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Letters to the Editor

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Don’t you see?I find it difficult to believe that once again you put a human interest story, written from a personal point of view, on the news page. Not only is it on the news page, but it is the featured story. The story is written from Tyre, Lebanon, which is a recognized stronghold of the Hezbollah. The article implies that Israel is targeting civilians, whereas the truth is it is Hezbollah that has been targeting only population centers in Israel with barrages of rockets. On the other hand, Israel has been targeting only Hezbollah installations. It is important for residents of the Vail Valley to understand that Hezbollah intentionally operates from civilian areas, both to protect its military capabilities from attack and to increase civilian deaths, which can then be trumpeted for propaganda purposes. It should be quite obvious by now that Hezbollah wants the Israeli military to kill as many Lebanese as possible. That is why they store their rockets underneath the beds of civilians, why they launch their missiles from crowded civilian neighborhoods, and hide among civilians. They know that every civilian that Israel kills hurts Israel in the media. You fell for this hoax by printing this story.Please don’t think Hezbollah is simply a terrorist gang, like Germany’s Baader-Meinhof or Italy’s Red Brigades. It is a substantial political and military organization that has more than 12,000 short- and medium-range rockets, whose stated goal is Israel’s destruction, and is the client of a major regional power – Iran, whose government appears dedicated to the same goal. The fifth paragraph of the article starts with, “when the fighting erupted between Israel and the Hezbollah …” How misleading is that? The fighting did not just erupt. Hezbollah came across an internationally recognized border, killed four Israeli soldiers and took two soldiers as hostages. Israeli soldiers were the victims of unprovoked ambushes and kidnappings. In the realm of international law, this was an act of war. No state has the right to permit a foreign military force to use its territory to launch attacks against another country. It was the Taliban’s sheltering of al Qaeda that was the basis of the U.S. attack on Afghanistan in 2001. Israel’s primary purpose of attacking the airport, power grids, roads and bridges is not to punish the Lebanese people, but to cut Hezbollah’s supply and communication lines. Unfortunately, the Lebanese people are being punished for not fulfilling their part of U.N. Resolution 1559 that called for the disarming of Hezbollah. You could have picked up several human interest stories about what Israelis are doing to help their fellow countrymen that are trying to live under an unprovoked siege. After all, Israel left Lebanon in 2000 and was no longer an “occupier.” One story in particular is very emotionally telling about the moral values of the Israelis. Last week 7,000 Jewish, Arab and Druze children in danger in the north were sent to “summer camps” that were quickly set up for them in safe areas. Please note, Israel did not just send its Jewish children, but Arab and Druze children, also. Featuring a human interest story about the attackers, and not those attacked sends a very slanted message to your readers. Anyone who cannot see that this is not good news reporting, is either a useful idiot for Islamic terrorists or anti-Semitic or both. There is no other explanation for featuring a story of this nature.Mikki FuternickVailGreat runThe Gypsum Daze 5K Run/Walk had 77 participants who registered for this year’s event. There were 18 volunteers who helped out to make another successful event. This year, the proceeds from the 5K Run/Walk were donated to the Gypsum Library for the purchase of children’s books. Through the support of all who participated and our sponsors, Alpine Bank, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture, Big Steve’s Towing, Columbine Market and Tom and Margaret Edwards we were able to raise over $1,400 for the library. Thanks to all for the great support.Thanks also to our contributors who provided prizes and “goodies” for the runners and volunteers; Adolphson & Peterson Construction, Albatross Restaurant, Alpine Ambiance, Alpine Lumber, Bravo!, Buka’s, Carquest, CenturyTel, Copy Plus, Cotton Ranch Golf, Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce, Eagle Valley Enterprise, First American Heritage Title Company, Garden Center of Gypsum, G. H. Daniels Nursery, Gypsum Valley Feed, Gyt’sum Discount Liquors, Honey Bun, Keller Williams Real Estate (Joan and Barb), La Scala Ristorante, Mac’s Liquor, Red Canyon Cafe, Steve’s Barbecue, town of Gypsum, Vail Valley Jet Center, WECMRD, WestStar Bank and Wylaco. Thanks to Computer Rescue, Jerry and Susan Semrod, for their help in recording all the runners and determining the order of finish for the various age groups. Many thanks to our volunteers who made the race run smoothly: Margaret Edwards, Bill and Sara Fisher, Tom and Joan Harned, Alice and Matt Jaramillo, Joyce and Bill McCarthy, Dave and Maxine Medina, Kristen Medina, Sue Mott, Mike Ortiz, Karl Reynolds and Richard Sutton. These are the people whose efforts make the 5K Run/Walk feel like the hometown event that it really is. Thanks again to all who participated, volunteered and contributed to make another successful Gypsum Daze 5K Run/Walk. Tom EdwardsGypsum Days 5k Run/WalkHugo understandsI have known Hugo Benson for quite some time. I know he owns The Old Gypsum Printer Inc., a business he built into a very successful business in just a few years. I personally have spoken with people who have done business with Hugo and they say he is very honest and they have gotten the best service they have ever gotten anywhere. I am certain he would do just as good a job for us as county commissioner. In fact, I encouraged him to run. Hugo is interested in all community activities. It seems that no matter where in the county you go Hugo is there. He has participated in such things as highway cleanups, school plays and ball games. He is a member of the Lions Club and does a lot of volunteer service through that club. He is especially passionate about people doing what they want with their own private property. I’ve heard him talk about the Eagle County Airport and how vital it is to our economy. He is a pilot, so he has a lot of ideas about how to keep improving our airport. He says it is especially important to listen to our airport visitors to keep improving they way we handle large groups of people. He is also very concerned about the private pilot part of the airport. Hugo says that this is also an important function at the airport and that it brings a lot of money into our county. He serves on the Planning Commission for the town of Gypsum. I am encouraging all seniors and their families and friends to vote for Hugo Benson because he has taken such an active role over the years in promoting senior activities. Hugo has assisted with senior programs for the last 10 years. He understands the needs of our population. He won’t have to do another study to know that we need an assisted-living facility and a nursing home. We are a relatively wealthy county and yet we are shipped out of the county as soon as we need these services.Virginia RoseEagle

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