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Tired stuntThis is in reference to Magnus Lindholm’s past and recent antics surrounding his “Village at Avon.” Please give all of us Eagle County residents a break! Your “supposed good intentions” of bringing cheap gasoline to the people” is just a thinly veiled ploy. All you are trying to do is divert attention away from your poorly received Village at Avon. All this stunt amounts to is a “loss leader.” For at least 100 years, businesses have promoted one high profile item at a “great price” to sway opinion or distract customers from higher cost items. This is a pretty tired stunt. You might lose money or break even on this gas station, while making millions on your real estate development.This tactic reminds me of your prior stunt; installing an enormous, oversized flag in the name of “patriotism.” All you were trying to do with this was to draw visual attention to your development and to your tenants, from I-70 and Route 6. Let us make something clear: You are not out for the common man or out for the patriot, you are out to line your pockets and improve your image. Do us all a favor; don’t assume we are all completely gullible.Christopher DeanCheap-shot artist Mr. Le Vine writes that I don’t know anything about the individual beliefs of he and the liberal democrats. Well, he doesn’t know anything about the individual beliefs of we Republicans either. But that didn’t deter him from writing as if we were a common agenda amorphous group that had abandoned-surrendered our conservative republican tenets. I chuckle at his squealing like a stuck pig when given the same treatment he dished out. One thing I do know about Mr. Le Vine is that he’s a “cheap shot” artist. His ad hominem attack on the president and vice president is really a “cheap shot” – about as low as they get. I certainly do take issue with his statement, “…the fact that this war was conceived by Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, both of whom avoided “active military service” like it was the Bubonic plague, has made their actions even more intolerable.”President Bush did serve in the Texas Air National Guard. Guard service includes potential active duty call-up and deployment. I’d like to see Mr. Le Vine face some of what our Guard troops are fighting in Iraq and tell them how they joined the Guard to avoid active service. A visit from the “tooth fairy” would likely be in order. As for VP Cheney, I don’t know any details and I doubt Mr. Le Vine does. However, during the U.S. era of compulsory military service, many got exemptions to active service for college deferments, farming, defense critical occupations, etc. I guess Mr. Le Vine considers that as “avoiding” service. Entering the Army as a draftee, serving 32 years on active duty – including Germany, Korea, Vietnam – and retiring as a Major General, I did not. I don’t know, perhaps Mr. Levine also did active military service, or just slams disliked politicians who did not. Maj. Gen. Edward M. BrowneUS Army, RetiredMelbourne, Fla. Pit bull bullA recent article in your newspaper featured a local man with his pit bull. The article, and a subsequent letter to the editor, perpetuated the idea that irresponsible owners are to blame for dogs that bite. The article’s author attempted to dispel the notion that pit bulls were dangerous by including a table which showed that more dog bites in Eagle County are attributed to breeds other than pit bulls. Your readers, and in particular parents of small children, deserve more information than your reporter presented. While it is impossible to provide a comprehensive report of animal behavior in the space permitted in a letter to the editor, I offer the following items for your reader’s consideration: The table depicting Eagle County dog bites was misleading because it did not include the total county-wide dog population by breed. Perhaps there were more bites by Labs, but I bet the statistics would also show that there are considerably more Labs in Eagle County than pit bulls. How does the number of bites per breed compare with the number of dogs of that breed? Lots of dogs bite; the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the dogs most likely to bite are German Shepherds and Chow Chows. However, two breeds in particular are more likely to kill: Rottweilers and pit bulls. You may not like the statistics, but that does not change them. According to the CDC, most victims of dog bite related fatalities (DBRF) are children. A DBRF is defined as a death caused by acute trauma from a dog attack. According to the CDC, between 1981 and 1992, a third of all DBRF involved pit bull type dogs. Between 1993 and 1996 Rottweilers were responsible for half of all DBRF. These two breeds representation in DBRF statistics is far in excess of their representation in the total dog population in the United States. In an article that appeared in VetMed Today, September 15, 2000, it was pointed out that between 1978 and 1998 there were 238 DBRF in the United States. More than half the DBRF were caused by two breeds; Rottweilers and pit bulls. The National Canine Research Foundation found the following contributory circumstances present in most fatal attacks:1. The dog was male.2. The dog was not neutered. 3. The dog was encouraged or permitted to behave aggressively.4. Young children (the most common victims) were left alone with the animal or wandered into the animal’s location. Temple Grandin earned her Ph.D. in animal science from the University of Illinois and currently teaches at Colorado State University. In her recent book, “Animals in Translation,” Grandin provides tremendous insight into animal behavior and intelligence. A few excerpts are of interest to this discussion:”In 1997 and 1998 pit bulls and Rottweilers put together were responsible for 67 percent of all fatal dog bites, and there is no way Rottweilers and pit bulls together make up 67 percent of the dog population in this country.”On average, Rottweilers and pit bulls are so much more aggressive than other breeds that it’s extremely unlikely bad owners alone could account for the higher rate of biting. And if you’re only looking at anecdotal evidence, there are plenty of cases of nice, competent owners with vicious Rottwielers and pit bulls. Aggression isn’t always the owner’s fault.”Lastly;”Don’t let people tell you that Rottweiler or pit bull aggression is a myth. It’s not. Temperament and appearance are connected. We don’t know how they’re connected, unfortunately, but we know they are.” The intention of this letter is not to generate support for a breed-specific ban in Eagle County. It was written in response to what I viewed as biased and inaccurate reporting in the Vail Daily. I believe that your readers deserve more information regarding the dangers posed by the breed of dog featured positively in your paper. If Rottweiler and pit bull owners care to write in about how wonderful and sweet their dogs are, that is their prerogative. However, it does not change the fact that these dogs kill more children in America than any other breed. Deirdre NobleArrowhead Church and stateMy congratulations to Mr. Anderson for speaking up on facts that so many of us truly believe but would be ostracized for airing. You are a guts guy Mr. A, and you have my lasting gratitude for reinforcing me with the knowledge that I am not alone.Alan AaronsEdwards Sick puppiesI was in Aspen over the weekend for an antique show. One of the participants, Heather Isberian of the Isberian Rug Company, spotted a truck on the side of the road with a trailer attached. There was an Amish couple with a sign “Puppies for Sale.” Heather stopped to see what it was all about. This couple had driven this trailer full of puppies in horribly hot weather from their puppy mill in Missouri all the way to Aspen “because rich people like pets.” These puppies had no food or water, were suffering from heat exhaustion and many were very sick with worms. Heather immediately started calling around and raised enough money to buy all of these sick puppies. They are all now safe in the Pitkin County Animal Shelter. The puppies need a lot of help now. They are not socialized, sick, have not been spayed or neutered and have no shots. They also need homes. In all there are 17 Basset Hounds, 15 Weimaraners and 2 Boxers. If you can donate money or better yet are interested in adopting a 12-week-old puppy, please call the Pitkin County Animal Shelter. The phone number is (970) 920-5300. Heather was able to get this man’s information as to where his puppy mill is located and will be passing it along to the ASPCA to try and get him shut down for good. But for now lets help those puppies!Julee MeansBeaver Creek, CO 81620Letter from IsraelDear friends,Just before midnight last night the people of the Jezreel Valley (Afula, Migdal Haemek, Nazareth, etc, etc) were rudely awakened and shocked into action when air raid sirens blasted ominous warnings. An entire population ran from their beds and into the confines of their home security rooms and bomb shelters. Seconds later, six long-range rockets slammed into our immediate environs. Wailing ambulance sirens shattered the heavy night air as victims of the assault began arriving in our ER. Dr. David Almog, EMC Deputy Director who lives only minutes from the hospital, raced here and took control. He immediately activated our MCE (mass casualty event) protocol – not yet knowing the extent of the emergency. These procedures include the immediate setting up of a triage center outside the entrance to the ER, special equipment allocations and personnel positioning to deal with the event.As many of you know, we have attained “unfortunate knowledge” over the years in dealing with MCE’s and within minutes the hospital was ready. Eight people are still hospitalized from the attack.Two days ago, theoretically, we knew that we were within range of the Hezbollah madmen’s rockets. Now, overnight, we have become assailable targets. Once again, our multi-ethnic staff of physicians, nurses and technicians are called upon to treat the victims of our neighbor’s hate.We are family … you, the residents of this Jezreel Valley (Valley of Armageddon) and the staff of the Emek Medical Center. With your help, we will be able to expand our facilities and meet the emergency needs of our people. During this critical hour, your solidarity, moral and financial support will assist us to better serve. Larry RichIsrael’s Emek Medical Centerrich_l@clalit.org.ilwww.haemek.co.ilVail, Colorado

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