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Letters to the editor

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Ah, just spinA key comment made in Mr. Weist letter on global warming, “I am not a scientist”: He simply stares at a ice cube in the Alps, and when it melts he cries “global warming!” His letter should have been in the April Fools’ section. http://Www.independent.org/ is a nonpartisan institute founded to cut through the intellectual poverty, noise and spin of special interest public policy. Bookmark it. They are critical of many things but have come down hard on the lie that is global warming. As well, a novel, but one that opens up many valid questions as to validity of the greenies and their global warming crap, is by Michael Crichton, “A state of fear.” Read it, go to the Web site and discover for yourself that spin happens everywhere, including environmentalism. Chip Domke Vail Great candidateIan Anderson is running for a seat as a director of the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District. As the coordinator of the town of Vail Commission on Special Events (CSE), I have had the pleasure of working together with Ian the last several years while he has served the CSE as a member appointed by the Town Council and also in his role as staff for the Vail Local Marketing District (VLMD). Additionally, I, too, have a strong interest in water and am presently serving my second term as a governor’s appointee to the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission. I believe that Ian is passionate about protecting the quality and the quantity of the water in our local watershed and that he will bring to the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District the same work ethic and integrity that he has contributed to both the CSE and the VLMD. I am certain that he will provide a perspective balanced by his love of the river as a kayaker and his understanding of the economics of our community.Don’t forget to vote in this important election on May 2. And be sure that you check the box on the ballot beside Ian Anderson’s name.Sybill R. NavasVailMy suggestionIn the interest of participatory democracy, I should like to offer a solution to the Latino migration to America problem.Simply have Halliburton build a multi-lane highway from a central embarkation point in Nogales, Ariz., to a central destination point in Crawford, Texas.Immigrants will be transported to Crawford from Nogales, and upon arrival, given a complete medical examination, issued a driver’s license, passport, and worker’s permit.Upon completion of this processing, transportation shall then be provided to the U.S. destination of their choice.William Edwards Vail Simply ‘brilliant’Only a completely delusional liberal like Matt Zalaznick could make a statement as dumb as “Let Iran take over Iraq.” That is about as brilliant as Jimmy Carter’s idea of “Let Iran be taken over by Islamic fundamentalists.” You love to rant about underfunding for all your brilliant and successful social programs due to the war. Your favorite, No Child Left Behind, was crafted by your boy Ted Kennedy, so it must be Bush’s fault that it is “underfunded.” We both know the war’s cost is just a fraction of what it takes to fund the three great American social entitlements: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. And remind me, Matt, which party doesn’t support reform to any of these programs except of course spending more money on them. In fact, Matt, since being a liberal social Democrat is so tough in America, maybe you should move to France where all of your brilliant ideas are working so well. …Brian Davidson Vail Quagmire of thoughtIt appears that Matt Zalaznick’s brain is hopelessly bogged down in a quagmire of sweeping innuendo, debunked truisms, infantile sarcasm and lazy thinking. A remedial high school course in critical thinking might be in order. Oh, I forgot, Bush, Rummy, Dicky, Condie, Bertie and the other “villains” have already destroyed the high schools and are currently working overtime to finish off the middle and elementary schools, the environment, the economy and probably puppies as well. Dang them. A suggestion: If you plan to write any more opinion columns, put your brain in gear and make at least a minimal effort at researching your “facts” before you plunk yourself down at the keyboard. Oversimplifying complex issues makes you sound like a simpleton. It’s embarrassing. Randy SchroederGypsum Vail, Colorado

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