and certified to teach by Drs. Deepak Chopra, David Simon and their Chopra Center for well-being out near San Diego and soon to be a new Chopra Center near Denver. Deepak Chopra helped me overcome many years of surgeries for Crohn’s disease and living with epilepsy, and then he taught me how to teach others. I am looking for a place this summer to come teach Chopra Center yoga and the Perfect Health course somewhere in town, and trying to find the right place. I would like to bring my daughter out with me so she can see what a wonderful town the Vail Valley is. If you have a place or know a place that might work out for me please let me know.Rick Freeman Pittsburgh, Pa. World of thanksWe wish to convey our personal and sincere thanks to everyone who worked on, contributed to, supported and attended the benefit held for Danny Harris at the Brass Parrot a few months ago. Many special thanks to Kris Miller, Kenny Dahlberg and the staff from the Brass Parrot for all of their hard work organizing and hosting this heart-warming event. Everyone’s overwhelming generosity and kindness have been so much appreciated. We wish that we could have been there to see everyone, but were so happy that our son, Eli, was able to attend. He had such a memorable and fun time thanks to all of you. You truly epitomize the following thought:We still believe that generosity is its own reward, that kindness will prevail, that might does not make right, that a soft answer turns away wrath. We still believe that people of gentleness and faith can change the world one unseen, unrewarded kindness at a time. YOU ARE ALL PROOF OF THAT FOR YOU HAVE CHANGED OUR WORLD.We thank all of you – our wonderful, caring, devoted friends, family, doctors and nurses, for all of your time, support and prayers during the past five months. We wouldn’t be here today without you. You have touched us in ways we keep feeling every day. Although Danny is still battling this stubborn lung infection, he continues to make progress and his spirits remain strong. We also wish to remind everyone how important organ donation is. It is truly life changing and Danny enjoyed every minute of his freedom during the nine months previous to this event.We are so grateful to all of you.Leigh, Danny and Eli HarrisGypsum Thinking bigVail is a tourist community. Its main goal should be to attract tourists.Switzerland is one of the oldest and best examples for how to attract tourists. There are tourist attractions all over that country. Mountains are not enough if you can’t see them. In Grindelwald, there is an underground tram, going up through the big Eiger mountain. It takes you to the Jungfrau Joch. And up there is really a breathtaking view, a restaurant and also ice caves in the glacier and so on. You simply must see it! In Lauterbrunnen, you find a cable car that takes you to a rotating restaurant on the top of Schilthorn. There they made a James Bond movie some years ago. In Chamonix, France, you can cross by gondola the whole mountain crest of the Alps to Courmayeur, Italy. Altogether, it’s a vertical drop of I guess 12,000 feet!Doesn’t Vail also need some more attraction? Something that you must see? Some unique tourist attraction for summer and winter? Everybody wants to have visitors who will stay one week or longer. What to do now with the money for the conference center? I would propose building another conference center! Not the kind like a thousand others. Built it on the very top of Vail Mountain. If the town of Vail would work with VR and build something together, it could become a real attraction for Vail and it would support both the town and VR.The idea is to build a big conference center, a huge restaurant for all the visitors in summer and winter with a big sun deck, and on top of the whole thing a very exclusive rotating restaurant. As a connection to Vail Village, have a midsize cable car for 50 to 60 people replacing the Vista Bahn to Mid-Vail.Crazy idea? Maybe, but these are my points:1. It would not be another conference center. It would be the top conference center.2. More vistors would walk up the Bridge Street supporting the economy and making it a better and more interesting business place.3. People would stay one or two days longer to be up there.4. In summertime there could be a promenade (not bike path!) to Benchmark with a lot of benches. It would help to attract summer guests. Could you imagine a more beautiful and also easy hike for the 40-plus generation than this one up there?5. A turning restaurant on top of the mountain would even in summer stop the cars on the I -70 to take a break and go up there. The turning time of about half an hour would help to sell food, as people want to make a whole rotation.6. In winter the straight connection to the top could replace the Vista Bahn and reduce lift lanes. The possibility also to download would help to avoid the dangerous runouts.7. To go with one ride all the way up would allow people to go straight into the Back Bowls or to Blue Sky. It would eliminate lift lines at Mid-vail and Northwoods, which are the connections to the Back Bowls and Blue Sky.8. Another or a bigger restaurant on the mountain has been missing for a long time.9. The new hotels might need some counter balance to skiing on the mountain. To offer hotel rooms is not enough. What can you do in Vail besides skiing or golfing?If Pete Seibert would have built only a poma lift at Golden Peak, Vail wouldn’t be Vail. To have the courage to make ideas happen has made Vail what it is today. What is impossible if you have the guts to do it?Otto WiestVailVail, Colorado

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