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Letters to the Editor

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Litterbugs!The residents of Lake Creek Village apartments in Edwards should be ashamed of themselves for the garbage problem they are causing. Trash bags placed on top of their cars for transportation to the Dumpster are quickly forgotten, fall off, and are run over by other cars, spreading human refuse all over the place. Shame on you! It also seems as if their Dumpster has turned into a free dumping ground for all the unwanted junk furniture and appliances in Edwards.Last Sunday, my 4-year-old son and I were walking along the Eagle River adjacent to Lake Creek Village and were shocked at how much garbage was in the river and along its banks. It was obvious that people had just abandoned their soda cans and potato chip bags on the river bank. A lot of other trash had blown in from the dumpster.I believe the county administers this apartment complex. The county needs to get involved and eliminate the big Dumpster and educate their tenants that littering is unacceptable. If the county can afford $6 million for a gravel pit, then they can spend a few more bucks on individual trash containers. This neighborhood is shared by many people and to have a few ignorant bad apples spoil it is a travesty.And to the residents of Lake Creek Village–clean up your act!Sandy MacleodEdwardsRight to chooseWe are close to having an anti-abortion Supreme Court in Washington that likely would overturn Roe v. Wade. When discussing the abortion issue, Bill Ritter says he would uphold the law of the land. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, it no longer will be the law of the land and the states would have to decide on abortion. Although he said he would not sign a radical anti-abortion law like South Dakota’s, before I can support him, Mr. Ritter has to answer the question: If he is elected governor and presented with an anti-abortion bill which exempts cases of rape, incest and the health of the mother, would he sign it? So far, he refuses to provide a clear answer.As a committed Democrat I want to be able to support Bill Ritter for Governor. His positions on other issues are fine with me, but his abortion stance betrays those of us who worked so hard to achieve women’s rights, including the right to choose. Nobody forces a woman to have an abortion. Those who believe it’s wrong will never have to have an abortion, but by taking away the rights of others to make decisions for themselves, Mr. Ritter would be imposing his private beliefs on all women. The abortion debate is driven by religious belief and, as such, must be kept out of politics and government. Some people believe in creationism, some believe in ghosts and others believe the sun and the moon are gods. Belief is only belief not the “one and only truth.”I call on Mr. Ritter to state unequivocally that he would not impose his own religious beliefs on others.Carole OnderdonkEagle Crossroads vendettaI’m writing this letter with hopes that my knowledge and voice can assist in putting an end to the negativity brought upon by the few but loud opponents to the new Crossroads development. Not only are they being negative but they’re misinforming people as they attempt to get their petitions signed.I was approached to sign the petition (and couldn’t because I live in Eagle-Vail), but because I am a Vail business owner and I have taken the time to educate myself on this project, I want to clarify a couple misrepresentations: The town planning staff and PEC, not once but TWICE recommended approval of this project before the town council subsequently approved it. How, as the opponents are saying, would a referendum result in the developer removing a story or two of the building? It won’t ? it will only kill Crossroads.I decided to do a little more research and asked someone at the town about the heights of the new neighboring buildings next to my office at Vail Gateway and Crossroads. I was informed that Vail Plaza Hotel’s elevator shaft, which is visible today, is 104 feet tall. At its peak, Crossroads will be 99 feet tall. Information also provided by town staff states that above-grade gross square footage per acre of Crossroads is less than both the Vail Plaza Hotel and the Four Seasons. How on earth did these two projects get approved, and Crossroads is being fought so hard?A strong part of my business depends on Vail Village offering at least one welcoming and suitable special event venue. Our community’s livelihood depends on new energy coming into town. A redeveloped Crossroads as it was approved by the Vail Town Council and featuring the town’s first public plaza occupying about 20 percent of the property is the answer to all of our needs and wants in this realm.I find it disturbing that some influential locals are once again attaching themselves to a negative campaign, and basing their decisions on principles surrounding a personal vendetta, and not the overall good of our community as would be prudent.James DeighanEagle-VailKudos to Cruisin’We had the pleasure of attending the celebration party of “Cruisin’ for Kids” held by Alpine Children’s Charity here in Vail. This organization was started by a group of preteen and teenage cousins from the Chicago area to raise money for research and cures of congenital heart defects and juvenile diabetes. They’ve chosen to add childhood AIDS and teenage cancer to their list of beneficiaries. As such, they have contributed generously to our organization, First Descents. We organize and run camps using kayaking and other outdoor activities for teen and young adult cancer survivors.We are amazed and impressed with how much the young volunteers of Alpine Children’s Charity have been able to accomplish in the two years of their existence. They are not simply going to their parents for money. Rather, they have creatively and tirelessly found ways and means to raise large sums. Through raffles, door-to-door soliciting, selling T-shirts, letter writing, corporate backing, their skiing events, and other projects, these young people have worked diligently to accomplish their goals. In the process, they’ve learned, as we have, that the greatest riches in life are activities that return dividends to the heart, not the bank account.So to all of you involved with Alpine Children’s Charities- kids, parents, corporate sponsors, and other contributors- our sincere thanks – awesome job well done.Brad Ludden, founder First DescentsMarc Slatkoff, MD, medical director, First DescentsBush the braveLike everyone else, Gus Nicholson has his opinions, misguided as they may be. Gus asserts, “Our foreign policy lies in shambles.” Perhaps it has always been in shambles, but no one bothered to notice. Even after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, no one addressed the problem. Neither president Bill Clinton nor the Republican-dominated Congress heeded this warning. Gus and his band of Bush bashers like to blame the Bush administration for all perceived problems, when in reality, GW Bush is the first world leader to take a proactive stance with regard to the dangers that have for decades been fomenting in the Middle East. Gus then tosses in all other hemispheres and asks, “Is anyone left?” Well, Gus, in answer to your pretentiously begging question, yes. Canada finally ousted its liberal socialist party of America-haters, replacing it with conservatives who actually appreciate and value of their southern neighbor. The Bush administration is strengthening ties with India, one of the few nations in that region that has proven itself trustworthy. The USA has excellent relations with Japan, Taiwan, the UK and most of the EU, especially its newest members. Is anyone left? Sure, let us not forget North Korea and Iran; both of which exploited U.S. generosity and deceived international diplomats into believing they would not pursue nuclear weapons development. Or places like the many Africa countries whose rampant corruption and despotic “governments” prevent our aid from reaching its intended recipients. Let’s see, did we leave anyone out? How about Afghanistan and Iraq; places that have never known liberty or democratic elections – until now. Despite the best efforts of the U.N. and other friends of Saddam, democracy is taking root. Contrary to the claims of Bush-bashers everywhere, the Clean Air Act has not been “gutted.” But America DOES need domestic oil. ANWR has it, and ANWR is right next to Prudhoe Bay, which just happens to be the northern-most end of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. ANWR presents a viable solution. Gus and the Bush-bashers can only complain that SUV mileage isn’t improving quickly enough to suit them. Obviously, this too, must be GW Bush’s fault. The Constitution does not define “health care” as a responsibility or power of the federal government. The United States of America is a union of individual states governed by a constitutional republic, not a centrally controlled socialist empire. States are responsible for maintaining their own government, infrastructure and economy; these are not the jobs of the federal government, nor would anyone with a clue ever want it to be. Ready for next election? Damn straight. Too bad GW Bush can’t run for another 4 years.Thomas AndersonEdwards

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