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A big mistakeLet’s fact it! Where would Vail be if it wasn’t for the Old Guard? If it wasn’t for their vision and dedication, muscle and money plus love, joy, sweat and tears, the Vail that we know and care about would never have come to pass.And now the Old Guard has the benefit of age and experience that brings about wisdom and a kind of hindsight. They can look back and recognize past mistakes – Lionshead, the Gateway Building, Siebert Circle, to name a few.And now we come to the Crossroads building, never an architectural treasure but always a useful place. I don’t know who named the building, meaning a place centrally located at an intersection where things meet – in other words, a crucial point. Giving it a “new age” astrological name will not change its location or purpose. Now the community has a golden opportunity to avoid making a large mistake. Vail is reaching a crossroads in its future. And those who vote must do so with well-reasoned, unemotional thinking to keep in mind the future direction and course of Vail with true caring.I think I can count myself with the Old Guard, as I have been coming to Vail since Jan. 1, 1962 (I am not able to vote, but I do pay taxes) and have loved it all these years. However, the rancor and spite that has developed over the Crossroads project is truly heartbreaking for me. Why it came to this is almost beside the point now. What is at stake now is the chance to make a logical correction, a time out, to reconsider the entire project. From all sides.As a committed Vailite, I side with those who oppose the present project. I do not want to see a huge mistake being made. A gift of time is being given here to be used wisely. We old lovers of Vail have nothing to gain from this project but the desire to pass on a great place that future generations will be proud of, use, enjoy and care for, also with love and pride.Finally, to paraphrase a recent letter writer, “Will the people who came to Vail to avoid high rises, please stand up?”Annemie GrammMy town, tooMy name is Bianca Reimers. I am 10 years old. I was on the Vote Yes for Crossroads float in the Fourth of July parade. To the lady who yelled at my friends and me, “Go home! This is none of your business!” I want to say that VAIL IS MY HOME AND THIS IS MY BUSINESS! I am lucky to live in a nice house in Vail and go to school at VMS. My friends (who also live and go to school in Vail) and I would love to be able to ride our bikes to the movies or free ice-skating rink. I would also like to say to the lady that your little collies are so cute! I have a collie too! Maybe they can play together at the dog park.Bianca ReimersVail Just too bigIt is too bad that the Crossroads debate has degenerated into a debate between the old guard (a few reactionaries) and the younger progressive element. This is not a true representation of those who have concerns about the current proposal. Keep in mind that over 500 registered voters signed the partition to put the proposal to a vote. This is not just a few reactionaries. The only real point that the proponents make is that Crossroads is in great need to be redeveloped and Vail needs more shops and things to do in town (movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc.). This is certainly true. To my knowledge, there has been no opposition to these much needed innovations. As Ford Frick said, “The success of Crossroads will depend on the first 20 vertical feet” (commercial space). I could not agree more.The problem with the current plan is height and bulk. Not so much from the Frontage Road, but from Meadow Drive where the impact is huge and not in keeping with the rest of the buildings around it. By reducing the number of apartments and keeping the commercial space and other amenities, Solaris would be a great addition to Vail. This can be done and still have the developer make a very good profit.Vote no on July 11 and still get the needed vitality added to Vail.Bob Fritch More like World War IIDon Rogers is wrong on every point and in desperate need of a history lesson! The USA’s direct involvement in the Vietnam War began in 1965, although Vietnam’s problems go back as early as 1945. Prior to and during the Vietnam War, the threat of spreading communism was very real, the USSR was very strong, and remained a superpower and direct threat to the USA for several decades, spanning many U.S. administrations. Mr. Rogers forgets that the collapse of the USSR did not occur until 1991, after Ronald Reagan’s presidency (26 years after the USA entered Vietnam War). The fall of the USSR was by no means inevitable, and history would not have unfolded as it did had all those involved not participated as just as they did, including the USA. To believe otherwise is flawed reasoning based on nothing but wishful thinking and self-deception. The communist expansion and its threat to the USA were very real, just as today the threat of radical Islamic terrorism against all of the free world is very real. Rather than spend his time seeking ways to snipe at the Bush administration, Mr. Rogers and the rest of the Vail Daily crew (and all of the mainstream media) would learn far more by comparing the current war on terror to the events prior to and during our involvement in World War II.Thomas AndersonVail, Colorado

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