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Thanks, ArnI have a few questions for the citizen who doesn’t want his (or her) property taxes increased to pay for someone else’s kids in day care.Do you want eliminate tax money for schools because you don’t have kids in school?Do you want to eliminate money for libraries because you don’t read?Do you want to eliminate money for law enforcement because you are not thief?We are all in this together and none of us will ever benefit from all the taxes we pay all of the time. But without the programs funded by taxes chaos will ensue.The child care problem is critical because a large part of the county’s work force is made up of families with kids. If they can’t make it financially they will leave and who suffers? Our businesses. People who live in Rifle and Leadville are already finding jobs closer to home because gas prices are so high and the wage differential between Vail and Leadville doesn’t cover their fuel costs.We have a lot of illegal home day-cares where Mama watches her favorite soap on TV and hopes the kids sleep. It’s a proven fact that kids who don’t get proper care at these critical ages become a bigger financial burden on society later when they get older because they are so screwed up. Any good day-care teacher will tell you the kids should really be with their parents, but who can afford that?No, we need help in the day-care department, all right. But it is time, I think, for Arn Menconi to tell us just how that tax money he is asking for will be spent. I don’t want to see the county get in the day-care business or any other private enterprise, but it is up to the county to improve the day-care situation otherwise. Is it going to be teacher training, a crackdown on illegal operations, direct support for qualified parents, or what? We need to know.Thanks, Arn.Roger BrownBrown is an independent candidate for Eagle County commissioner.Funding campaign?Many Eagle County citizens are already angry about the babysitting tax being proposed by Commissioners Menconi and Runyon. We all know Menconi’s publicly stated goal is to raise our taxes to provide for his personal political agenda and that Runyon is happy to go along with anything Menconi wants, but it’s far worse than you think. Not only are these two peddling their personal agenda on public time, they’re using OUR dime! Yes, folks, Commissars Menconi and Runyon are using your money to hire consultants to develop a marketing plan to convince you to buy into their early childhood initiative (i.e., the babysitting tax). The initial contract is worth over $12,000 for a term from May to December 2006. The stated scope of work requires the contractor to “produce consistently thematic public information tools for the county’s Early Childhood Initiative.” The scope also includes developing “a brochure targeting the general population” and “a more extensive publication targeted for use by community leaders, early childhood advocates, public policy experts, and elected officials … to expand the business case for early childhood programs.” This contract also calls for an electronic presentation and management of it all.Folks, this is a propaganda campaign, pure and simple, and it’s being paid for with public money! To reiterate: Commissioners Menconi and Runyon are spending your money on a marketing campaign to convince you to let them raise your taxes. Why is this being permitted and why is the matter not being investigated?Thomas AndersonA joke, right?OK, Don Rogers, you pulled a good one on us with your letters to the editor on Friday the 11th. The letters supposedly submitted by the two gentlemen, Neil Muncaster on bears and William S. Pintzow on annihilating those that aggravate him, were actually submitted by you due to a slow editorial day. Neil and William don’t really exist. I, at first, was a bit disturbed by these two letters but then it all dawned on me and I had a good laugh. So you got me. These letters were jokes. Right? Kirk Aker Edwards Vail, Colorado

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