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Letters to the Editor

David Le Vine

There is little doubt that our Congress will eventually pass some sort of a bill to deal with illegal immigration. However, the fact remains, that despite any provisions that would secure our borders, we will continue to have a large and growing Hispanic population. That will be in addition to the African American minority that is also increasing as a percentage of our total population. Those facts, of themselves are not cause for alarm. What is of concern, is that the two existing minorities are , in general, not now prioritizing education. But make no mistake: China, India and other nations are doing just that! They are stressing education in order to gain a dominant position in both technology and industrial production; for they fully understand that those are the vital ingredients of international power. And so, I suggest, that we desperately need to recognize the inevitable crisis in our future if we complacently “do nothing”.The first question has to be, can we reverse the current trend? And the answer is that we surely can! I’m certain that the first step towards that end, is to have parents and students realize that “just getting by” is a losing proposition for them and for our great nation. There must be a dedication to completion of high school and a continuation on to higher education. And then, additionally, corporate America must accept the responsibility to further train and upgrade each of their employees. In essence, it will require everyone’s effort in order to enable our young people to maximize their individual and collective skills. Then too, we must accept the fact that it will cost lots of money. To this, you may ask whether we can afford it – and I simply ask, “Can we not afford it.” Our future as a great nation demands that we take action! And so I believe that we should raise taxes on the wealthy; get out of Iraq; and closely examine the role and the $430 billion budget of our military establishment. Those actions could indeed provide the necessary resources! In essence, I suggest that our nation will not survive if we simply permit an increasing percentage of our population to remain somewhat uneducated, and therefore incapable of achieving their ultimate potential. We desperately need well-educated and competent upper and middle class citizens. Conversely, what we do not need, is a growing “underclass” that works for minimum wages, lives in poverty and contributes very little to the economy of our country. I am absolutely certain that besides the “war on terror,” we must win the war against industrial mediocrity. David Le VineI-70 a hot issueKudos for publishing the white paper on I-70 issues authored by Jim Lamont. Jim has the background, intellect and experience to analyze and frame issues affecting community and government, and has certainly done a great job on this paper. It is important that we focus on I-70 now, as it will take years to agree on and implement a solution. It is also important that we Vail residents take an active leadership position on I-70 development rather than having outsiders with diverse interests decide the future of the freeway through our Village.Our neighborhood association has actively promoted CDOT using land adjacent to the freeway in East Vail as a sand storage facility, which helps alleviate the problems of pollution in Black Gore Creek from I-70 winter sanding operations. This sand can be stored as a berm, but a berm only provides a partial solution to the long-term consequences of additional traffic on 1-70. I would hope that the Daily continues to be a forum for I-70 issues. Bruce KassonPresident13th Filing Neighborhood AssociationMotorcyclists wantedDear Veterans and Motorcyclists:A cool way to show your support is the “Ride in Remembrance” on Monday, May 8th, hosted by the Vail Police Department and other local emergency service providers. The ride goes from Edwards Freedom Park to Donovan Park in Vail, where you will take part in a memorial celebration and barbecue. It is a great way to start the summer off socializing with good people for a great cause Honoring Our Fallen Comrades. Riders are asked to meet at Miller Ranch Freedom Park in Edwards at 11 a.m. – make sure you call Moses Gonzales (376-6952) by May 5th to reserve your burger.Even though I won’t be able to make this one, due to a previous commitment to help out in another state, I hope you will take the time to get your motorcycle, scooter or trike out for a notable community cause and show off your true colors.A.J. JohnsonEdwardsSave bookstoresI live in Mexico City and have been coming,with all my family,to Vail since 1967 and i think it will be a great loss for the people in Vail and for the visitors that come to the “First Ski Resort in the World”not to have an excellent bookstore like Verbatim.Tinina Velasquez Spring Back kudosAs a local business owner I am writing to applaud Highline Sports & Entertainment in their efforts with Spring Back to Vail. Not only does Spring Back bring crowds to Vail Village at a time in the ski season that could otherwise use more vitality, but it bolsters the number of people visiting Vail businesses. Our store enjoyed a fantastic two weekends of sales that I’m not sure would have been possible without the buzz created by Spring Back. I can’t help but think that I was not the only business that benefited from the increased crowds. Good job Highline! We could use more events like Spring Back.Patti Weinstein Owner of RoxyVailVail, Colorado

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