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Letters to the Editor

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No co-existingAll those “bleeding hearts” who believe that bears and other wild animals such as cougars can coexist with humans are dreaming. It is a tragedy waiting to happen. When the decision was made to develop Vail Valley and take away the wild habitat, it meant removing wild animals or forcing them to another environment. The former food supply for bears (berries, rodents, etc.) is now covered with houses. The bears are looking for alternate food sources, which leads them to garbage. Now that the garbage supply has recently been tightened up, they are turning to the next source of food, which is in people’s houses.Although bears and other wild animals may not pursue humans for food, they will very aggressively defend their food, which can lead to human tragedy. There are, of course, incidents of bears and cougars attacking and eating humans, such as recent cases of cougars in Colorado. I knew a U.S. Geological Survey geologist in Alaska who had both arms and a leg chewed off by a bear. They suspect the cause of which was the smell of blood from her menstrual cycle. Think about that when you are strolling through the trails around Vail, ladies! Bears in this area should be trapped and removed to a wilderness environment before they are a problem and have to be euthanized.Neil MuncasterOur main enemyOur main enemy in the war on terrorism is fanatic Islamic fundamentalism.Hezbollah is an Islamic Terrorist Organization that has illegally occupied Southern Lebanon for the past five years and has sporadically fired into Israel. This past week it killed and captured Israeli soldiers after invading Israeli territory.Hezbollah is armed and financed by Syria and Iran, who have also given considerable help to the insurgents in Iraq, who are fighting the United States troops.President Bush has declared that any nation helping or sheltering terrorists are as guilty as the terrorists themselves, and should be dealt with accordingly.Condi Rice has warned Syria about 25 times that they should stop helping kill our troops in Iraq and supporting Hezbollah. It’s like saying to a child, “you’re punished,” without actually doing anything and with the same result.I propose we will effectively fight these killers by transferring two American divisions from Iraq to Israel and help them drive Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon once and for all. We should also help train and strengthen the Lebanese army so that they can keep their country free of this pestilence.Simultaneously, the U.S. Air Force should do about a two week campaign to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities into oblivion. A few bombs on Syrian military facilities at the same time will definitely get their attention, more than Condi’s ineffective and numerous warnings.These actions will show the terrorists that we have teeth, since the only thing they really respect is force! It will also give the North Korean dictator something to mull over before he decides to aggravate us again.As for the Arab world in general, they couldn’t hate us more than they already do, so…it’s about time to put our bite where our mouth is and let them know that there is no more fooling around with Uncle Sam!P.S. Our most dangerous enemy in the war on terrorism is Saudi Arabia, since they are the greatest funder of Al Qaeda and their terrorists. I’ve always thought that we would have been better off invading Saudi Arabia rather than Iraq, since that would have stopped the terrorist funding, kept the oil under our control, and we would have incurred fewer casualties.I’m sick and tired of feeling that I have made a direct contribution to Osama every time I fill up my gas tank!William S. PintzowEdwardsVail, Colorado

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