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Takes a villageThis valley deserves a HUGE THANK YOU! We had the pleasure of attending the graduation ceremonies for Battle Mountain High School. Not only were we surrounded by old friends, we were thrilled to be witnessing the graduation of Nicole (Nicci) Johnson. We met Nicci when Doris Steadman, formerly of Red Sandstone School, called us and told us she had a first-grader who learned differently, had a rough home life, and could use some academic support during the summer. Nicci spent the next eight summers with us at The Learning Camp.There are so many people in the community who deserve a thank you for the success this young woman has achieved in our valley:n Rob Sperberg, her foster father, for welcoming her into his home and giving her a stable home environment.n Keith Davis of Riverwalk Orthodontics, who donated three years of braces during middle school so that she could have the beautiful smile she has today.n Christine Copeland for being her loving Buddy all of these years.n Bev Christiansen of the Buddies Program for all her help with Nicci and her brother.n Her many teachers and coaches who did not let this special lady slip through the cracks.n Most recently to Ron Davis and The Youth Foundation for believing in her and awarding her a four-year, full-ride scholarship to Mesa State College!Nicci is on her way to a great life and it is all because of her hard work and this wonderful valley. Thank you to all that have touched her life and allowed her to reach her dreams. She never gave up dreaming and we are so very proud to have been a part of her life. She and those that love her will always be grateful to the people in this community. Thank you so very much.Ann Cathcart Tom MachtThe Learning CampDon’t get itFor the life of me, I don’t understand why our secretary of state and our secretary of defense don’t wise up. The two of them hold hands in Iraq and inform us that things are now looking up. We clearly remember, even if they don’t, how often they’ve misinformed us. Why in the world would we believe anything that they tell us? Condi first lost her credibility when she threatened us with a “mushroom cloud” that would be unleashed by the Iraqis. Then she compounded the felony with her validation of all sorts of weapons of mass destruction. Now she zips around criticizing the Russians and the Chinese for their disregard of human rights, while her boss (George W. Bush) condones torture, crazy prisons in Europe, secret surveillance of our citizens, and on and on. In the meantime, Donald Rumsfeld has done absolutely everything wrong and then been nutsy enough to defend his decisions and his leadership. His Department of Defense has had a budget of roughly $400 billion every year, and he couldn’t manage to get anything right. Unbelievable! And now our crazy government is busy spending something between $600 million and a $1 billion (that’s right, a billion dollars) for a new “completely self-sufficient” embassy on 104 acres in Iraq, which will house 6,000 employees. Then our ambassador and his absolutely monstrous staff will never have to go out on the streets of Baghdad where they might really learn what was going on – but would most likely get shot. Do you wonder that I say end this stupidity, bring our valiant servicemen home and leave Iraq to the Iraqis? David Le VineAvonVail, Colorado

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