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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Daily staff

Here’s the dealRegarding the “Bus it?” article (Monday, April 10), on behalf of the Village at Avon Metro District and its infrastructure development and services counterpart, the Traer Creek Metro District, your readers should know the following:1. The article states the developer of Traer Creek (Traer Creek, LLC) is “obligated to pay for bus service to the Village at Avon.” The developer never entered into such an agreement. A separate entity, the Traer Creek Metro District (which creates infrastructure and provides for services within the Village at Avon), could be obligated to pay for such services, if and when the metro district requests such service from the town of Avon.2. The annexation and development agreement between the town and the Village at Avon Metro District does not obligate the district to provide or underwrite bus service, although it does spell out the formula by which the town would be reimbursed if and when the district requests such service.Right now, the year-round population of the Village at Avon is less than 200, hardly enough to merit creating and funding a new bus line. Eventually, though, the Village at Avon will become home to thousands of residents. Thus, long-term, we share the town’s desire to provide for bus service. In fact, at our next meeting, the board of directors of the Traer Creek Metropolitan District will be reviewing a proposal to fund its own study to determine what demand, density and funding criteria will need to be met to create a viable extension of bus service into the Village at Avon. Dan LearyPresident, Village at Avon and Traer Creek metro districtsYahoo!Kudos to Avon’s Traer Creek, the Village at Avon and our friends at the Beaver Creek Resort Company for making it possible to keep the Beaver Creek Rodeo in Avon this summer. Last summer’s site for the rodeo will be under construction with Avon’s Confluence this summer. The management teams at Avon’s Outback and Fiesta Jalisco are excited to have the rodeo right outside their business, just east of Avon’s Chapel Square this summer. Traer Creek has made their land available for the rodeo this summer with plenty of free public parking. The environmentally aware among us can also look forward to the opening of the new Traer Creek Plaza building, just west of the Wal-Mart, this spring, as it will be the first LEED compliant building in Eagle County. The Traer Creek Plaza building is totally paid for and completed 100 percent in the private sector, without the need for any Eagle County “Eco-Build” legislation. Are you paying attention, Arn and Peter? And one more thing, for those who are following the nation’s immigration debate, the guy who 100 percent paid for that LEED building is from Sweden.Pete BuckleyAvonWe’ll work with youUndoubtedly I-70 is one of the most important highways in Colorado and we want you to know that we do care about its future and the impact it has on the many cities and counties it runs through. Our commitment to the residents and businesses in Eagle County is that we will continue to listen and be responsive to your concerns and try as best we can to incorporate your ideas and we’ll work with local officials to do the same. When we were planning for the construction of I-70 through Glenwood Canyon, there was much reservation, concern and controversy. There were times when many people doubted the highway would never be widened or improved or ever result in something positive. With input from the public, we did things in Glenwood Canyon that had never before been accomplished. That partnership led to success and it’s something we should all be proud of. I-70 through Glenwood Canyon is recognized as one of the most unique, environmentally-sensitive and beautiful stretches of highway in the nation. As we look to the future of I-70, we need your help so that we can mirror Glenwood Canyon’s success or even surpass it. Only by working together will we be able to make transportation along I-70 better and create another exceptional solution that compliments your community and meets the needs of all Colorado.Tom NortonExecutive Director Colorado Department of Transportation Vail, Colorado

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