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Letters to the Editor

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Petition’s bad newsYou know, I have lived in this valley since the late 1980s and I have never seen such negativity from a small but very loud group of Vail locals. I’m asking them to give it a rest.As I, and other small businesses, continue to weigh whether we go out of business or move out of town, a few people continue to be so high bent on stopping Solaris (the Crossroads redevelopment) they forgot about the concept of “community.” Imagine if they spent their time helping to improve small business – really investing in it.They made their money years ago. Now they criticize others who want to do the same, and ridicule the younger new generation trying to survive and make Vail home.Is Vail a TOWN or RESORT? I believe we can be a strong resort community.Currently, small businesses are a bad investment in Vail because rents are so high. However, small, locally owned businesses are good for a resort community. I wish others would realize that and stop all the negative and divisive rhetoric. These people need to help small businesses remain in Vail. They should use their energy, money and skills to mentor new and old merchants to make Vail the best it can be.If landlords think their properties are worth so much I challenge them to start offering percentage rents to small businesses. That way it is in the best interest of the merchant and the landlord to make the best Vail can be.Now, as for Solaris: I ask everyone that VOTED for me during the last election and everyone that is concerned with where Vail is headed to support the Solaris development.As I said during my campaign “Respect the past, but LOOK TO THE FUTURE.”Translation: Most of the people who built Vail and started this community were in their 20s, 30s and 40s when they arrived here. You looked to the future then, it is our turn to look to the future now.Solaris will open opportunity for small and/or unique businesses to thrive due to the fact that it will increase retail space. Increased supply should reduce the demand and hence reduce the price of retail space. Additionally, it will expand the types of businesses that create a community, as opposed to (with due respect) more T-Shirt shops, real estate offices, fur and jewelry stores.Therefore, please do not sign the petition that is being circulated to put Solaris/Crossroads project on the ballot. Killing this project would be a step back for our resort community. LET’S OVERWHELMINGLY let the negative few know we have had enough. It’s our future, too.We’ll respect your past. Please respect our future.Robert H. AikensOwnerVerbatim BooksellersStill shiningAll of us hope that in our absence, our kids are good.This past Sunday, our 6-year-old and I were at the Palm Springs Airport checking in to return home.The agent called to a passenger to ask his last name. He said, “Dawson.”Of course, I turned and asked him he if were Toby Dawson. He nodded modestly and smiled. I turned to Braden to let him know. He was awestruck. I announced to the crowd that they were in the midst of a silver medalist. Again, Toby Dawson, could not have been more modest and gracious.He came over to Braden, met my folks, talked about playing in a golf tournament and that he was on to the next.He was friendly, kind and interested in us. All of the terrific traits you hope your child displays. We ran into Toby Dawson several other times in the terminal. Each time he couldn’t have been nicer.He’s a class act both on skis and off. Here’s another reason for his parents to be proud.Cassie Perlmutter-PolsterVail The shaftDo Eagle County residents realize the taxes that aren’t being paid here? I know that regular folks get paid by the hour, not by their stock portfolios. Workers that are misclassified as “subcontractors” by their employers are subjected to the lure of big cash by the hour, yet having no taxes taken out of their paychecks.Big contractors like to call this “doing business,” but in reality they shirk their responsibilities of paying for their employees’ health care and taxes by calling them “subcontractors.” In the process the company also fails to pay for workers compensation for these so-called subcontractors.Tell me how a company that pays its share of taxes and workers comp and health care can compete fairly in the valley? Let me tell you folks, they can’t. The rich get richer and the workers as always get the shaft. It’s time to speak up and tell your elected officials to demand responsible contractors in the valley or vote in new officials!Mark Rebelowski Edwards Vail, Colorado

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