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Letters to the Editor

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Get tougher, VailI am broken-hearted over the forced killing of the bear in West Vail and am sad that our actions caused the killing of a beautiful mama bear leaving two orphaned cubs. I have just read a summary of the town of Vail Wildlife protection ordinance on the Internet. I am interpreting it to mean that bear-proof containers are voluntary and that developers have no obligations to keep food out of their Dumpsters. If this is so, then I don’t think the town is doing enough. I suggest that bear-proof trash containers be made mandatory and that measures are taken to ensure that open trash containers in parks and in development are free of discarded food items or are bear-proof. I urge the community to write council members and make saving wildlife a priority. Ask them to put for a stronger ordinance making bear-proof trash containers mandatory. Also, I suggest that we give more time and money for ads on the local channels to make people more aware of their actions with discarded food. More printed material should be distributed to businesses that would heighten awareness about how people’s actions are baiting the bears to be killed. Stiffer measures and fines are in order if necessary. Commitment is required to prevent another unnecessary killing of a beautiful wildlife animal.Sonja Craythorne Vail Great communityWhat makes a community great are the people who live in it. This July 4, we had the opportunity to experience the greatness within our community. KZYR and the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo put put together a float for the parade. The theme was “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” – a nationally sponsored rodeo event to bring Breast Cancer Awareness to the forefront within the rodeo community. The “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” event will take place on Aug. 4 at this year’s Eagle County Fair & Rodeo, with the proceeds being donated to the Shaw Regional Cancer Center. Our float was truly amazing, and the community support behind it was honestly heart warming. This community is so generous in spirit and involvement in causes that matter. We honored seven local breast cancer survivors on the float, and we could not have done it without huge support from the community. On behalf of KZYR and the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo we would like to thank the Town of Vail Public Works staff, Sign Design in Eagle-Vail, Wal-Mart, High Country Shirt Works, Annette Ramer and Joe Furer, and the amazing Survivors that populated our float. While we celebrate Independence Day, it is a great chance for us to reflect on how lucky we are to live where we live. And the members of this community make that reality truly hit home. Thanks so much! The staff at KZYR.Gabrie HigbieEdwards Brave soldiersKudos to Tom Kirk for his letter regarding our brave United States soldiers. The latest Fourth of July celebration and the raising of the flag at the new Freedom Park remind us what a hero Tom Kirk is, having served our country honorably and as most of us know, surviving five years in a Vietnamese prison camp. People like him put those to shame who can only criticize our country but have not served it in any way. Our son served as an Army surgeon in Iraq, operating on American soldiers, Iraqis, and even insurgents. These young men served with honor and their image should not be tarnished by someone like Matt Zalaznick.Dick and Mickey CookVailNeed a lawThe story in the July 6 Vail Daily about bears is quite disturbing. It states that our police chief, Dwight Henninger, is not calling on the Town Council for a law requiring bear-proof containers. This, in spite of the fact that your own poll shows that almost 65 percent of Vail residents want a law requiring the use of “wildlife-resistant containers.”Unfortunately, a law seems to be the only way to convince some people to do the right thing. It would appear that some residents or visitors either do not care if we have to euthanize these wonderful creatures because they have learned to look for food in our unprotected garbage or they just don’t want to spend the extra money to install a proper container. Therefore, it is our responsibility, as residents of bear country, to do whatever is necessary to protect them from us and us from them.The town of Vail is being negligent in not mandating bear-proof containers. This issue has gone on too long. How many bears have to be killed in order to convince the council to act?Carol GoldsteinVailYouth lacrosseThe Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District would like to thank everyone who made the 2006 WECMRD Youth Lacrosse program a huge success.This year there were 296 boys and girls on 14 teams during the regular season. Thirty teams enjoyed the third annual Eagle County Lacrosse Tournament over Mother’s Day weekend, at Miller Ranch in Edwards. Thank you Katie Kennedy, Aurora Brown, Abby Beyer, Kristy Smith, Maggie Dunphy, Sarah Resch, Louise Ingalls, Maggie McManus, Rob Verratti, Bob Daino, Mike Miner, Greg Schroeder, Kelly Coffey, Kris Galione, Eric Mandeville, Jerry Nichols, Todd Goulding, Eric Myers, Chris Kohnen, Frank Lynch, Tom Green, John Harty, Cooter Overcash, Jim Angarola and all of their assistant coaches and team parents who helped out during the season. A special thank you goes out to all program sponsors, Big Dog Car Wash, WestStar Bank, Resort Technology Partners and InVision Communications. Your sponsorships helped purchase uniforms and additional equipment for the teams. The youth of our communities who participated in the 2006 WECMRD Youth Lacrosse program benefited from your time, knowledge, enthusiasm and patience. Thank you all for an outstanding season!Scott RuffEPIR ManagerWECMRD

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