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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Daily staff

There it goesOn April 4, like the Titanic, the final plat approval of Adam’s Rib Frost Creek development went down pretty much like an ominous whisper. Only a few that had been on board for a very long time were there to watch as it slipped quietly into completion. To us it was very sad. To others it was with a sigh of relief. There, thank God, goes Fred Kummer with his first finally approved shovelful of Brush Creek earth. I really had thought we might live to see a “Fred Kummer Land Conservation Award,” given to the guy that could own a major amount of land in Eagle County, try for well over 30 years to develop it, and have it remain in open space, due primarily to his own actions.But no. In the county commissioners’ room, in front of his navigation officer-commissioner,and another that had never seen the ship before, Fred Kummer and HBE were given permission to sail on pretty much in the direction they wanted to sail. I guess we landlubbers can feel somewhat OK that it reached nowhere the proportions Adam’s Rib originally had in mind, but it’s a sad thing to realize how far out of comfortable waters this party barge landed. Bear in mind this was a proposal that was introduced with so many faces over the years that no one ever knew exactly what it looked like. It (or parts of it … who knew what was up ?) was denied several times, and the developer himself withdrew it no less than eight times for fear of denial.It is a testament as to why we need more than two (many years ago) star-struck commissioners to guide the destiny of what’s left of Eagle County. It’s all about how three commissioners (at least two of whom seemed to always be feuding) should not be allowed to carry their personal agendas into the future of Eagle County, and it’s all ABOUT TIME we come to the courthouse and town halls to fight for what’s left of our valley. But that was then, this is now, and time is getting short. And there are no more Fred Kummers who will spot us 35 years.Come to think of it, he really does deserve that conservation award. Kudos, Fred, and we can only hope you’ll earn a repeat nomination while awaiting your next project’s fruition. Rosie Shearwood EagleConcern for retaliation Andy Wiessner issued another attack on Tipsline, because the identity of the sender is not revealed. What he does not specify is what he would do with that information. What form of retaliation would Wiessner inflict on someone whose views displease him?Terry QuinnEagleVail, Colorado

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