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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Daily staff

We threeWhere are we going? The Congress debates endlessly and there arguments are captured on C-Span. Editorials and letters to the editor decry our loose immigration policies. There are honest arguments from both sides, but where are they going? Can’t anyone look ahead to the obvious future? Since World War II, North Americans have watched the painful, but gradual amalgamation of dozens of diverse cultures and beliefs into a European Union. Border controls have been minimized. We in the United States have watched all this with a patronizing eye, as the various countries attempted to bring “states” together into one union. We did this over two centuries ago!Now, isn’t the shoe on the other foot? Europeans can justifiably see us as a backward institution. We are the ones denying the obvious about jobs lost to immigrants and to the realities of international trade. Threatening to build walls that will make Stalin’s concrete barrier look like a garden fence is leading us back into a state of isolation that cannot survive with our dependence upon that international trade. All this is happening under a basic American philosophy that has always welcomed people from all parts of the world. In the past 10 years, the Mexican economy has flourished and inflation has slowed. Tens of thousands of Norte Americanos now enjoy the natural beauties of our neighbor to the south on vacations or as temporary residents.Geographically and historically, our Southwest has a greater affinity to Mexico than to the rest of the United States. Parenthetically, our Northwest is closer to British Columbia and the Canadian northwest and our Northeast closer to the Canadian northeast.Instead of spending billions to defy the inevitable, shouldn’t we be seeking ways to amalgamate the three countries into a single working nation? There are obvious social and political differences that must be respected just as they were respected when we ratified a constitution that allowed the diversity of individual states. There are economic and labor discrepancies that must be ameliorated as they are now being ameliorated, albeit uneasily, within the European Union. Would our taxes be better spent to re-educate those that have lost jobs than to invest in a border security system that will never be foolproof? If enemies of any kind do indeed lurk within our neighboring countries, isn’t it better to have them in a position where we could legally keep an eye on them? The myth of Mexico as a backward, Third World nation is just that. For those that don’t agree, let them drive from north to south on continuous Mexican freeways that are equal to or are better than our interstate highway system. Have them see the modern and ever-growing automobile and electronics industries. Have them realize that Mexico has more seashore than most other nations and that foreigners are flocking there to enjoy the lifestyle. If they still want it, all well and good. In two decades the wall will serve an alternative purpose: The Mexicans will use it to keep out Gringo “undesirables.”Sherwood StockwellWolcottAre they kidding?Costco is coming to Gypsum (pop. 3,654). Home Depot and Wal-Mart are in Avon. Lowe’s and Target are in Glenwood. So the 110,000-squarefoot home improvement store that’ll want to go into the Tower Center is …? And the 125,000-square-foot general merchadise store that’ll want to go in there is …? Can someone please tell me why Next Realty has let this idea progress beyond the bar napkin stage? Oh, I forgot: They’re from Washington, D.C. Could it be unemployed Iraqi war planners are now in the development game? Seriously, Gypsum, please think before you agree to 460,000 square feet of new big boxes. Heed Roger Brown. Chris Mech Vail Vail, Colorado

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