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PrioritiesIt makes me so unbelievably angry to hear people compare construction projects under way in Vail, or anywhere for that matter, to global catastrophic situations like present-day Baghdad or “Ground Zero” (whether that be a reference to 9/11, Hiroshima or any place that has suffered from such a tragic disaster that invokes use of the words “Ground Zero”). I realize that we don’t actually live in the real world here in Eagle County, but I really will never understand how people can be so shortsighted and ignorant that they see it as appropriate or funny to make light of situations in which tens of thousands of innocent people have died. It makes it even more unbelievable and ironic that such a reference was printed in Tipsline in the very same edition of the Vail Daily that included a headline and two-page article in memory of one of Eagle County’s own sons who was recently killed in faithful service and dedication to us in Iraq. This is not an indictment of the Vail Daily or of the person who called into Tipsline, but I think all of us should be more cognizant and respectful of those who have died fighting in or as a result of the conflicts in ideology (or, worse yet, personal vendettas) that have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, not to mention tens of thousands of Iraqis, Afghanis, and other citizens of the world, innocent or not. I realize that many people may think that I am making too big a deal out of these passing references, but I am scared to death by the notion that it may be indicative of the way many people think in our society. With the exception of the terror attacks on Manhattan, the Pentagon, and the rural Pennsylvania farmland in 2001, our country has not seen an attack or conflict on U.S. soil in 65 years. And that was in Hawaii. Most people under the age of 35 or 40 probably do not even have much of a frame of reference about the last conflict involving major American casualties. I know I do not, except from things I have read and heard from others about Vietnam. I fear that a great number of people may be so accustomed to living in peace and watching the U. S. military bomb yet another Third World nation to poverty on FOX News that we have forgotten what it is like to have to think about the consequences of our global actions. Our country and its military are now involved in a real war against a tactic, not a nation or a people. We are fighting a daily struggle in a sovereign nation that we invaded, not the other way around. Our young women and men are dying and experiencing things that will forever change their lives, if they ever get them back at all. They may not be my sons or daughters, or yours, but they are somebody’s. If this country is still based on the tenets of brotherhood, duty, honor, freedom, justice, and so on, as our society and its “leaders” like to wax poetic about, then I think we should all feel a little more disturbed when we lose even one of our loyal sons or daughters, even if it is someone else’s kid (which it most often is, to the majority of us). If nothing else, we certainly should not be making light of the terrors and awful situations they very certainly face on a daily basis.Can we please all try and remember to keep some perspective on things? Not to state the obvious, but it really isn’t that bad here. Everyone in this valley, residents and visitors included, should feel blessed and lucky to be in a place where some of the biggest issues revolve perennially around dog feces, where people should bicycle, and the height of the proposed Crossroads building. If you do not, I would bet it all that I could find someone to trade with you. This is just one guy’s opinion. Thank you for reading. Jeff RogishAvonWhich party?A Red Sky Ranch resident friend periodically forwards your printings of the ravings of your seemingly favorite Bush-hater letter to the editor addict, David Le Vine. I am amused at his rantings. He wallows in and spews ad nauseam his liberal BS, either ignoring or ignorant of fact. Republican conservatives have not “surrendered.” We adhere to the fundamentals of small government, fiscal restraint, personal privacy, a strong defense structure, etc. Yes, some have jumped ship. They are RINOs – Republicans In Name Only – but he impugns us all . What a crock! The reduced tax burden we enjoy spurred a rebound of the recession-headed economy inherited from Clinton. Hey, check the unemployment rate – it’s now the lowest in a long, long time. If Le Vine is so outraged, he could remit his personal tax cut benefits back to the government. Re: 9/11 and Iraq : Captured documents confirmed pre-9-11 involvement of Iraq in training Al Qaeda terrorists. Ah yes, Bush’s “stupid war.” Every nation with a credible intelligence apparatus believed and stated Saddam had WMDs. Ask survivors of Kurds and Iranians he mass murdered. They will confirm he had and used them, and was aggressively pursuing adding nuclear capability to his arsenal. I guess Le Vine would have Bush wait for more tumbled towers or a mushroom cloud over one of our cities before acting. The immigration debacle we face today began in 1965 when Ted Kennedy ushered through the Senate and LBJ (weren’t they Democrats?) signed into law the Hart-Celler Bill. Dramatic quota increase, lower entry requirements and “family reunification” authority set the stage for four decades of mass immigration – legal amd illegal (check the Center for Immigration Studies Web site). The Republican-controlled House of Representatives’ “Secure Our Borders, No Amnesty” bill was voted down by Senate Democrats and a few renegade RINOs. Corruption and ineptitude of a few in government to embrace an entire party is really silly. T’was ever thus, whichever party held power. Anyone remember Adam Clayton Powell, Bobby Baker, Gary Hart, Dan Rostenkowski, or how about the current Democrat congressman from Louisiana, “The Honorable” William Jefferson? The charges against him – read them – are about corruption to the 10th power! Also interesting, top Democrat Pelosi just announced that if in November Democrats gain control of the House, she will appoint Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) – check out his corruption history – to chair the sensitive Intelligence Committee. We should all shudder! So, tell me again about which party has a lock on scandal, corruption and ineptitude. Lastly, while Le Vine wonders about Republican tenets, conservative Republicans have no doubt of those he and his liberal Democrat cohorts advocate:n Big government knows what’s best – the populace is too dumb to do right.n Raise taxes, drag down the wealthy to a more “common” plateau, redistribute their wealth – democratic socialism is the way.n Open borders, tax more to fund education, sustenance, medical treatment, and Social Security for illegal immigrants – and by the way, no law establishing English as our national language.n Wait until you are attacked before defending the nation – no pre-emptive military actions. n No drilling for oil in Alaska, the Gulf, or off the California coast, no building nuclear power plants, etc., sort of guaranteeing dependence on foreign energy. n Remove all mention of God from government facilities – the founding fathers were wrong to make any such reference. (Maybe Ann Coulters’ new book “Godless” is right on.) … Edward M. Browne Melbourne, Fla.Vail, Colorado

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