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Prestigious president?I chuckled as I read a letter to the editor about Matt Zalaznick chastising President Bush. The writer chronicles Bush’s achievements.Yes, Bush went to Yale, achieving mediocre grades. One of his former professors, reluctant to speak out at first but wanting to set the record straight, said that, at Yale, Bush lied and cheated in his classroom work, was arrogant, and a poor student at best. A fighter pilot? Yes. Through political pull, he was able to join the Texas Air National Guard, along with other favored sons (Dallas football players and sons of Texas Republican politicians). His score on admittance was the lowest possible passing score. While a strong supporter of the Vietnam war, he checked “No” on the form which asked if he would serve in Vietnam. He proceeded to refuse the required government physical, then absented himself from the military, going to Alabama to work in politics. There is no record of his reporting for Guard duty in Alabama as was required.A successful businessman? Actually, he was an abject failure in his oil business ventures. Look it up. He was good at raising money (he does have charm, after all) for the Texas Rangers baseball team, using wealthy friends, political connections, and eminent domain to wipe out an upscale neighborhood for land for the stadium. Governor of Texas? Of course. He leaves a rather sorry record, including putting to death the most prisoners of any governor in U.S. history, weighing in for executions of the mentally challenged and minors. He is very proud of this record. Under his governorship Houston became the most polluted city in the nation, a natural consequence of his abysmal environmental policies, favoring volunteer measures to control pollution. Two-time president? You bet. Thanks to a conservative U.S. Supreme Court which overruled the Florida courts (so much for state’s rights, a traditional Republican stance. Hey, an election was at stake). And need I mention horrendous deficits and what has proven to be a hugely ill-conceived war? Yes, this two-time president is rivaling all other hapless U.S. presidents in low approval ratings. A majority of the U.S. public has finally seen that “this emporer has no clothes.” So, thanks, Matt, you have it right. And keep your articles coming. Ted SpringerAvon Fantastic docsAs a local mother of two young daughters who have unfortunately been more ill than we’d hoped, I applaud the three pediatricians (and general practitioners) of Colorado Mountain Medical who have taken care of our girls. Dr. Marita Bledsoe, our primary care pediatrician, is amazingly compassionate, knowledgeable and simply a fantastic MD. Dr. Janet Engle and Dr. Lisa Remakulus have also treated our girls with only the absolute best care I can imagine. Our county is so blessed to have such fantastic doctors, so humble yet so talented. From Dr. Jean Hadley, to Dr. Brad Lyons, to Dr. Kent Petrie, to Dr. Diane Vyotko, our kids have seen a variety of GPs when the pediatricians were booked and all of the MDs are truly stellar. Thank you to all the valley doctors who work diligently to keep our families healthy and who care so much about us. We, the fortunate beneficiaries of your skill, are blessed by your decisions to practice medicine in Eagle County. Thank you from the hundreds of parents here.Nicole and Andy DewellBetter wayNow that the Crossroads battle is over, I hope our Town Council will ask itself what we can do to avoid such a mess in the future. It seems to me that the special development district process caused much of the trouble. When we know that we want a significant area redeveloped, as was the case here, shouldn’t we rezone it ahead of time, after public hearings and discussion? Then prospective developers would have to work within tight guidelines, instead of the vague mess Peter Knobel had to deal with. Pete FeistmannVailVail, Colorado

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