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Letters to the Editor

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Ready to voteAs a registered Eagle County voter working in Vail Village and living in Vail for the past 12 years, I would like to address the issue of an upcoming election for Solaris. If this unnecessary event MUST occur, I think it is only fair to all that it is done when we are all back to work after a very long winter and much needed off-season. We all should have plenty of notice to send in a absentee ballot if you should catch us taxpayers in Moab or Mexico. The working people of Vail who live in Vail will be very important in this upcoming issue, whenever it may be. But please remember there is a significant number of us who do care and will do everything that is legally possible to make this project go through. If we have to play by the rules to vote on something that has already been approved, then so be it. See you at the polls or if I am on my one-week vacation, it’ll be in the mail! Lisa Angelo VailThanks for support I appreciate all those who took part in the democratic process at the recent Republican County Assembly. I wish to thank the delegates for their overwhelming support in my bid for Eagle County assessor.Edward Smith EagleBig yearThere are many positive indications that it’s been a good winter for Vail Valley businesses. Early reports on skier numbers, occupancy rates and sales tax figures show significant increases over last year. Here at the Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau, we’ve had a busy winter. Our reservations, especially on vailonsale.com, are up double digits over last year. Our Platinum Service customer service program tripled its enrollment. The Lodging Quality Assurance team has inspected over 1,000 units. Bookings by our group sales team are up at both Vail and Beaver Creek. Our annual business awards gala was a huge success and our monthly mixers continue to see record attendance numbers. We also have exciting news to share about our search for a new president. As you may know, we hired an executive search firm, the Mercer Group, to help us in the selection of a new leader for the VVCTB. During the selection process, the Mercer Group received an overwhelming number of résumés from candidates all over the country. Through their exhaustive selection process, Mercer has narrowed down the list of applicants to the five most qualified candidates. Those candidates will be in Vail this week to meet with our board of directors, our staff and selected leaders from the local business community. We anticipate making an offer to the individual who best fits both the organization and the community, by the end of this month. With the hiring of a new president just around the corner, the staff and board of the VVCTB are looking forward to the energy, enthusiasm and experience that a new leader will bring. At the end of this process, we fully expect the VVCTB to emerge as an even stronger and more capable resource and representative of the Vail Valley business community. On behalf of the VVCTB board of directors, I would like to express my gratitude to you for your continued support of our organization and we look forward to working with you as we move into the future of the VVCTB. Brian NolanBoard Chairman Vail Valley Chamber & Tourism BureauEagle-Vail in blackElection time brings out the worst in People. Rumors among the multiple candidates for four of five seats on the Eagle Vail Metro Board say the Eagle Vail Metro District is going broke and the current board isn’t up to the job. Not so!!! As the only returning member not up for re-election, I want to answer. The operating revenue is above normal operating expenses, which is good. Some debt sold by a previous board to avoid an election by the votershas been above our profit, so we have drawn on reserves to pay this expense. We have also reduced expenses and increased revenue over the last four years. The rumor says we will be broke in 2007, and that is not so. Our planning approach is for 2009 and has been presented to the Eagle-Vail property owners at the last annual meeting a few months ago. We do have a fiscally conservative plan to put a permanent end to this vexing problem. It would involve keeping a tax that would expire in 2009 and using it to pay on the bonds and to be used for repairs to our older structures and to fund needed improvements. This would only be done with voter approval. It is a pretty painless way to get some refurbished and or new facilities and get rid of the debt at he same time. We do have over $1million in assets that are liquid, so we are in good financial shape. Come to a board meeting or call me if you have questions. Our meetings are open to the public and I welcome any and all to the meetings. The incumbents are always there at he meetings, and only one candidate for the positions has come to a meeting, and that was for 20 minutes. Let’s try to keep the elections clean.Bob FinlayMember, Board of Directors, Eagle Vail Metro DistrictHere’s a novel ideaDon (Rogers), your Quick Takes commentary April 19 started out so well. But in the end you said, “But this year, anyway, things could have been a lot worse” Why don’t you and the Vail Daily start a section in your paper devoted to strictly positive news? Kind of like the beginning of your article. I am so tired of negative news, which we are all are well aware of and is prevalent and easy folly for the media. Hey, at least it would be something different! I bet you would get a lot of positive feedback! Tim SavageNo district thereThe story in your Sunday issue about the Greater Eagle Fire District (which also appeared in last week’s Eagle Valley Enterprise) wrongly reported that the district extends North from Wolcott “toward State Bridge and includes Bond and McCoy.” The fact is that the legal boundary of the Greater Eagle Fire District lies about four miles north of Wolcott and does not include any of Horse Mountain, the Wolcott Divide, State Bridge, Bond or McCoy.During last fall’s general election, a half-dozen disgruntled locals along the Colorado River deliberately spread malicious falsehoods through the mails about a carefully planned fire district for the Bond/McCoy area in conjunction with the Avon/Edwards Fire Department. Unfortunately, the miscreants were able to defeat the referendum with their devious campaign of misinformation along with their criminal destruction of election signs that were in favor of the proposal. Today the Bond/McCoy/State Bridge/Horse Mountain area is still not included within any formal fire protection district.It is sad to note that because of such discord within the community as selfishly fostered by only a few renegades, the volunteer fire department for the Bond/McCoy area is in total disarray. No regular monthly public meetings or training sessions have been conducted since last October. All of the active volunteers have resigned. The organization is now dead broke. Joint funding previously committed by the Eagle River Fire Protection District (the Avon/Edwards Fire Department) and by Eagle County for a $100,000 local fire station at Bond has been cancelled. Outside financial support of $2,000 per year as pledged for each volunteer fireman has been withdrawn, and the opportunity to have reduced fire insurance rates for residents along Highway 131 has passed. By voting NO last November as urged by a few local malcontents, the communities have accomplished just that – NO FIRE DEPARTMENT!Merrill HastingsMcCoySnowy egg huntThe weather was winter but the attitude was spring. The Vail Recreation District and youth services department want to send a warm thanks to all the kids, families and friends who helped to share in the fun at our annual Easter egg hunt. We had a large turnout,considering it was snowing and quite cold. It all was possible because of the wonderful volunteers who bared the cold. Thanks to Axie Navas, Kenzie Grant, Jose Roman, Lupita Guerra, Miles Gordon, Jamie and Sierra Healey. A special thanks to Millenium Bank for sponsoring the event. See you all next year.Marc ThomasVaIl Recreation District Vail, Colorado

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