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What we needI don’t care whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican – in the next presidential election I’m going to vote for any candidate who seems willing to address the important issues facing our country. The “war on terror” is not the only battle that we should be fighting. We should be facing up to the threats posed by global warming; our enormous national debt, as well as that of our individual citizens; and the changing demographics of our population. We so badly need a president who has the desire and the intelligence to help formulate solutions to these very real problems. And then he will need both guts and prestige in order to gain cooperation and success. The first of these – global warming – is with us now. The very best that we can do is to slow down its progress and take the required actions to ameliorate its effects. There is no question that as temperatures have risen, glaciers have disappeared, drought throughout the world is more prevalent, water supplies have been impacted and hurricanes and typhoons are more severe. We must address these realities as we work to slow down the disastrous trends that are, even now, accelerating. By all possible means we must significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The ultimate effects of both national and personal debt are somewhat more difficult to define. But each of them has a tipping point that would inevitably begin a cycle of less spending, more unemployment, higher interest rates and personal and business bankruptcies. I don’t pretend to know whether we would have a severe recession or an actual depression – but either way it would not be pleasant! Our government, and we citizens, really need to get our finances in order now if we are to avoid the inevitable catastrophes. Finally, we have been ignoring the obvious shift in the demographics of our country. The combination of Hispanics and African-Americans will inevitably become the majority of our citizens. As of now, their interests and motivation do not seem to be exactly the same as that of our white population. There can be no doubt that current statistics indicate an educational problem. If we do nothing, we will ultimately have a relatively smaller middle class and a larger proportion of our citizens living below, or barely above, the poverty level. For the good of our nation, we need to address and solve this potential situation! We must motivate these folks to become fluent in English and appreciate the value of an education. Only then will more of them become capable of holding skilled positions and become more important contributors to our economy. No, these are not our only problems, but they are terribly important and they do require the non-partisan thoughts and actions that we should be receiving from the elected officials of both parties. We so badly need a wonderful president to lead both our country and the world; intelligent representatives to behave apolitically in our best interests; and all of us to be informed and willing to sacrifice whenever it is necessary. David Le VineTax would be unfairWhen I speak about raising taxes to pay for day care and other programs, I do call it unfair because it’s nickel-and-dimeing us, making it harder. I am a single mom with no outside help, no child support, etc. I do this all on my own. I do own my own home, and because of tax increases my mortgage went up another 50 dollars a month. And no, my child is not out of high school yet. It’s this small tax your talking about that is hurting me and my child. You keep taking from us to pay for them. It’s not a matter of do we want to help, as most of us do. It’s that we can’t take any more increases. You keep increasing taxes. I keep paying it through mortgage increases. Sooner or later, who will be able to live here? So yes, I stand by the fact that I think it’s unfair to keep putting this on others’ shoulders. Theresa Ladenburger GypsumVail, Colorado

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