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Letters to the Editor

You’ve got a gemSometimes it’s easy to take your home town for granted, even when it’s a sought-after tourist destination. I visited Vail for the first time two years ago, and fell in love with the area. On the last day of my trip I caught an edge on my snowboard and took a hard fall. Hard enough that I couldn’t get up. The ski patrol helped me off the mountain, and I got to extend my visit by a few days as I recovered from a kidney injury in the Vail Medical Center. I can’t say enough good things about all the people I encountered during my stay, from Dr. Franciose to all of the nurses and techs who helped in my care. My plans to return to Vail and thank all of those people have fallen through for two years in a row, so I’m writing this long overdue letter of thanks. As a physician, I have worked in a number of hospitals during my career and I want the people of Vail to understand what a gem they have. What makes any hospital special is not just the services it can provide but the spirit of the people who provide those services. The folks I met at the hospital were uniformly kind, caring and very positive in their outlook and it helped my recovery just being around them! So thanks, Vail. I look forward to my next trip to your town and will stop by the hospital to say hello, though hopefully not as an inpatient. Warmest regards from Annapolis.Steve HamiltonWhat I seeI’m concerned about the repeated personal attacks on those of us who oppose the proposed Crossroads/Solaris project. Our character and our motives are being impugned, as well as our age and lifestyles. I believe that the people on both sides of this issue truly want what is best for the town of Vail. Let’s agree to disagree and quit the name-calling.Height numbers have been bandied about, with proponents of the Solaris project citing the height of the Vail Plaza Club Hotel as 104 feet. However, the figures given to the Vail Daily reporter by the town of Vail’s Community Development Department are 99.75 feet for the tower (a small area at the west end of the development) and 77.25 feet for the ridge. Solaris will rise two stories above the ridge of the Vail Plaza Club. I am not accusing anyone of lying or deliberate deception, but the town staff person who is the source for the pro-Solaris people is giving out numbers that differ from the Community Development Department figures.In the end, these are simply numbers on a piece of paper. For a different perspective, I urge all voters to stand on Meadow Drive and look at the existing Crossroads structure. Direct your eyes to the northwest section that is five stories high and visualize three more stories on top of that. Then envision those eight stories stretching along the entire northern side of the property. When you do this, it becomes obvious that the proposed Solaris project will be much taller than the buildings around it, and it will dominate the landscape. If this is what the majority of Vail voters think is an appropriate vision for the future of our town, so be it. I for one, will vote against this project, and I will not allow the developer to bully me into a “yes” vote by threatening to take the whole project off the table if he doesn’t get his way.Sandy SmithVailSneaking in I do not understand how illegal immigrants plan to be recognized legally. Just because you sneak into a country and get a job does not make you a legal citizen. Illegal immigration is not a race war. It is not a Hispanic thing. Any person who comes to this country illegally should be sent home. We should not give illegals free health care and free schooling. I have been a born citizen of this country for 30-plus years and never got free anything. The only reason illegal immigrants think that they are needed in this country is because they will work for a fraction of what legal citizens will. We, the citizens of this country, need to put the spotlight on the minimum wage. Who can live on $5.25 hour? So, one day without the illegal aliens of this state shopping and working will backfire on them. It is not the race that we hate, it is the blatant dis-regard for the laws of this country. You want to be a citizen of the United States, start by obeying the law. Come here legally. Pay taxes (we all hate them, but they are a part of being a citizen). I just wish that illegal immigrants would realize how disrespectful they are to the country they want so much to be accepted in.C.J. Jordan GypsumVail, Colorado

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