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Step up, voteThe primary election is just days away, and the results will determine the candidates who will move on to November’s ballot. As I mentioned about a month ago, fewer than 10 percent of Eagle County’s registered voters have participated in this critical juncture of the electoral process in past years. I know that it is partisan politics and that many of you don’t want to get on any one party’s list. But unless you participate and make your voice heard by voting, you might just as easily end up with someone else’s candidate winning this election instead of your candidate of choice.Voters who are already registered as a D or an R can only vote for their particular party in this election. Voters who are registered as unaffiliated still have the choice of affiliating with either party on Election Day or by voting early. Details of your voter registration record, polling locations, early voting sites and the new voting equipment can all be found online at http://www.eaglecounty.us/clerk or by calling 328-8715.I am urging you to take part in the Aug. 8 primary election. Step up to the plate, exercise your right to vote and be an active contributor to the future of Eagle County. It is one day, one vote, and it can make one big difference.Sara FisherFisher is a Democratic candidate for county commissioner.You should voteJust want to thank everyone who has been so supportive during my campaign and would like to encourage everyone to vote in the primary. Naturally I would like you to vote for me, but I’ve read the statistics from the last primary election. Out of 18,163 registered voters only 1,781actually voted. It appears we have so few people making decisions for so many. It is so sad when you think of some parts of the world where people are willing to risk their very lives for the chance to vote. We are so blessed in this country with amazing freedoms and blessed even more in this valley with awe inspiring beauty. We can disagree and resolve our differences without killing each other. Voting is a way to say thank you to our God for this privilege. It really does matter that you vote. We all have opinions and can vote anyway we choose. Aren’t these reasons enough to take the time to go to the polls. Hugo BensonBenson is a Republican candidate for county commissionerWhy for for me?The Vail Daily has been asking the Eagle County commissioner candidates a series of questions. It seems to me one important question would be “What makes you the best candidate for Eagle County Commissioner and why do you think you can do a good job?”What makes me the best candidate for county commissioner is my wide range of experience throughout Eagle County and my ability to translate ideas into reality. I have experience with government through involvement as a Home Rule Charter Committee member, past Planning and Zoning Commission member for Gypsum and current Gypsum Town Council member for eight years. I am involved in the community as an Open Space Advisory Committee member, United Way board member, Eagle Valley Land Trust vice president, representative on the Eagle River Preserve Committee and past Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce board member. As a pro-active council member I have worked with the recreation committee to help create a sports complex, amphitheater and recreation center in Gypsum.I have been a volunteer for the Vail Valley Foundation at such events as the 1989 and 1999 World Alpine Ski Championships, the annual World Cup Races and American Ski Classics. I have volunteered for nine years in the Vail Community Guest Service program and have helped with many local community events such as Gypsum Daze and the Gypsum 5K Run/Walk. My interest over the years has expanded from town government to county government because I see interaction between the two to as necessary to create a collaboration that will move Eagle County ahead but still preserve the uniqueness of each of its areas. Although retired, my experience as an architect gives me insight into planning objectives that will keep Eagle County a desirable place to live today as well as in the future. Because I am retired I have the time to devote to the many issues facing Eagle County which need attention. As shown through my participation in organizations and government, I have the desire and am willing to commit the time necessary to study the issues, look for answers and help create solutions to continue to make Eagle County the best place to live. Tom EdwardsEdwards is a Republican candidate for county commissioner.For EdwardsExercise your precious privilege to vote on August 8. When you do, please consider Tom Edwards for County Commissioner. Tom has a proven track record in this county as an elected official, and has served with great dedication and enthusiasm. He always proceeds on the issues with great care and in- depth study. Tom Edwards will definitely help to create the best solutions for Eagle County. Joyce, John Chizmadia Eagle A bargainSome are accusing me of being a “tax-and-spend liberal” for getting behindArn Menconi’s child-care property tax increase referendum. I’m not usually for more taxation but consider this. Eagle County is made up of about 50 percent second homes, and these are the more expensive homes in the county. The second-home owners don’t use child care and many other services the way locals do. So in effect, locals are getting three to four dollars invested in services for every one dollar they pay in. This is a deal by any standard, and it can help locals survive here in Eagle County when cost of living increases are otherwise being really hard on them.Roger Brown Brown is an independent candidate for commissionerWhat talentThis years Gypsum Daze Talent show was another success, thanks to all of the wonderful performers! Winners included, 5-12 age group: first place winners Mountain Girl Goes Surfing, the wonderfully entertaining trio of Haley Beard as the drummer, Mike Ramunno on guitar and Jacey Beard doing a darling tap/surf routine to the Beach Boys “Wipeout.” They were a wonderful addition to the show! Second place went to the intricate movements of Sarah Cooper and Alysa Nygren and their karate “Kata.” Third was awarded to the wonderful moves and grooves of last years first place winner, Garrett Martin. The 13-through-18 age category had first place going to 13-year-old Philip Kramer and his fabulous fiddling. Second went to the swing dancers Kailee Young and Sam Desposito. And third to the fun hip-hop group The Heart Breakers – Joey and Alex Cooper, Jake and Will Dutmer and Remsen Allard. Best Band was given to 10th Flavor, a group that has competed for several years. This was the final year Nate Hanan, John Armstead and Tommy Peskorz could compete for the title. Huge thanks to Ron Beard for his emcee talents; Trisha Theelke, Adele Wilson and Chris Foreman for their judging talents; Tirza Sanchez for her fabulous assistance to me; Elizabeth McMichael, Ileana Meza and Megan Matthews for assisting the judges; and the Welker family for their sound assistance. A very special thanks to Tim and David McMichael for their unfaltering help with anything and everything that has to be done before, during and after the show! Also thank you Town of Gypsum and Rick Beveridge for your generous sponsorship and to all town employees, especially Jenny Elringer, Danette Schlegel, Francis Barela and Margaret Noriega. Without their help the show would not go on! As always I look forward to next year, watching each of the returning contestants grow and seeing the new talent that comes our way. Thanks everyone! Melanie McMichaelVail, Colorado

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