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Where were you?The Vail Daily has been very good about printing all aspects of the Crossroads/Solaris debate. My compliments to the editors.Regarding Anne Marie Perrin and her commentary, “Worried about Vail’s Future,” I would like to ask her and the “Old Guard” a question. Where were their complaints about overdevelopment when the huge Four Seasons and Vail Plaza projects were sailing through the approval process with more bulk per acre of land and fewer public amenities than Crossroads/Solaris? If this question has already been answered in the Vail Daily, please direct me to it. I would love to know. Greg ChandlerLack of resourcesAs a marriage, family and child therapist, I am very concerned about the lack of resources in our county for early childhood education. I am a parent with two children and four grandchildren. I have been in practice as a family therapist for 40 years. I have also done research on the effects of appropriate early childhood education and stimulation. Much of the research demonstrates that it is more cost effective to spend educational money on preschool and early childhood education than it is to give scholarships to college. The early start that children receive better prepares them to feel competent, enjoy school, and feel better about themselves. This translates into better students, fewer dropouts and a higher percentage of students being self-motivated to seek higher education and advancement in their chosen area of interest. I hope we can support better early childhood education and child-care opportunities in our county. I believe the dividends to the county in the long run will be substantial.Edward W. “Ted” Gilliland EagleHard enough alreadyOn the tax increase for day care: I have a hard enough time raising my son with the taxes I already pay out.If you increase taxes to pay for someone else’s kids, then you are taking away from my kids, and we do not qualify for these programs. So you’re robbing me to pay for someone else’s child, and I do not see this as fair at all. I work hard to provide for my family, and the tax increses hurt people like me and my sons.Theresa Ladenburger Gypsum A child’s heartVelcro and I thank the community for your support.I want to share with you one of the most heartfelt, endearing moments that I have had in my eight-year journey working towards my dream. The Monday after our article, “A Canine Quest,” was published in the Daily, I was called to the front lobby of the Police Department asking if I could bring Velcro to meet a little girl named Lauren. I am ecstatic to meet anyone who is interested in our mission and feels we are a worthy cause. After meeting Lauren and her mother, Mrs. Cole, Lauren handed me an envelope containing $35 in coins and bills! She explained it was the money she and her brothers, Kevin and Jeffrey, earned at their lemonade stand. She told me she wanted to make a donation for Velcro’s training and education!As you can imagine, my heart, as well as my eyes swelled with emotion and gratitude. Lauren and the Cole family, thank you for believing in us. You and the community have reinvigorated my dream. I feel compelled, more now than ever, to work harder for you and this community to train Velcro and myself so that maybe, someday, we will search for, find and save you or someone you love.Many in our community know Velcro and me. You have heard and listened to my efforts of Velcro’s training. For those who don’t know us, Velcro is my search-and-rescue dog being trained in Vail and Denver. To all of you who have faith in my journey and have encouraged me to keep working for my dreams through all the obstacles along the way, to all the people that bought lemonade on W. Meadow Drive, to all of you that have seen Velcro and me on the street and given us words of encouragement and praise, to those whose checks have come in the mail and for those that are in the mail: We thank you from the bottom of our canine and human hearts! Jennifer RoselyGreat helpEd Fink and Jeff Kullman: Please accept a sincere thank you from the ECO Trails citizen committee in Eagle County, on behalf of all Colorado residents and visitors that use the Vail Pass bike path, for the outstanding job that CDOT staff com pleted recently to overlay the bike path.We were impressed with the way your team evaluated the work that needed to be done in a very professional and positive manner, scheduled the project to be of the most benefit and least impact to the public, and then set to work and did it so efficiently that it was completed a day ahead of schedule. Our most recent head count of path users was Saturday, July 15, for just two hours, but we counted 222 downhill users, with the majority being from Colorado east of Vail Pass and including people from around the country and world. We are always amazed at the path’s popularity and thank you for being interested in keeping it available to the public in a safe condition. We are very fortunate to have such a capable and sincere group of public officials working for our region and the state. Again, our sincere appreciation to you and all of your staff for a job very well done. Dick Cleveland, chairman, and the rest of the ECO Trails Eagle Valley Trails Committee Assessor doing wellThis letter is in response to the negative hostility Mrs. Skiles has for the assessor, Joyce Mack. For the time and effort Mrs. Skiles has taken to write her vindictive letters about Mrs. Mack, she could have easily worked with the assessor to make the office more efficient. Why is Mrs. Skiles so opposed to a state review?Her reported facts have not been researched thoroughly. Therefore, I find her many remarks invalid. I am proud of Mrs. Mack’s accomplishments, especially her nomination to the prestigious Rocky Mountain program. Mrs. Mack received a scholarship for this program. Doesn’t the county also pay for Mrs. Skiles’ education and training? Did not the assessor promote her to appraiser, which enabled her to secure her appraiser licenses? Does she not have the opportunity for a career at the expense of the county? How much has been spent for her classes, lodging, and per diem? Is the county spending money for the continuing education to keep Mrs. Skiles’ license current?I commend Mrs. Mack in bringing in the state to review her office. She is keeping the interests of the taxpayers first and foremost. I am proud of the accomplishments Mrs. Mack has made in three-plus years. Why is Mr. Smith attacking Mrs. Mack and not promoting his abilities and credentials? Who is running the campaign, Ed Smith or Mrs. Skiles? Does this show integrity and leadership? A true leader does not stoop to the level of that Mr. Smith has.I will work to re-elect Joyce Mack as county assessor. She is running a positive campaign. I am pleased that the appeals have dropped 46 percent since 2001. Mrs. Mack is progressive and proactive in promoting the efficiency of her office.Kay CaspersenEdwards

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