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Letters to the Editor

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Dodging semisOn a return flight from New York to Denver, I was pleased to see a very large article in the United Airlines magazine, Hemisheres, about Vail and all its attributes. Whoever it was that had a part in that deserves a thank you from all the businesses in Vail. It was a great piece.The only part I had a problem with was the article about our commissioner, Arn Menconi. In it he was quoted as stating his desire for Eagle County was turn our county into a “sports mecca” on a larger scale than it already is. I wholeheartedly agree. That is what brought most of us here. My only problem was he was pictured on his bike on a single-track ride. Nice photo. Please tell me why in this day and age where every little town and community across the country has a bike path, I am forced to have my children, ages 3, 5, and 7, ride along Highway 6 in Eagle Vail, in Edwards, and just about everywhere else in the county? Why is it we do not have a complete bike path system in place? How could it possibly be more hypocritical to have a picture of our commissioner on his bike, proclaiming to be a sports enthusiast promoting his dedication to making Eagle County a sports mecca, while my children are dodging semis and cars on Highway 6, just to go for a ride. Please, someone explain it to me. I would really like to know. Karl Berger Wolcott Aiding terrorThe recent plot that was uncovered by British intelligence agents to destroy civilian aircraft traveling to America is an outgrowth of the wars in the Middle East and in Iraq. Stopping terror throughout the World must be our goal. Security and prosperity cannot flourish under the specter of terrorism.Doron Almog, head of the IDF Southern Command in 2000-03, in the Aug. 11 edition of the Jerusalem Post compares the Israeli abandonment of its positions in Lebanon in 2000 with the disengagement from Gaza in 2005.”In both cases, Israel gave up 100 percent of the territory. In both cases, the territory that was evacuated was taken over by terrorist organizations – Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in south Lebanon. In both cases, the IDF withdrawal was perceived as proof of Israel’s weakness and the lack of its society’s resilience. … In both cases, the areas evacuated by the IDF became an increasingly sophisticated repository for rockets and other arms. In Gaza, the main source of the arms is the smuggling route from Egypt, and in Lebanon active assistance in arming Hezbollah with weapons is provided by Syria and Iran.”Rewarding Arab terror by withdrawing from contested territory has only promoted more terror. There can be no further concessions to the Arabs without concurrent concessions from the Arabs. Handing over land and other presents to the Arab has only strengthened terror. In Lebanon, Hezbollah spent six years building a platform to attack Israel. In Gaza the Arab population rewarded Israeli concessions by bringing the Hamas terrorists to power. It is time to take back these presents and end the terror. Arthur Kittay EagleAnd I’m still waitingWow! How exactly does it all happen? I’ve never seen the town of Vail move so quickly on anything, but then my experience in these types of matters is limited. I applied for a permit from the town of Vail on Dec. 9, 2005, to expand an existing opening on an interior wall at the General Store in Lionshead, eight and a half months ago. I have run into every conceivable and inconceivable obstacle along the way. After speaking with everyone from community development, to Town Council members, to the town manager, to the fire department, to this day, my permit has still not been issued. Now, granted, it’s not a $500 million job, just $6,000. So I guess the powers that be just don’t have time for my little hole-in-the-wall project with the prospect of the half-billion-dollar job out there. It makes a person wonder, what does it really take to get something done in this town? Is it who you know, how much money you’re willing to throw down, or who will really benefit in the end? In my case, the General Store will benefit with an increase in sales due to greater access into an additional room, which means that the town of Vail will ultimately benefit from the increase in sales tax revenues, which is the major source of their budget. It’s supposed to work that way, I believe.Now we have the runaway train happening with the proposed redevelopment of the Lionshead parking garage, and no one seems interested in slowing that down. Maybe I can piggyback my project with that one and get my permit in September, too. We really need to take a close look at the way this is being handled. When is the “plenty of time for public input” going to happen? Is it the 15 minutes during the council meeting on Aug. 15? My other question is that if and when the present structure is knocked down, what will be replacing all that parking while it’s rebuilt? We in Lionshead are already facing huge challenges with the construction projects and streetscape. To even think of taking away the parking structure before something else is built to replace it is totally shortsighted and irresponsible, and would truly devastate our business in Lionshead.This is public land and we the people should be the ones determining the future of it, not a couple of town officials. Who will own it when it’s all done? How much is that 6 acres worth? Is anyone listening out there? What’s the rush? Really, what is the rush? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Speak up, maybe they will listen.Nicole HoffmannVibration theoriesFor those who are interested in the dialogue between science and religion, I would like to recommend a book, “Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness,” by Valerie Hunt. Through 25 years of research, she provides data and explanations of how the two shall meet.In addition, one study could really help with the beetle infestation: “When particular bugs or beetles begin to massively destroy one kind of tree, other trees become immune before they are attacked. They develop a chemical which expels insects. Apparently, either the insect vibrations alert the trees, or the already contaminated trees send out field warnings to other trees. Probably we could hasten the trees’ defenses by recording the insects’ fields and broadcasting this into target trees – a field vaccination to encourage a tree’s immune response. This should be more effective than trying to poison insects with sprays or systemic chemicals. Insect vibration generators do exist, which can directly combat infestations without harm to plants or animals. They are not extensively used because of governmental complacency and successful lobbying by large chemical companies.”Brenda Lee EdwardsWow, what a showAfter having seen “Aladdin Jr.” this weekend at The Vilar Center, presented by Vail Performing Arts Academy land ed by the fearless and fabulous Annah Scully, along the world-class talent of Colin Meiring (dancer extraordinaire), I was awestruck by the energy and brilliance of the cast. Every single one of those children was amazing and truly talented. The entertainment was priceless. Sean Pack and Molly Allard will surely go on to bigger and better, armed with those stunning voices. Ian Dunlevie has all the makings of a great Shakespearean actor – what a dead-on portrayal of the evil Jafar. I could go on. Jake Dutmer as Iago was so funny!Most of all, I want to express how proud I am to know these kids, many of them since they were knee high. To watch them come together in three short weeks under the superb guidance of Annah and Colin is truly a wonder. Being in the theater is definitely a whole new world, so congratulations to everyone involved in “Aladdin Jr.” for making our hearts sing. Good Luck in the future with all your acting endeavors.Carrie ZovluckVail, Colorado

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