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Letters to the Editor

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Iraq rebuttalMr. Zalaznick, I love the way you armchair quarterbacks love to dump on everything and not offer any solutions. If you could for one minute lift your head out of the sand and take a good look at the world you would recognize that being in Iraq isn’t the reason for the Islamic world hating us. I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you go to Afghanistan and stand in the middle of the a town square and proclaim your religion. If you don’t claim Islam, you will have your head whittled off with a butter knife.Get a clue, our government isn’t the enemy, Matt. I spent 13 months in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division. I can tell you first-hand (not sitting in a plush Vail office building) that the Middle East isn’t as tidy as you would like to believe. If we followed your suggestions, every country in the Middle East would have a nuclear weapon ready to hand off to the highest terrorist bid. Fortunately, there are people in our government that understand the primary directive of our constitution, protect and defend the citizens. I think the lack of oxygen at this altitude has starved your brain cells from being able to determine reality. Get a clue man. That’s My View.Tony CheseryKeep Verbatim aliveIt has been eons since I last sent a letter to the editor to Newsweek in response to a 1969 article about the first Yale coeds. My letter was published, so my sentiments must have resonated with others.Here I go again, equally passionate about my subject and I hope others agree. This time, it’s all about Verbatim Booksellers and the imminent closing of a fine independent bookstore that plays a valuable role on both the local and national literary stage.I have enjoyed 30-plus years working in the book industry, mostly in children’s publishing as author, illustrator, literary agent and bookseller. I have enjoyed 40-plus years coming to Vail, first at age 11 in 1962 with my parents, John and Widge Ferguson. I’ve always loved books and Vail. That’s why I moved here last year and contacted Robert Aikens about working part-time at Verbatim. I was impressed by Robert’s professional background in bookselling – also with his energy and commitment to his vital bookstore. I have never met anyone more devoted or more willing to make the personal sacrifices involved for everyone in this business.If Verbatim closes its doors, our community will lose a cozy, intellectual and revered haven as well as a creative, caring entrepreneur and town citizen – not to mention a lovable, literary English sheepdog! The U.S. publishing industry will lose yet another quality bookstore, sucked into the big box black hole. If there is any community with the financial, cultural and personal resources to support an independent bookstore – it must be Vail. So please make it happen. My sentiments, exactly.Sandy Ferguson FullerVailTrue community On Monday, March 27, the Vail Daily headline read, “Is Vail Still a real town?” For the 500-plus who attended the Community Dinner honoring Dr. Jack Eck recently, there can be no question. Community, as defined by Webster’s, as a body of people living near one another and in social relationship, a body of people with a faith, profession or way of life in common. Our community is so remarkable that any label – town, village, city, resort – cannot possibly begin to define the uniqueness of who we are. We are not about 81657-8 ZIP codes or a piece of real estate. Vail is a state of mind, it’s away of life. We are so much more that a place on the map. We are a lifestyle that thousands of people from around the world pay millions of dollars to be a part of. Most importantly, Vail is a personal choice! None of us are here because we have to be here. We are here because we love this place and are willing to sacrifice many conveniences to live here. Geographically locals may migrate downvalley, but their hearts are always a part of Vail. When I looked around the ballroom at the Marriott that evening, I was bursting with joy and thankfulness that I have been so fortunate to be a part of this amazing community. Faces from the ‘0s, friends from Gypsum, Eagle, Lake Creek, Red Cliff, who cares! We all share a common spirit and history of this special place. Vail was a conscious decision for each and every one of us. We came for one winter and stayed for a lifetime. How many communities can say that? Where else have so many people accomplished so much in such a short period of time? Businesses have come and gone since 1962. Real estate prices have soared and stumbled, politicians have yayed and nayed. But through it all, we fall deeper in love with this magical community. We should all be so lucky!Janet Testwuide Vail, Colorado

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