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Letters to the Editor

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Yes to fire districtI have lived in the valley for over 25 years and have taught many of your children to dance for 17 years. I have volunteered to help our senior citizens for nine years and am a business owner. I want to be assured that the brave men and women who show up at our homes and schools in time of emergency have the equipment, training and staffing they need.Please join me in supporting the Eagle River Fire Protection District on Tuesday, May 2, with your YES vote, and to support incumbent Robert Warner Jr. for District 4 director and Michael Gallagher in District 2. These two gentlemen have proved their dedication to emergency services timie and time again.Your YES vote will help ensure that the department has the resources they need to help us should you or your family ever have an emergency; they both have worked hard to develop a comprehensive plan for the wise investment of your tax dollars.JoAnn C. MooreEdwardsIncumbents bestEagle-Vail Metro District election: Karl Berger’s letter is a great work of fiction. The current board has sold NO assets. Over two years ago a previous board sold $400,000 of water rights, and that cash is still sitting in an account waiting for input from Eagle-Vail residents as to what they want. The current board has and will not spend it for operating expenses, as he implies. No other assets have been sold in the two years I have been on the board. The current board is not for raising taxes, as he states. We could have gone to the voters to request that, but have not. We HAVE considered asking voters to EXTEND the current mill levy when it is over in 2009 to pay for refurbishing 30 year old buildings, redoing a pool or building a new one, putting a roof over the ice rink, doing a bike path to the high school, paying off debt, etc. We, however, will ASK the voters and not do a financing transaction (certificates of participation) that a board did almost four years ago to avoid a vote of the people. That is the cause of the current financial difficulty. We would love to see a new pool, but voters need to realize that it must be paid for with some sort of tax, not from operating revenues, and the current board does not wants a new added tax. We have reviewed its condition and feel it can wait for a few years. Golf does bring in the operating funds for the district, so we are guilty of spending time running the golf operation. That is the only fact you got right. Congratulations! I talked with Mr. Marchetti on April 27 and he is aware of the financial condition of the Eagle-Vail Metro District. At no time did he say we are in deep doo doo, as Mr. Berger states. I would ask anyone interested in our finances to come to a board meeting, next one is May 4, and check it out. I also would ask you to vote for the current three members – Cindy Gilbert, J. Halburnt, Gail Crowder – on Tuesday. They are making the money that we are spending and not selling assets. Bruce Mielke will have one seat, as his opponent has withdrawn for the election. The incumbents are the best choice. Bob FinlayBoard Member Eagle-Vail Metro DistrictPet page is back!It’s with great pleasure that I see the pet page is back to full production on Tuesdays. I had five people alone bring me the clipping on the kitty-potty trainer. Today I had more calls to tell me that they never really believed me when I’ve said it’s a blessing up here to not really have fleas. I equate them to mosquitoes up here. When you grow up in New Orleans, a day or two of bites from either are hardly a tiny irritation, not even a bother. I enjoy the articles from our local veterinarians as a perfect complement to an animal loving valley, especially when followed by the adoption photos from our no-kill shelter. To be honest, I’d prefer to have two articles and the shelter pictures each week, giving our animals the same weekly coverage that religion receives. Owning, sheltering, and protecting animals is a passion in this valley that is year round, and of as much, if not more, consequence to our hearts than snow sports or the sports section. Just see the reaction to the “snow-dog” cover photo that was quite the splash, or our concerns for wildlife as our valley become more populated.D. Titus BlackwoodAvonVail, Colorado

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