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Letters to the Editor

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Now that’s richI about choked when I read the comment from Avon’s mayor, Ron Wolfe, in your May 6 article about High Country homes and their impact: “There needs to be dense development, and we need to control endless sprawl, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any buildings on big lots for successful, real people,” he said.So, how does he define those “successful, real” people? Just like his definition of a “reasonable” size home (7,000 square feet) may seem outrageously wasteful to those of us who do just fine in in a fraction of that space, my definition of successful and real is probably much different than his. Clearly, he means wealthy, privileged individuals – not working-class folks – deserve a high-country home with views, while everyone else can be crowded into a cookie-cutter subdivision. And none of these people you interviewed about their choices sees themselves as a part of the problem – after all, they recycle their trash. We all would like our place on top of the mountain, but some of us recognize that what is good for “me” is not good for the wildlife, the forest and especially, the rest of the people who have to share the limited resources of this world.Diana DiFuscoGrand JunctionZalaznick’s rightSince I’m certain that you will be bombarded by idiots, I wanted to offer my encouragement of your logical rant against the stupidity of the typical simple-minded Republican. The tide will turn when some of the simple-minded start to think for themselves, and let’s hope its soon. It won’t unless people like you refuse to shrink from the idiotic fools on the right, paid to lie and distort at every opportunity.Mike HarrisGovernment’s fault?I just read the article about Fred Green’s berm. What is wrong with this picture? A longtime resident and developer feeling like he needs to build a dirt wall that will be 20 feet high in some places because he does not feel like he can do what he wants with his own property.Recently I attended a meeting in Burns where the people were concerned with the government’s attempt to over restrict the use of personal property on land consisting of 35 acres or more.Then the little blip on the screen right here in Gypsum, when some citizens perceived their personal property rights in jeopardy. At least those fears were unfounded.Now what worries me is not that anyone lost any property, nor is anyone going to lose any property as far as I can see, but that “the natives are restless.” It seems that there is some real fear out there. I don’t think anyone is hiding out building a tank to run through any of our government buildings. A solution taken by a resident in one of our Colorado mountain communities, but I do think we should be paying attention.Is it possible that some of the land-use restrictions are pushing the envelope a little too far? Maybe it is just that we have been seeing alarming reports in our media that indicate some heavy handed land grabbing. I think it is just natural for people to be concerned. I do not believe there is a public official Eagle County that has any desire to take away our private property rights, but maybe it is time to back up and evaluate the reasons why there is a subtle undercurrent of anxiety surrounding these issues and why a longtime resident and developer feels he has no alternative but to build a dirt wall to protect himself.Hugo BensonGypsumHugo Benson is a candidate for county commissioner.Vail, Colorado

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