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Vote for Vai’s futureIt never ceases to amaze me the lengths people in Vail will go to drive their point home. In the midst of Vail’s revitalization one project has been made the scapegoat for all the ills of Vail. The decision-makers of Vail are ALL the people who vote in Vail. Whether it’s for one season or the rest of our lives, we are here now and seek to participate in all this beautiful town has to offer. We care enough to give up hometown voting privileges to come here and declare residency. Contrary to one councilmen’s opinion, we are educated and are ready to take our place in this community as long as we can afford to stay here. The voters over and over make the choices and over and over the past “movers and shakers” question whether or not we are voting with conviction or are we swayed by something as trivial as a “free for everyone” concert. The election in November was proof of the community backing a vision for the future. The council members that were up for re-election and spoke out against the Crossroads/Solaris project were voted out. Candidates in favor of the project were voted in. Plain and simple, but to the opponents, this was not proof enough, but instead reason to attack with printed lies and falsehoods. Over the past several weeks they have admitted that they have not attended planning meetings and have relied on hearsay to sell their case. They have brought up the absolute worst case scenario for every aspect of this project. Now the town is paying for an election to the tune of $40,000 all just to satisfy a small group of locals that don’t do their homework. Will the outcome of the election be enough proof for these naysayers? I imagine not – they will blame everything else (concerts, inexperience, etc.) on why the vote goes in favor of the future of Vail. As the wife of the current mayor pro tem, I want to assure voters that this council is experienced, well read and listens to their constituents. The decisions they make are based on solid information both from what the voters want and mountains of studies. Their hopes and goals are of continuing the prosperity of Vail. In the 40-plus years since Vail’s birth, the travel industry has undergone major changes, and if we are to compete in the future, we have to keep up with the trends and continually reinvent ourselves. While Crossroads/Solaris is not the only answer to the future, it is setting a precedent as far as developers giving back to the general community. There have been no other projects that gave a hoot about the community.I ask the opponents of Crossroads/Solaris – what is it? First it was bulk and mass, then the developer was going to make to much money (I love that one) now it’s down to 12-lane roads and no view from the village of our “beautiful” I-70. All the while, I’ve heard unsavory undertones about the developer from a couple of opponents regarding innuendos too ugly to even mention. Falsehoods have even published about other future projects (The Roost) in order to scare residents into voting your way. Now, you’re even yelling insults at children in a holiday parade – shame on you! If you vote no to the Crossroads/Solaris, be prepared to sit back and waste away, because outside developers will cross Vail off their list as a pain the backside. Every project in the works will come to a screeching halt and no one in their right mind will ever want to be on the PEC or DRB. Vote YES. Vote for the future of Vail Bridget Hitt Vail Prestigious prezMatt Zalaznick, this new diatribe has to be your best attempt of humor at W’s expense. Let me see: Yale graduate, fighter pilot, successful businessman, governor of Texas, and yes, two-time president of the United States. Must be an “awful, intellectual guppy and cultural caveman” in your view. …I guess that if you wrote a truly well thought-out article using less drivel and dwadle, someone like me might take you seriously and actually believe that you took time to do research, without malice of forethought.Arthur Blank IIEagle VailVail, Colorado

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